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High-Rise Invasion / Tenkū Shinpan

High-Rise Invasion / Tenkū Shinpan

Plot Summary: On the roof of a high-rise building, a young girl named Yuri witnesses a masked figure split a man’s head open with an axe. It’s not exactly an everyday occurrence for a high schooler, but things only get weirder from there. Yuri soon finds herself in a strange world of skyscrapers with only two options for escape—fight past the mysterious masked figures or leap to her death.
Vintage: 2021-02-25

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High-Rise Invasion Survival Horror Manga Gets Anime Series in February 2021

posted on 2020-10-27 01:33 EDT by Kim Morrissy
Zero-G animates Netflix show based on manga by Ajin - Demi-Human’s Tsuina Miura

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High-Rise Invasion Anime Unveils Trailer, More Cast, Staff, Song Artists, February 25 Debut

posted on 2021-01-13 20:56 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Jun Fukuyama, Yōko Hikasa, Megumi Ogata, Koji Yusa, Chika Anzai, Shizuka Itou join cast

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