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Genres: science fiction
Themes: mecha, politics, religion, terrorism
Objectionable Content: Significant
Running Time: 30 minutes per episode
Number of Episodes: 4
Vintage: 1983-12-21

Plot Summary: In a near future, mankind has moved from a drained Earth to the Moon. Rebel acts of terrorism lead to conflicts with the Earth Federal Government. A mysterious entity called Dallos appears to restore hope. (from ANN)

Trivia: Dallos was made in 1983 by Studio Pierrot, becoming world’s first OVA series. It was also the directorial debut of Mamoru Oshii, who would later go on to direct such films as Angel`s Egg, the fourth Urusei Yatsura movie, and Ghost in the Shell.

In 1991, Celebrity Home Entertainment released an American dub of the series on VHS under the title Battle for Moon Station Dallos. The three episodes were edited together as a film. This feature version was later reissued by Best Film and Video Corp simply titled Dallos.

It was not released uncut in the US until 31 years after its original release. (from ANN)

The Fandom Post Review – WARNING! Contains spoilers!

Discotek Adds Dallos

posted on 2013-07-16 23:57 EDT
December 09, 2014 6:18pm CST
May 12, 2015 3:25pm CDT
Available starting today at 2pm Pacific Time

While this anime was good as much for its place in anime history as well as for the story, I am left with mixed feelings. The story itself is very good and easy to get caught up in but –


just when the story starts to get even better, you are left with a very loose ending that is totally left up to your imagination. It left me with so many unanswered questions!! I feel that this anime could have been so much more. But that is sometimes the problem with these short OVA series. All in all though, I enjoy watching these older shows and I did enjoy this one for exactly what it was.
October 30, 2016 2:05pm CDT
It’s bang! zoom! straight to the moon in the very first OAV series ever animated in Japan

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Crackle Adds Dallos

posted on 2018-02-07 18:05 EST

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