Hello, Newcomer Reporting Live

Ohayo. I am Japanese, born in Kyoto, Japan, and live in Osaka/Miyazaki before moving to NYC on Feb 1996.
I am glad to join this community because I love all kind animation.

Welcome to the board. :slight_smile:

Hey, great to have have ya here! How’re you enjoying life in the States?

Welcome to you! Please enjoy yourself! :slight_smile:

hey man what’s up

Hello,hello,hello,hello and if you dont know what im trying to say, im saying HI.

bow’s hello all

hi…wow, How many people o this forum are japanese?

I doubt few are.

Anyways, welcome to our community. We are as crazy as we appear to be, but do not let that cause you fear.

Welcome to the forums! I lived in Japan for about half a year, a few years ago myself. Lived up and around in Yokohama during that time.