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Genres: comedy, slice of life, supernatural
Themes: family, feral spirit, friendship, herald, parody
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Makoto is the fifteenth generation heiress of a small shrine to the god Inari. Her father is still the shrine’s priest, but Inari’s divine messenger, Gintarou, has appeared to Makoto, marking her as the true successor. Gintarou has the ability to see a short distance into the future and can find lost objects, but is unmotivated and foulmouthed. In spite of this, he becomes friends with Makoto, and together they help those who come to the shrine.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-10-06
Opening Theme: “tiny lamp” by fhána
Ending Theme: “Gekkō Story” by SCREEN mode

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Episode 4 –


It was funny when Makoto thought she was getting a new mother. Her reaction is worse when she finds out it’s a boy! When he arrives, Satoru can see Gin and he’s also brought another fox spirit with him.

Satoru is a bit on the odd side. He has no intention of staying at the shrine after everything had been arranged. But he does ask Gin if Haru can stay there – at least until Satoru can convince him to go home. However, Haru doesn’t want to leave Satoru. Gin seems a bit annoyed. Not only has Haru abandoned his shrine, but Satoru has as well. Satoru has no intention of taking it over when the current priest leaves. Gin doesn’t like it, but he will allow Haru to stay for now and Makoto convinces Satoru to stay as well.

I can see why Satoru felt he couldn’t stay where he was after his grandfather died, but he now turns on Haru, telling him to go back and that he doesn’t need him, which really upsets the little guy. Haru runs off and Makoto wants Satoru to go after him, but he won’t. Makoto is surprised to hear that Haru is more than eighty years old. Satoru turns on her as well. Gin finally has to interfere, telling them that Haru might disappear. It doesn’t look like it, but I’m sure Satoru will go after Haru now. They do seem to have a special bond.

Episode 5 –


Haru still hasn’t returned and Satoru is finally convinced that he should look for him. However, Gin wants nothing to do with the situation and won’t even use his powers to find out where Haru is. He doesn’t want Makoto getting involved either. This is between Satoru and Haru and is for them to work out themselves.

Satoru returns without Haru. He wasn’t able to find him. Makoto asks Gin for help again and this time, Satoru adds his plea to hers. I like how they showed the backstory. It was sad, but I can see how much Haru and Satoru mean to one another.

If Haru can’t be with Satoru, then he’s ready to disappear. But that won’t happen yet, because Satoru has found him! The two make up as Gin and Makoto watch. Satoru will stay with Makoto and her father. Haru will stay as well for now. But it turns out that Haru is a girl! LOL

Episode 6 –


The entire school finds out that the very cool Satoru is living with Makoto. She’s embarrassed, but she has to admit it’s true. Satoru is very popular, and even Funabashi and Yumi are curious about him. But the boy still keeps to himself, even at home. Even Gin isn’t sure how to deal with him.

Funabashi and Yumi visit the shrine with the intention of throwing Satoru a welcome party. Now Haru has three girls to be jealous of! LOL Gin tells her that Satoru needs to get used to dealing with humans, but Haru already knows this. And I think Funabashi has a thing for Makoto’s dad. LOL

The last thing Satoru wants is a party and tries to leave, but Makoto talks him into it. He tells her to let him know when everything is ready and disappears anyway. Satoru looks very out of place at the party although it’s only the girls and Makoto’s dad. Afterwards, he tries to go to his room, but the girls insist he stay with them for a while. However, he refuses, saying that he’s had enough fun. Funny, but he looked liked he wasn’t having any fun at all.

Satoru studies as Haru worries about him. The girls follow Yumi and barge into Satoru’s room. Yumi wants to know more about him. Yumi begins to ask questions and at first Satoru cooperates, but then he gets angry. Satoru knows they are doing this for his sake, but he’s in agony. He gets mad again and ends up smacking each girl on the head. He gives them a good talking to and tells them that he doesn’t want to be bothered.

The girls apologize, but keep talking and Makoto begins to laugh. Soon, all the girls are laughing and Satoru gives up. Makoto tells him that they just want to be friends. Satoru gives in and joins the girls in a talk. The next day, he seems a little grateful to Makoto for making him relax. Then he gives Yumi and Funabashi charms to thank them for the party. It delights Makoto that Satoru is making progress with humans.

Satoru later tells Gin that this shrine is very different from his, but Gin says that all shrines are the same. Satoru admits that it might be true and he just never noticed. He tells Makoto that the shrine is a nice place ad that he’s glad to be there. And he smiles! That makes Makoto happy and she smiles back. Haru sadly watches, but brightens up when she sees that Satoru is actually having fun. A group photo is taken in front of the shrine and Gin mentions that it’s just another day of peace and quiet. LOL I’m really glad Satoru is opening up.

