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Describe your day like it's an episode of Non Non Biyori


Title says it all Basically describe your day like it’s an Episode title for Non Non Biyori


9 September 2015

I tried to Stay Busy


12 September 2015

I Stayed Home and Watched Anime



I Played Super Mario Maker



I met some friends.



I went back to work today



I got my mind blown by the CR and Funimation news today.


I went to the store



I bought a Roku


I Have to Work Tomorrow


It started late last night when several of my neighbors came to ask me to run for one of the HOA Director’s positions. Stood in the cool night air talking for a while.

Today was payday so I spent about an hour paying bills.

Then I took our car to the mechanic to get the vacuum system fixed. While the car was being fixed …

Ate at Panera, when is a salad not a salad? When it’s a sandwich, even if it’s call a salad on the menu.

Car fixed, I went to the Property Management office to file my paperwork for the HOA election.

Then I bought McD’s for the family and we all enjoyed it.

Title : I’m tired …

Mark Gosdin


I took a walk around the neighborhood today.


I balanced the monthly inventory alone.



I had car troubles


i did some online shopping


I Stayed Home and Kept My Sanity.


still full from thanksgiving going to let it all out soon