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Fullmetal Alchemist & Brotherhood / Hagane no Renkinjutsushi


April is supposed to bring new Bleach episodes.

They only contracted the first 26 episodes as of now of FMAB so if that ratings fail what happens then?


Looking forward to Brotherhood myself. Been wanting to see it since I heard about it.



Well, AS now has 2 of the top 5 big mainstream properties under its roof now. Looks like the companies still view AS as the place to go for accessing critical mass.[/quote]

I don’t think Viz Media does, seeing how they went with Naruto on Disney, which was a little risky, instead of trying to get it on cartoon network/adult swim. They also went with Monster of SyFy…if anything they seem to be avoiding Adult Swim at this point. What do they have there, just Bleach re-runs right?[/quote]

Yeah I mean Bleach, it’s still their biggest property behind Naruto and Bleach is a monster seller (pardon the pun ;)). It’s on hiatus probably for dubbing.

Naruto didn’t go to Disney because of Disney alone though. They tried to keep it at CN/AS with a very long process, but both parties couldn’t come to a mutual agreement. If that weren’t the case, Viz would have shopped it elsewhere immediately well before the switch, it was on hiatus mode for ages - not to mention would have moved Bleach since 2 yrs ago when the problems started happening between the parties, instead they’ve valued AS enough to keep renewing Bleach with AS and staying put. That says something about the value of AS.

Monster went to Syfy because AS passed. It’s a semi-big title compared to niche shows, but it’s not that big of a title, as evidenced by how the networks and Viz treated it in the past. Like I said in the other thread, Bleach has had several renewals… if the grass was really greener somewhere else, Viz would have have moved Bleach, and certainly now Funi too.


So they finally showed the FMA:B commercial tonight.


I saw that by accident last night when I was channel surfing. Pretty cool. Now can we stop complaining about Adult Swim not promoting their new anime properties? Everytime they’ve premiered something they’ve run ads online and on TV a week or two leading up to it. They have a lot of flaws we can and should pick on, but it seems like AS can never do anything right for some. :stuck_out_tongue:

When watching Naruto I have not seen any promotions about anime, although supposedly Disney promotes Naruto at other times in the day (during the kids hours that I and most anime fans would not watch). :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll try to stay up gotten use to going to bed early.


And for those that missed it…

[video type=youtube]YOVpIZBXdV8[/video]


Thanks :slight_smile:


Meh…(shrugs shoulders)
I’ll wait for the sets to come out…if that.


I’m not surprise to see this now all we need is Soul Eater and it will be complete.


OK…I try to avoid just hating on a series here in the forums, because it makes me sound like a total pr*ck. But Dragoon asked why I HATE this show, so I’m going to be entirely honest. Please don’t be offended by what I say. i know a lot of people love this show, but I hate it with an undieing passion.

Guess I should start with the begining here. First off I HATE the idea of two kids getting metal body parts like this. I HATE HATE HATE that. I just hate it so much. It’s entirely stupid. The whole series is based on this gimmick and it’s just DUMB. I’m sorry but I’m not buying it. The stupid little kid gets turned into a big metal guy, and the other anoying brat gets metal arms and legs. Yeah dumb!

My MAIN problem with this show however is it’s TERRIBLE drama to comedy ratio. First it tries to be funny with all the FORCED slapstick humor, stupid jokes, dumb running gag (Show says “Ed is short! HAHA NOW LAUGH YOU ANIME FANS!!!” I say “screw you FMA! Go to hell!”) and chibi characters. But 1) IT’S NOT FUNNY 2) It’s anoying . As if the characters weren’t bad enough being completely 1 dimensional (little kid is a crybaby, Ed is Ed, strong guy is strong, bad guy is bad, the girl fixes crap [and that’s ALL there is to them] etc etc etc ad nauseum), they make each and every character completely unbearable with the unfunny forced jokes. And then later on in the episode they would try and get super-duper serious (or in another episode) and I’m sorry but it would just fall on it’s face. When people died I laughed, and when they told jokes I wanted them to die somemore. The drama-comedy ratio was TERRIBLE, it made me hate the characters, hate the show, and couldn’t take a thing they did seriously. Yeah yeah yeah the one guy (Tiffany Grant’s character) gets killed inside the little boy, but I was laughing! Funny way to die dude! Better luck next time! LOL! They would try and do something serious, but I’d just laugh! Haha rape, haha dead, haha war! And it’s the poor ratio of drama to comedy that is at fault. It fails at both comedy and drama, and doesn’t know how to go from one to the other at all. When I find a characters death funny, that is POOR storytelling!!

