Combine Holiday 2 Holiday 4 Twice The Fun & Games

Mark your Calendar for all the custom days of excitement

Now for the rules. First state the original holiday sources for the holidays, that you are going to be displaying in your post. Then create a multiple all in one holiday combination day. ( one holiday combination per post ) Based off your picks from the holiday calendar of your choosing. You can use pics or gifs to make your spectacle multiple holiday come to life. ( one pic or gif per post ). ( remember to state the original holiday sources. ) Then you will create an UNOFFICIAL name for the combined holidays you made. And the below member gives a gift ( one gift per post ) to the above member for their participation based of the combined holiday name that above member posted.

Example A

( insert gift of your choosing for above member based on holiday name )

Holiday Sources : Coffee day , Jazz day

My holiday combined name: Jazzy Jittery Beans Beats Day

Next person in TAN line

If you have questions send me a PM

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National ragweed day and National praline day:

National sweet flora day!

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You got the right idea.

But you forgot to give the above member ( me ) a holiday gift.

But here’s your holiday gift. For being a sweet Mod. Lol
You are golden. Lol


First day of summer, red wine day

Hello Summer Wine Time Day