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Do you guys still love me?


Well do you?


…Who are you?


Ha! Ha!

… just an old boarder from the land of eh… what version board are you guys on now V3 or V4. What ever point is I used to breathe life into this place back in the beginning times when the boards were green and kind of a tan sepia color you know the first ones. Back in 200X you probably wouldn’t remember perhaps the ancient ones might. I was about as fun as a bag of puppies.


I see… So like this?


I remember you, Flowering, and I still love you


[quote=“Hornet65” post=127151]I see… So like this?


My goodness it is so beautiful

@outlander: that’s good to hear I always like to come back and be remembered.

So where does all the action happen around here now.


In the back room. Just knock on the door three times and tell them “Pedo sent me.”


Flowering! About time you came back to grace us with your presence. What’s it been? 2-3 years?

Glad to see you back!

Yes, we still love you!


Yeah I know it has been about that long. Every time I come back the forums look different.

I am bookmarking the forums so I don’t drop off again lol. Its nice to see some folks are still around.


I still love you, whoever you are! :cheer:

Hello, my name is Iron Kawaii Tager; pleased to meet you. :3


Hullo thar!


My original forum name was Anime Lover.

After I left and the forums went to V2, some crazy girl? took over the name.
Been trough a few names with other crazy people taking over my old name each time we update.

Do I remember you? About as well as I remember my breakfast from three week ago.
I am pretty sure was cereal. Also remember this is not the first time start a thread like this.

Do I love you? Sure I love everyone.


Fo’ eva eva!!! :laugh: