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Hello Everyone


Hi. I’m new to this forums and this is the first time I joined an anime forums. I have questions to ask but I’ll just look for the proper thread for it. I hope I enjoy my stay here.


Welcome to the forums! Do post around. :wink:


Welcome to TAN! Enjoy your stay, tykes!


Welcome, Olaguer!

What an unusual username, would you please tell us where you came up with it? (unless it’s really obvious to everyone but me, of course).

What animes do you like? Of course we would love it if you listed mostly ADV ones, but we won’t condemn you if you don’t.

Please stick around and post tons! And don’t forget about our Online Player! There’s bunches of anime to watch there! :laugh:


Sincerities and such. It’d be great if you could like, post.


Heyllo new friend