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Figured id say hi!


Hey everyone! Nice to meet you. I hope to have fun here and share my enthusiasm for anime. :slight_smile:


Well “Hi” back…Welcome to TAN


Howdy, and yes we do enjoy anime here. Stick around and have fun!


Welcome to TAN, what type of anime are you into?


I like all kinds of anime my favorites would have to be Chobits and Urusei Yatsura. My favorite genres would have to be comedy and sci-fi


Welcome to you! Please come and join us often! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your time here. Chobits is a fun show. I need to rewatch that one soon.


Hi and welcome! Come back to post often. :slight_smile:


Hey! Hope you enjoy the boards.


mustang87 wrote:

You won’t have a problem with that here. :smiley:


Haha ya i just got on yesterday and i’m already in love with this site :3 :silly:


Make an intro, Sleepy! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Site. We are just about as crazy as we seem. Make yourself at home, but don’t fall asleep. We draw on sleeping people :woohoo:


Oh noes is it permanent?! I don’t care if its washable :woohoo: but if it’s permanent then noes :ohmy: