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Anime Original Endings

Thought this would be a neat discussion topic.

There are many anime series which have endings that differ from the manga. Whether it be due to the manga still ongoing as of the show’s conclusion, censorship reasons, or the anime production team having differing opinions vs the mangaka; the series ending was altered.

Feel free to speak your mind of shows that pulled this off well, and ones that didn’t.

Look forward to seeing everyone’s thoughts :grin:


The anime to me has to have a good beginning to start for me to continue to even get to the end before I close the manga or turn off the anime

The creators may come up with a new idea in which differ from each other that depend which one got released first


Lol :joy:

I was meaning like the ending of the original Full Metal Alchemist, where they ended it differently because the anime had caught up to the manga, but the author hadn’t come close to ending the series yet.

One very enjoyable one for me is definitely Lucky Star. While the manga was continuing, and as of 2014, has been put on hiatus, the anime ended around volume 5 or 6. The final episode was the entire gang practicing doing a cheer dance routine for their final cultural festival. It was executed beautifully, and the humor could have easily come from the manga :blush:

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Well u also have ova that ends differently than both the anime and manga

But traditionally a manga is mainly the formation that is turned into a anime
Like u displayed in that sentence were the anime has to play caught up

But i start with the anime then if like it I’ll read the manga

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So that’s why there’s 2 Fullmetal alchemist shows.

I don’t read manga so I wouldn’t know.

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Pretty much.

Brotherhood follows the ending of the manga.


Aw damn. The other one was way better. Al and Ed get transported to World War 2 Germany

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Each have their own strengths.

Personally I prefer Dante over Father as the main antagonist as well. The ending of Brotherhood is better in my opinion though.

I don’t have a problem with Anime Original Endings, as long as it stays true to the spirit of the series.

So I didn’t have a problem with Akame ga Kill per se as it followed the rules, even if it wasn’t the exact ending that we got in the manga. (Although personally, I think Takahiro changed it after the negative reaction people had to Tatsumi’s death in the anime)

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I love the Akame ga Kill ending. It fits with the tone and setting of the show. It’s a bittersweet ending to what in essence was a bittersweet series. Never read the manga, but from what I’ve heard/read, it turns into another by-the-book battle/tournament show.

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Well it basically plays out the same way except:


Tatsumi survives albeit transformed into a Danger Beast, while keeping his humanity, Mine basically didn’t die but goes into a coma after her fight with the other general, and wakes up when she hears transformed Tatsumi’s voice. Kurumi also survives and her and Wave are together and Akame stays with them until she makes sure Kurumi is going to be all right. Akame then leaves so she can find a cure for Muramase’s curse, which is being chronicled In Hinowa ga Crush

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There’s also one thing you forgot:


Mine is also carrying Tatsumi’s ba-by!
Yep, he got her preggers before transforming into a dragon!

(Part of the reason I liked the manga ending better. Mine was my favorite character from the AGK group, and was fairly upset when she done die-ded)

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Huh, maybe it plays out differently on the page if I actually read it, and there’s no pacing problems, but just going by the spoilers I don’t think I would have like it as much. Who knows though, maybe it’s a good read.

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This is going to be a bump
But I’m not one to watch anime that much
But I’m exciting for this particular Anime that seems interesting to me

And I wonder is the creator of kanojo okarishimasu is going to stick with everything being the same with his anime and manga or will there be an difference between the two and I know it’s not the ending of the manga
But it is interesting to see where he goes with the anime scenes