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Genshin Impact Guide

If you’re interested in playing Genshin Impact, Here’s a Little guide to help you through.

Get the game off of Mihoyo’s Website:

Game is Available for PS4 / PS5 (Get it off PSN Shop) Apple Store or Google Play (Get it off their appropriate App Shops) and PC (Windows) off the website above.

OK install the game on your Platform of choice, and then start the Launcher / Game. (Personally I’d recommend playing it on PC, just because of Screen size)

Game will do it’s updates and then you’ll create account / setup passwords.

Start game and the intro movie plays. You’ll get your first choice in the game as to whether to play a male or female character. (Don’t worry, as to whoever you don’t pick will show up later in the story)

Then you’ll do the intro and learn how the controls work and get your first extra set of characters so you’ll have a full party of 4. (You get Amber, Lisa and Keyah during the tutorial)

The best way to level weapons and get character Level Break elemental stones is to do the dailies as you’ll get weapon upgrade stones and basic element stones doing those

Best way to get Tomes (Character XP items) is to do the Blue Ley Line fights

Best way to get Mora is to do the Gold Ley Line Fights

Once you get to Lvl 20 on both Weapons and Character XP, you’ll then need upgrade items to level them further.

One thing I must stress while playing Do Not (repeat )Do Not raise the world level until you are ready, or you’ll make things extremely hard for you if your characters are under levelled. Once you get that locked in Party you like and get them to the cap then it’s ok to increase the world level.

Here’s the Genshin Impact wiki for further guidance:

I’ll cover Artifacts / Talents / Constellations at a later date but this is a good starting guide for now.

A couple of notes:

You can get by being a free player. The Traveler, whichever you pick, can assume any elemental power by attuning themselves to the Elemental statues of the different regions of the game (Currently 3, Anemo (Wind) (Monstadt Region, roughly equivalent to Middle Ages Europe) Geo (Earth) (Liyue Region, roughly equivalent to the Chinese Warring States Period) and Electro (Electricity) (Inazuma Region, Roughly equivalent to Japan’s Edo Period)

Primogems (Main currency for obtaining Gacha wishes) can be earned by doing dailies and you can get around 60 / day 10 for each of the four dailies, + 20 for turning them in at the Adventurerers guild. Costs 160 for 1 wish. so basically you earn enough for 1 10 pull / month on average just doing can get extra by doing quests and completing the main storylines. There are also special giveaways and contests you can do to earn more.