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Dragon Crisis!

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[quote]Genres: action, comedy, fantasy, romance
Themes: conspiracy, dragons, harem
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2011-01-10

Plot Summary: Ryūji Kisaragi is a normal high school boy whose peaceful life is turned into an adventure by the return of his second cousin Eriko Nanao. Ryūji and Eriko seize a relic box from a black broker, and in the box they find Rose, a red dragon girl. In order to protect Rose from the black organization, Ryuji decides to fight using his power as a relic handler.[/quote]

I do like the character designs, but the preview looks a bit generic. I may check it out on CR later on.

Finished up ep. 01

Pretty good first ep. actually.
Kind of surprising since the PV didn’t really grab me.

I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of this one.

Though, the first ep. had some annoying parts…


Particularly, Rose (the dragon) not being able to speak properly yet, and all she says is ‘Ryuji’ constantly in a really annoying voice.

The first episode had enough excitement and goings-on to draw me right in. I like the characters and I will definitely be watching more. The OP is really catchy and the ED is adorable too.

Just finished up ep. 02

Nice pick up in action, not to mention, a fairly awesome soundtrack.
I’m definitely going to be finishing this one.

Episode 2 –


With the introduction of Onyx, the story seems to be taking a more serious turn.

Finished up ep. 03

I’m kind of surprised by this series, it’s actually turning out to be rather good so far.
And plus, like I said earlier, the soundtrack is prtty awesome.

Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]Awesome! This isn’t what I expected at all. It’s so much better. I liked how Onyx changed his clothes from white to black just like that. And he turns into an amazing, full fledged, 100% dragon! That alone was worth the entire episode.

I like how the story is evolving and the way the characters are developing. I can’t wait to see more of Onyx – one of the best bad guys I’ve seen in a while!

And if humans and dragons can’t be together, Rose and Ryuji certainly proved that wrong. Now that they’re “engaged”, their combined power is something else. And I like Ryuji’s “Slash Breath” too. It will be fun to see them go up against Onyx again at some point.[/details]

Episode 4 –


Bloody George seems to be a contradiction. He seems more like an accident prone, lovesick teenager that a killer of dragons. But I like how the writers might have been inspired by the tale of St. George and the dragon. It will be amusing to see if he ends up with Margarite. Especially since he’s never met a dragon before!

Finished up ep. 05

Man I love the soundtrack for this!

[details=spoiler]We learn the history of the sword in this ep.
It’s a shame they had to destroy such an awesome sword, but at least Maruga’s uncle is now free and can rest in peace.[/details]

Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]The melting swimsuit was hysterical. The misunderstanding that Misaki got about Rose and Ryuji being engaged was also funny. Then Misaki has to hear Rose propose to Ryuji too!

George was really sad to discover Rose was a dragon. But I’m glad he found out about the white dragon and the cursed sword. Glad too that Maurga’s uncle can rest in peace. But I still have hope for George and Maruga – maybe someday.[/details]

Finished up ep. 06

That was an interesting turn of events.

[details=spoiler]A new character has been introduced, Ai.
Half wolf monster/half human.

She doesn’t seem like a bad person, just misguided by her ‘master’.[/details]

Episode 6 –


I like the new character. Ai seems to have a fondness for Ryuji as well and her tail seems to be a sensitive spot. Ai looked very uncomfortable when the others stroked it. But I wonder what her master is after and what Furumori did as a researcher. Was the research in “forbidden territory” involved with human experiments? Is this why he looks so young, although he’s supposed to be 70? And why did the higher ups at the society seem to have covered things up and put it under lock and key? I also wonder if he made Ai part wolf. I can’t wait to see this mystery solved.

Finished up ep. 07

Well that didn’t turn out like I expected it to.

[details=spoiler]I really didn’t think Furumori would off himself like that.

I also wonder what he truly thought at the end when he told Ai he thought of her as a dog. The earrings rang, but we didn’t get to hear what he thought.

I kinda want to think he said he loved her, since she kind of smiled as she cried.[/details]

Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]So, it turns out that Saeki kidnapped Ai fifteen years ago and used her in his experiments. It was really sad that he had been lying to her all that time and even calls her a dog. And he was actually going to absorb her. But she really isn’t a wolf at all and she gets her family back too which was a nice end to her ordeal.

As for Saeki, I think he destroyed himself so the society wouldn’t be able to use him. And since he turned into a misty substance, he might be able to reform in another time and place and go into hiding.

The society seems a little annoyed that Saeki destroyed all his data. And now Ryuji wants to join the society in order to help people, but I don’t trust the society at all at this point. I think he’d be better off not joining.[/details]

Finished up ep. 08

Man, Ryuji has some of the worst luck sometimes.

[details=spoiler]So, Bianca shows up to test Ryuji for his entrance into the Society, by launching a rocket at him that chases him down until he deals with it.

We also get to find out, that Ryuji father actually saved Bianca awhile back.[/details]

Episode 8 –


That was some examination! But it seems someone else is interested in Ryuji’s power as well. Perhaps it was she that disconnected the limiter on Neogolem. I’d really like to see more on this other organization – Fang was it? But I like Bianca and I’m glad she’s sticking around a while. I have a feeling life will be more interesting with her around!

###Anime/Manga Releases Delayed, Cancelled After Quake
This week’s airing of "Dragon Crisis!’ episode 10 (on YTV) was cancelled, but plans for a rescheduled future airing will be announced on the anime’s website.

Finished up ep. 09


A cursed painting, and not just any curse, but a slasher movie type curse to boot, complete with the standard misogynistic slasher.

Still a fun ep. though.

Episode 9 –


That was something a little different. The cursed painting was scary, but I guess it’s really true that “the truth shall set you free”. It was really funny that they all expected Ryuji to save them. Nice of Bianca to show up and help, but that ending was very creepy!