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Congratulations, Sweet_Babette, Newest TANette


Outlander used to welcome female members with 100 posts as official TANettes. Keeping in the spirit of that, I would like to declare Sweet_Babette an official TANette!

Of course, this is where Outlander would make a snide comment about adding to his harem or making him a “sammich”. That will always be a fond memory that I could never duplicate. Perhaps someone else will? LOL

Anyway, congratulations Sweet_Babette and welcome to the TANettes!!! Keep up the good work!!!


Welcome to the TANettes, @Sweet_Babette !!

you mean like this?


Thanks tonka! It’s perfect!


Thank you!
I’m not really sure what this means exactly, will something happen?


No, nothing will happen. It’s because that we have so few girls on the site that we like them to feel special and encourage them to keep posting and to stay with us.

Plus, we love the opportunity to celebrate such things!


Congratulations @Sweet_Babette!

This sure does bring back memories.


Ah, yes. Good memories. @Sweet_Babette you don’t have to worry about anything, enjoy the attention. The folks here are just happy to have you around. Keep posting and keep asking questions. :relaxed:

Mark Gosdin


Congrats! I could give you a reward or something special in celebration of this occasion. Like candy or something. It’s down in my basement… yes come, follow me down into my well lit basement for some… candy… +ominous snicker++cough+ sorry for that totally unintentional snicker. I have… snickeritus… I snicker at the most inopportune times. I swear I’m not evil. +ominous snicker+


It’s really great to see that Outlander’s influence lives on! :blush:


It’s just a shame new posters don’t stay on here long enough to allow us to keep this going. Patience we must have.


Who or what is Outlander?

I feel so honored, you guys are great!



Outlander was a member here. Unfortunately he had died.