Episode 7 –


Bumping into Shouhei during a walk causes everyone to visit his temple. His family is very lively and his two younger sisters are enamored of the cute Satoru which sparks Haru’s jealousy. Satoru looks very uncomfortable in the midst of so many people. When dad pops up and tells Shouhei to shave his head, he avoids that conversation by taking the others to visit the rescued cat, Mi-chan, or Fug, as Shouhei calls her.

As they visit with the cat, there is another commotion, and Shouhei tells them that they have ghosts. Shouhei and Yumi start to argue and Satoru is ready to leave, but something that draws him away from the group. Both Satoru and Gin feel something “off” about a shrine that is on the temple grounds. Another commotion and Shouhei runs off. The cart senses something and runs away with Yumi chasing her.

The others realize that the shrine must have heralds and Makoto goes off to investigate. They find the monkey heralds and Makoto can’t stop laughing when they call Gin, “gramps”. Of course the heralds are the “ghosts” and unfortunately there is no one at the temple that can see them. They are excited that they found a human that can see them. Haru gets jealous again when the cute little girl monkey takes a liking to Satoru. But the two heralds continue with their pranks.

The kids learn the history of the shrine from Shouhei’s father. Satoru thinks that maybe the heralds are lonely and trying to drive the humans out. But the heralds tell a different story. Once everything is explained to everyone’s satisfaction, Makoto tells the monkeys that they can stop their pranks. But that isn’t want they want to do at all. It’s their fun and they don’t want to stop!

Makoto explains to Shouhei’s family about the monkey heralds and they seem fine with it. Makoto and Satoru finally leave, but Haru, who was teased relentlessly by the heralds, is now worried about them and thinks they should visit them every once in a while. Gin says they will be fine and Satoru says that the family doesn’t even believe in heralds. But Makoto was still happy with the outcome.

Episode 8 –


Funabashi is happy to hear that her father is coming home, and decides to find him a really good birthday present. Her driver suggests a necktie, but Funabashi isn’t sure. I think Yoshizumi likes Funabashi too. She discusses her dilemma with Makoto and Yumi over lunch and they decide to visit a newly opened shopping mall.

Yoshizumi happily gives up his day off to take the girls shopping, and enjoys following them around. But when it comes time to choose a necktie, Funabashi has too many choices. Yumi suggests something totally unsuitable, and Makoto shows her one with foxes on it, but Funabashi is still unsure. Yoshizumi suggests something in blue and Funabashi finds two that she likes.

Yumi suggests using Yoshizumi as a model, much to his dismay. With his help, Funabashi finally makes her choice. The girls get something to eat afterwards and at Funabashi’s insistence, Yoshizumi joins them. But he feels a little uncomfortable. Yumi notes how much Funabashi has changed for the better and Makoto says that she’s really opened up to people. They even get Yoshizumi to agree with them!

Yoshizumi is definitely enamored with Funabashi and berates himself for thinking of a high school girl that way. But he finds a rival in the pushy and obnoxious student council president, Kirishima. And in trying to get Funabashi’s phone number, Kirishima almost breaks Yoshizumi’s phone. He also tells Yoshizumi that Funabashi should be allowed to be with kids her own age and that may have given Yoshizumi something to think about.

Funabashi gives Makoto a lift home and she invites both Funabashi and Yoshizumi in for a visit. Funabashi shows Yoshizumi how to pay his respects to the shrine. He says that he should also pray for her father’s success, but Funabashi tells him to pray for something that he wants. With Gin and Haru watching, Yoshizumi prays that he never falls in love with Funabashi. But I think his wish comes too late.

Before they leave, Funabashi presents Yoshizumi with a charm for safe driving. He blushes and Makoto notes that his face is really red. He brushes it off by saying that he might have a cold. Of course Funabashi gets concerned, but he assures her that he’s fine. They leave and Haru asks Gin about his weird wish, but Gin just tells her that “there’s a whole world of weird out there”. It just confirms Haru’s thought that humans are strange. But I wonder if Yoshizumi’s situation is all that hopeless. Funabashi does like older men after all.

Episode 9 –


While everyone is gone and Gin sleeps, Haru has the run of the temple, but falls asleep as well. The two little girls visit to make a wish. But some boys from their class have followed them and start causing trouble. Haru is really annoyed with the kids. Sachina begins to cry and Aki gets mad at the boys. But when Aki goes after Yuuya and splashes him with water, Haru starts cheering her on. Things get out of hand and the boys run away. The girls apologize and run away as well.

Haru chases them, but trips and falls down the stairs. She hits her head and ends up wandering around the neighborhood. Scared by a barking dog, Haru runs away and gets lost. Not knowing where she is, she tries to find the temple and gets even more lost. She sees a roadside shrine and sits next to it, wondering what to do. And that is where Gin finds her. Haru is really happy to see him, but won’t admit it. LOL It turns out that Haru was right near the temple anyway.

Makoto sees them and gets the story of what happened. By the time they get back to the temple, her father is home and the kids are there as well. They’ve come to apologize and admit to the damage they did. It was funny when they asked Tatsuo not to curse them, and what Yuuya’s grandmother told him was even funnier. I can’t imagine the heralds eating anyone, well maybe Haru would. LOL Tatsuo assures the kids that the fox spirits won’t eat them. He also tells them that the fox spirits will forgive them and that they will also get lonely if the kids don’t come to visit. Yuuya even bought oranges for the heralds. I had to laugh when Makoto thought that Gin and Haru should get married! Well, I’m glad everything worked out with the kids.

Episode 10 –


Satoru is still adjusting to his new life. It’s almost time for the summer purification and Tetsuo tells him to invite her friends. But does he even have any? At least he seems to be popular with the girls at school, even if he doesn’t notice.

Satoru doesn’t have any friends at kendo either. In fact, it seems they don’t even like him very much. The captain of the team breaks up what may have become a fight and chooses Satoru for a match. Afterwards, Kinugawa tells Satoru that he’s really good. Satoru also finds out that the girls at school have nicknamed him the “Prince”. LOL

Satoru is thinking of quitting the kendo club, but Kinugawa tells him that he needs an attitude adjustment. This guy is really friendly and even calls Satoru “Prince”. Satoru just doesn’t know what to make of him, but at the moment, he doesn’t like being teased by him. Kinugawa wants to meet him after practice, and Satoru says that he isn’t free, but Kinugawa drags him along anyway.

Kinugawa says that they are going to have fun and takes Satoru around the town. Meanwhile, Makoto is out with her friends and it seems that everyone has an idea of what they want to do for the future, except her. It bothers her, but if she had looked out the window just then, she would have seen Kinugawa dragging Satoru along by the hand. LOL Satoru really doesn’t like that, but Kinugawa is too big and Satoru is too small to do anything about it.

Kinugawa takes Satoru home to his family’s tofu restaurant. Satoru tries to leave, but is invited to dinner. Once again, Satoru is in the midst of a boisterous group and feeling very uncomfortable. It’s really sad that the way he was raised won’t even let him loosen up over a family dinner. Afterwards, Kinugawa walks him part of the way home and apologizes for dragging him around. Satoru says that it was fine, but annoying. Kinugawa laughs and Satoru asks if it was a punishment. But Kinugawa says that he just wanted to hang out with him. Satoru doesn’t know what to think.

They talk about kendo for a little while and Kinugawa helps Satoru realize a few things about himself. Perhaps his world doesn’t have to be so narrow. Back home, Haru is having a fit that Satoru isn’t home yet. When he does arrive, Tetsuo berates him for not calling to say he would be home late. Satoru apologizes. He later falls asleep early – his day was just that exhausting. LOL

At school, Satoru is talking to Kinugawa and Seishiro comes along. He says that he and Kinugawa aren’t friends either, but they really are. Satoru invites Kinugawa to the purification ceremony. Seishiro gets all excited because he heard that Funabashi would be there. He wants to know if she’ll be dressed like a shrine maiden. When Satoru confirms that she probably will, Seishiro gets excited again, but he really doesn’t like shrines. When Satoru finds out the reason, he tells them that he can see spirits. But Seishiro thinks Satoru is laughing at him. Satoru leaves them, trying very hard to suppress his laughter. I hope he realizes he just made a couple of friends.

Episode 11 –


Makoto is still thinking of her future. And her mother. She wants to be a shrine maiden as her mother was, but isn’t sure. Makoto discusses it with Gin, but he isn’t much help. However, he does tell her a little about her mother. In the end, she still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.

The next day, Makoto and Satoru are still cleaning for the purification ceremony and Tatsuo is missing. Yumi and Funabashi cut school to come and help. Tatsuo finally shows up with his friend, Yoshitomo. He seems to be a big hit with the ladies. LOL

Makoto’s aunt, Etsuko, arrives and it seems that she and Funabashi know one another. Etsuko happens to be in the sake business. And the Toyokura Brewery is famous! Yoshizumi pitches in to help as well. While the men work, Etsuko takes the girls shopping. When they return, the wreath is finished. It was a really nice day!

Episode 12 –


It’s early morning and final preparations are being made for the purification ceremony. The girls get dressed and they all look really cute in their shrine maiden outfits. Seishiro arrives and Satoru wishes that he would just leave. LOL He came to see Funabashi anyway. I guess the power of love outweighed his fear of shrines.

Eventually, everyone shows up. And Makoto gains an admirer. It’s almost time to begin, and Gin and Haru go off to do their job. I wonder what that is. Tatsuo and Yoshitomo get ready, and the ceremony begins. It was really beautiful. Afterwards, they all go to cast the katashiro into the river. That will be followed by a feast. I think Makoto has decided on her future as well. This was a very sweet anime!

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sweet, now get David Wald or John Swasey as Gintaro and all the world will be saved.

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