So with a terrible drama to comedy ratio I just couldn’t stand anything they tried to do seriously. Top this off with some terribly generic storyline, ugly artwork, boring and anoying 1 demensional characters, pretending the story is moving along but really being episodic, anoying as hell music, and stupid magic (they call it alchemy but it’s generic anime magic #4), and it’s quite easy to see why I hate this show.

Everyone in the show hates the military, but there’s no real reason to. I missed the part where the military gave every single person on the planet reason to hate them. Did a soldier go around and punch everyones mother in the stomach before the show started? And then steal their cars or something? I don’t get it. And if the military is so hated, why do people bother to join up with them? The show tries to tell a bunch of sad stories, but I found them all funny and stupid. It’s not well written, it’s corny as hell. This anime is incredbly childish. Why do people like this. Are you kidding me? REALLY? It does NOTHING right, nothing at all. It’s shallow as hell, the fight scenes are stupid (are there fight scenes?), the artwork is ugly, the music is akin to nails on a chalkboard, and the story is stupid and goes nowhere. I guess you can say the dub is good, but I am not going to watch 51 episodes just to hear Vic Mignogna. Sorry I think he’s a good actor, but no one is a good enough actor for me to torture myself with watching anymore of this terrible show.

Edit: I also am not a huge fan of slapstick humor. I much prefur situational, or conversation based gags if that makes any sense. “More Seinfeld, less I love Lucy” (someone said that before…not sure where I picked that up)


Alrighty then, I guess we can safely say that you’ll not be watching Brotherhood with us then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I started out by reading the manga, I guess I was more drawn into the story first, but you are right on several points.

One of the things I hate about FMA is the chibi bits. I hate that no matter what the anime is - I just don’t get it no matter what it is I’m watching. I’ve never understood it at all.

And, I also concede your point about some of the humor, most of all, the ‘short’ jokes. Much too much of those.

But, overall, I still like the thing as a whole and since I know I can’t change your mind, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.


LOL!!! Yeah 100% chance I won’t ever see that.


Am I the only person that finds themselves disappointed that the animation looks almost exactly the same as the first series? Since it is a retelling that was started only a few years after the original, I was hoping we would get something a bit different looking, or at least a bit fresher. These episodes could easily be interchanged with those from the first series with no one being to tell the difference.


I noticed a difference in the animation. Dunno what you’re not seeing.


For those of you interested, FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood will begin tomorrow night on Adult Swim.

This will be following the manga more closely, so although it will be similar to the original anime a bit in the beginning, it will have many differences also and veer sharply from the original after a certain point.

Without any major spoilers, I will say that the differences will be with the homunculi and also with a couple of major characters who were omitted from the original anime.

I do know that some of the episodes will seem like a retread, but I think if you stick with it, you’ll like what happens.

I haven’t looked at any of it yet, so I hope it lives up to expectations. :laugh:



I’ve seen the first 18 or so episodes subbed, I can’t wait to compare the dub.


I won’t miss this show. I loved FMA, and think this will do well. I love the comedy and drama of this series, it goes well together. As for new anime on tv, “Don’t hate, appreciate”.


If its not good Anime then I shall hate all the live long day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, Al sounds so different. I hope I can get used to it. Looks good though.