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Post About Your Day in a Haiku


Sum up your day or a particular event in Haiku form.

Remember, a Haiku is:

Line 1: 5 syllables
Line 2: 7 syllables
Line 3: 5 syllables

Be sure to check it over before posting.

I’ll start.

The yard is a mess.
Tractor come to my rescue.
Help me make it nice.


the day is just going
just thought to post in this thread
hopefully the day ends better


I got lost, Travel
I searched the Internet: Quick
I found my Workplace


I have to work soon
8 PM to 4AM
Yay overnight shift


My paycheck is here
Need to pay all of my bills
So now I am broke


A room too cluttered.
Ideas come forth to me.
An update needed.


Today is now done
Tomorrow is yet to be
What is to behold?


another awesome day
lots of wine women and song
hope everyone is well


Spreadsheets and reports
How can my day get better?
Chocolate ice cream


Cleaning the sink check
Pardon my dust Swiffer up
Lysol the toilet


Sailor Moon movies
Dub coming later this year
Please let me have off

Morning shift today
Mowing and cleaning all noon
Now time to make food


Hang pipe, do not drop!
Will this thing even work here?
Resort to Plan B



Eighty degree temps
The summer heat is awesome :sunglasses:
With a breeze of course


Another day down
What lies in store for the next?
Account abound


Monday gets crowded
Hidive content incoming
This is getting nuts.


Stein’s Gate Zero Dub
Emotions coming back now
Can’t wait to see more


Memorial Day
It is Hamburger day too
Busy night tonight.


And there is more work
The weeks running together
Vacation? I wish…


Here we go again
Groomers groceries get gas
The letter is G


Lunch, ah finally!
Microwave heats up the food
'Tis gone far too soon…


Updating my room
Buying stuff from Walmart’s site
It is on its way