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I’ve been on this site since 2010, and never once looked at the forums as I was either watching or playing some game… or at work. but I want to say hello to all the people that actually bother to read this. overall my experience here has been delightful even though I have watched almost everything up to date usually several times over. Well gotta go, too many anime to watch so little time.


Why hello there, how are you? Good? That’s great!

How am I doing? Well I’m so glad you asked! I’m doing great, thanks!

Welcome to the anime network forums!


I know exactly what you mean in regards to SO MUCH to watch! There is simply so little time… not even enough time left for breathing. Silly joke… I know.

Anyway, welcome back then, and I am glad to hear that your stay with us has been pleasant. Hope you come back soon… you will be always welcome here!


Welcome to you! Glad you are enjoying the site. Join us anytime!

I think all of us have a backlog to watch. :lol:


The Anime Network Forums welcome you with open arms (and mouth in terms of Outliner)


Hello and welcome to the timbrophily TAN boards!! :3 It’s nice to see you pop in an give an introduction; better now than never. :stuck_out_tongue:
So, how about you tell us what some of your favorite anime are? I’m willing to bet a good number of them you’ve seen here. :wink:

Anyway, I hope you have a great time on here watching all you can watch and maybe posting around ever so often. :slight_smile: We’ll be waiting for you. B)


WelCome. To the TAN Fourms. YumeBaka