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Food Wars! / Shokugeki no Sōma


Crunchyroll Announces “Food Wars! The Third Plate” Anime Streaming Plans

September 29, 2017 1:00pm CDT
Continuing its roll-out of fall 2017 anime, Crunchyroll has announced that Food Wars! The Third Plate will launch on the streaming service on October 3rd, 9:30AM PDT


Food Wars! The Third Plate, Broadcast Start Oct 3

Food Wars! The Third Plate, Broadcast Start PV

Food Wars! The Third Plate, Broadcast Announcement

Food Wars Season 1, Blu-ray BOX Release CM


Crunchyroll Streams English-subtitled Trailer For Food Wars! The Third Plate Anime

posted on 2017-09-30 12:45 EDT
3rd season of culinary shōnen series premieres on October 3 on Crunchyroll


Food Wars! Ep 10 (Dub) is live at HIDIVE


The Fall 2017 Anime Preview Guide: Food Wars! The Third Plate

Oct 3rd 2017


“Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma” Anime Season Listed For 24 Episodes

October 04, 2017 3:15am CDT
Chinese streaming service iQiyi has published their listing for the series


Mapo Tofu from Food Wars! is Chinese Food Perfection

October 05, 2017 7:05pm CDT
Cooking with Anime by YumPenguinSnacks!


Warning: Article Contains Spoilers!

Review: Food Wars! The Third Plate (Episode 1)

Oct 4th 2017 / ANN


October 6, 2017


Q. Is there any particular reason Food Wars (possibly other shows) doesn’t seem to have any of the on-screen Japanese text translated (at least when watching the dub)? It kinda bugs me. Maybe it’s different on the blu rays but that’s at least how it is on HiDive.

A. Try it now. You should see the on-screen Japanese text on HIDIVE now. If you don’t, please report the issue to HIDIVE.


Food Wars! Ep 11 (Dub) is live at HIDIVE


4 Reasons Why I’m Excited for Food Wars!: Third Plate

October 10, 2017 1:00pm CDT
Cooking with Anime!'s Emily is hyped for the new season of Food Wars!


This Week in Anime - Why You Should Watch Food Wars!

by Nicholas Dupree and Jacob Chapman, Oct 10th 2017


“Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: The Third Plate” Casting And Anime Designs For Azami Nakiri Spotted

October 13, 2017 7:36am CDT
Get ready for a big shift at Tōtsuki Academy with the arrive of Azami Nakiri


Food Wars! Ep 12 (Dub) is live at HIDIVE


Taking Food from a Stranger? Sure, If It’s the Black Pepper Bun from “Food Wars!”

October 21, 2017 2:05pm CDT
Cooking with Anime by YumPenguinSnacks!


Watch ZAQ Perform “Food Wars! The Third Plate” OP Song in Full MV

October 23, 2017 1:10am CDT
Third season of the cooking battle TV anime is now available on Crunchyroll


Food Wars! Ep 13 (Dub) is live at HIDIVE



10/25/2017 11:37:24 AM

Let’s get this shokugeki started! Food Wars! The Second Plate is coming home and serving up another heaping helping of foodgasm goodness. Celebrate the Autumn Elections with this limited edition premium box set, now available for pre-order at the Sentai Filmworks shop!

What’s Inside the Food Wars! Second Season Box Set?

Starting with the discs, this Food Wars! The Second Plate DVD/Blu-ray combo pack will include:

  • Complete collection with English dub
  • Reversible Disc Case Covers
  • Disc Art Featuring the Autumn Election Challengers
  • Clean Opening Animations (x11)
  • Clean Closing Animations (x13)

The outer box itself matches the bento-box style aesthetic of the first Food Wars! premium box set. Careful when you open it!

Box Set-Exclusive Extras

Full-Color Booklet

Get the scoop on everything you need to know for the second season of Food Wars! in this full-color collector’s booklet.

Ryo Kurokiba’s Bandana

Go from an aloof-Ryo to a EAT-MY-COOKING-YOU’LL-LOVE-IT-MWUAHAHAHA Ryo in an instant with this instant-cosplay bandana!

Mezzaluna Pin

The mezzaluna: the iconic cooking cool of our favorite Italian brothers. Wear your pin with pride and make the Aldini Brothers proud.

Saucy Art-Cards

These art-cards celebrate the girls of Food Wars! The Second Season! Your favorite girls await: Erina, Hisako, Ikumi, Ryoko, Yuki, Alice, and Megumi!

Commemorative Plate

This 4-inch decorative metal plate celebrates Tohtsuki Academy. A professional-looking Soma Yukihira shows off his newest dish and invites you to create your own! (Just not on this plate, lol). This commemorative piece also includes itis own stand.

Order Food Wars! The Second Plate Today

Your Food Wars! collection won’t be complete without it. Pre-order your copy by October 26, 2017 and get an additional 10% off! Visit the Sentai Filmworks shop and place your order today.


This IS the black pepper-mapo tofu-curry-surprise FINAL FORM RECIPE to end all final forms.

October 28, 2017 2:05pm CDT
Cooking with Anime by YumPenguinSnacks!