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This is my annual Holiday thread. Post your Christmas and New years pics, images, stories and stuff here

The Outlander Memorial Thread

Dear Santa-Matt,

I have been a very good boy this year,and I defy anyone to find existing video footage that says otherwise. Well, semi-good. O.K, not terrible. Look, let’s be frank. I haven’t been convicted of anything in over six months.

I wouldn’t say so much that I’ve been good, but I have been enjoying myself, and that should count for something, right?
I cut down on putting kittens in the microwave. I no longer give Dragoon dirty looks, I hardly ever make lewd suggestions to the TAN-ettes, except for Slowhand. I’ve sold my Loli Party Van to DragonRiderCody. I’m still wearing my Magical girl outfit though.
So, based on my record, I would like the following things for a nice TAN Christmas. Please send me a free year’s subscription to the on-line player, several anime boxed sets, neat anime -related items, an autographed pic of Rai and a cameo voice actor role



Dear Santa

I need a new Christmas avatar…




Snake and Ocelot? funny how all the others depicted have animes…


Happy holidays to one and all! It’s supposed to snow here tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Haissan wrote:

Yeah that was funny. :smiley: Alfonse looks terrified.


Perfect pic since it started snowing where I live. The near death experiences begin now.


Thank you! I love Love Hina!


Haissan wrote:

It’s snowing on the forums. haha!


I might need to catch that anime at some point.


redshirt1 wrote:

Love Hina has come and gone so many times, it’s been kinda hard to get a copy. Looks like things have quieted down so I might be able to pick up that boxset soon enough.


I managed to get it a while back on ebay, found out later ala visit from greg ayres it was pirated…


it isn’t going to snow here until winter break when I’ll be home to do all the shoveling/snowblowing for my parents


Haissan wrote:

Greg is on the naughty list for sure. That’s illegal.

Luckily for me I’ll be getting a bunch of ADV titles this month or next from Amazon. It’s gonna be a great Christmas for myself. lol


Snowy Stampede wrote:

[quote]Haissan wrote:

Greg is on the naughty list for sure. That’s illegal.

Luckily for me I’ll be getting a bunch of ADV titles this month or next from Amazon. It’s gonna be a great Christmas for myself. lol[/quote]

Why would Greg Ayres be on your naughty list for telling him about the pirated disc?

Anyway, I’ve learned to be careful when purchasing anime from eBay or Amazon Marketplace. Got two bootlegs and that was two too many.


I am sure Greg is on the naughty list, but not for pirating anime, he’s been the spear head for anti-piracy for the past 5 years.

But sadly I have a bootleg of elfen lied as well, all but episode 11, I have the offical volumes 1 and four, but 2&3 are harder to come by…

oh I know what I got for christmas, and I know it was expensive… a global 21cm yanagi a global 10" knife safe for my chef’s knife, and a sharpening stone; a proper one. I am rather excited, those knives cost around 150 each and the stones are also expensive, running at around 100 each. the safes are around 25. basically a knife safe is a plastic sheath for your knife, it grips the sides of the blade to protect the edge during transportation.I hope my santa gift is a book shelf so I can put my anime and manga on it, I am tired of these boxes in my room…

god I have a book report due on saturday and a research paper due next wednesday…or is it monday, I think wednesday, anyway, I have much to do, and not a clue how to do it. I chose to make love hina the book report, and my misfortune is I have no fcking clue what I am doing so i am going to choose 5 communication principals and apply them to love hina. mainly it is miscommunication. I would rather do the asperger’s book I have been doing but it is too late for me to change my choice in story. the report must be three pages long, easy to bull sht through since the series is 14 volumes long, that is a lot of data…at least 14 hours worth of reading too. there is author insight and whatnot…

on to the research paper, I think I am screwed when it comes to MLA citations, I have no idea why they need to cite a source on a list when you have to put it in the f*cking paper itself. the good thing is the citation takes up more room and is less you have to type. I figure all i need to do is dissect a couple of quotations, apply my theory and thesis and topic to it, (my topic is Neil Gaiman BTW) and then interpret it. Good news is there is not much precedence in Gaiman as far as analysis goes, so I am free to give my deep seated opinion without worry. My thesis is as such: “Neil Gaiman is a modern author, some could say he is up there with Poe.”

anyway the good thing is the professor does not slaughter everything I say and I am grateful.


It’s mistletoe season isn’t it? -grabs flamethrower- Not on my watch.


Slowhand wrote:

[quote]Dear Santa

I need a new Christmas avatar…


Thanks, Santa! :wink:


PretearHimeno wrote:

Pucker up, Pretear

Pretear’s reaction: