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Hello anime network! ^_^


Hi, I just recently subscribed to anime network through my cable provider and I’m enjoying it. I really like anime and I’ve watched quite a bit of it. Well thats really I can think of to say right now. This is just a little “hi” anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello and welcome to the forum. Post often


Hi, does this mean you’ve got anime 24/7? if so, I hate you and love you all at the same time




Welcome to our magical (and bizarre) kingdom.


Welcome & enjoy!


Welcome! Stick around and don’t disappear for years at a time like me!! :stuck_out_tongue: What are some of the shows that you enjoy watching?




Welcome! And like Himeno said, it’s both magical and bizarre, though more often bizarre. But it’s a fun kind of bizarre. So enjoy! Come back and post often.


Hi, you should post something.


fillet wrote:

Jeez Fillet demanding much


fillet wrote:

that’s like a kick to the balls dude


I know, a regular slave driver.


Haissan scared off another one


Can’t pin this one on me, you guys scared it off first


And another one bites the dust. -sigh-


We didn’t mean to scare you off! Please come back. We won’t bite that hard… wait that isn’t helping.


Fateddismay wrote:

Just saying but this is a post from my other account (Fateddismay) that I’m not using anymore. So don’t get confused and think I’m someone else. :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome to the forums!