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Hi folks. Call me Scholastica. Just thought I’d drop in to introduce myself. Hope to enjoy myself here.


Greetings and salutations.
May your time here be fruitful and vegetableful.
Remember to drink lots of whiskey and tequila while watching anime.

Ah…that hits the spot.
A little tabasco sauce,
a little whip cream and
instant party.


Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your time here. Make sure to look around the forums and the community section and make yourself at home!

Which anime are your favorite? Have you checked out the new simulcast yet?


Welcome to TAN. :slight_smile:


Yes, hello there! Very nice to have you here, help us discuss things.


Yea come on and dish…tell us about yourself??? How did you get into anime, along with which are your favorites!!!


Welcome :slight_smile: Hope you have an awesome time here!


Welcome to you! Hope you join us often! :slight_smile:


Laughs Evilly



(Laughs Hysterically}

Y Helloz Thar



Why hello there.Nice to see a familiar face around here, assuming that you’re the same Scholastica from TV tropes.


Peace and Long Life. But have it be too peaceful, for there is a great deal of fun and excitement here. Welcome aboard!