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Humanity Has Declined / Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Episode 7 is live at ANO

Ep. 11

And to continue the timeline…

This episode goes back to when Mediator was in school and first met the faries.

Episode 8 is live at ANO

Episode 9 is live at ANO

Episode 10 is live at ANO

This was truly an interesting show, I would like to see what happens in the future.

The ending was so sweet.

The HD stream doesn’t seem to be up, but the SD stream is.

Episode 11 is live at ANO

Reported, will post when HD stream goes live.

There were be several hours delay getting the HD stream uploaded. Sorry for the delay.

The HD stream is now live for Episode 11.
Thanks for your patience.

Episode 12 :end: is live at ANO

Bumping this old thread just for people (like me) who have only just now started watching this show on VOD.

My impression: Makes about as much sense as “Through the Looking Glass” or “Why is a mouse when it spins?”. But very entertaining.


This just shows how different everyone is. I’m certainly glad there are people who like these anime, but I guess I’m not one of them.

I watched the first episode and couldn’t turn it off fast enough.

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“epicly random” indeed!

I just finished watching Ep 8 (the end of the Time Management arc) on VOD, and I wondered if the color levels were correct. The screen seemed washed out with white, and although I could see the director using that for effect, it didn’t end when the weirdness ended. It sort of fit with the story, but not entirely, so I was left wondering if it happened by accident.

I’ve rather enjoyed this one. But it takes more than one episode I think to get it.

So I finished up watching my BD last night.
I have to say, those Survival of the Fittest shorts are just hilarious!

I’ve watched so much stuff since I watched this series as a simulcast, I’d almost forgot how great and humorous it was.

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