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Humanoid Monster Bem / Yōkai Ningen Bem

Humanoid Monster Bem / Yōkai Ningen Bem


Genres: adventure, fantasy
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 1968-10-07 to 1969-03-31

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Humanoid Monster Bem 2 / Yōkai Ningen Bem 2


Genres: action, horror, supernatural
Plot Summary: In 2007, after a long time wandering, the demon-men arrive in east Asia. From the bay in front of the city, dreadful air is rising. The demon-men came here because they noticed this air comes from all over the world.
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2006-04-01

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Ore-tacha Yōkai Ningen

Genres: comedy, supernatural
Vintage: 2017-10-04

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Ore-tacha Yōkai Ningen G

Vintage: 2018-04-04

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Vintage: 2019-07-07

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BEM: BECOME HUMAN (movie) - Vintage: 2020-10-02

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KAT-TUN’s Kame Stars in Anime-Based Humanoid Monster Bem

posted on 2011-08-09 18:30 EDT by Egan Loo
Kazuya Kamenashi, Anne, Fuku Suzuki play ostracized monsters who fight for humans

DLE Produces New Gag Anime For Yōkai Ningen Bem Franchise

posted on 2017-08-12 04:00 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
New Ore-tacha Yōkai Ningen TV anime premieres in October

Ore-tacha Yōkai Ningen Gag Anime Premieres October 4

posted on 2017-08-31 14:47 EDT
DOTAMA performs theme song for anime based on, airing alongside Yōkai Ningen Bem

Ore-tacha Yōkai Ningen Short Anime’s Promo Videos Reveal October 4 Debut

posted on 2017-09-27 00:30 EDT
DLE produces new gag anime to air with rerun of 1968 anime

Ore-tacha Yōkai Ningen Anime Shorts Get New Series

posted on 2018-03-21 14:15 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
New series to air alongside Humanoid Monster Bem rebroadcast

Humanoid Monster Bem Franchise Gets New TV Anime in 2019

posted on 2019-02-07 10:30 EST by Jennifer Sherman
Katsuyuki Konishi, M.A.O, Kensho Ono star in anime by LandQ studios

Twitter User Compares Latest Yōkai Ningen Bem Designs to Previous Installments

posted on 2019-02-11 20:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge

New Bem Monster Anime’s 2nd Teaser Reveals More Cast, Musicians, Summer Premiere

posted on 2019-03-22 11:20 EDT by Egan Loo
Maaya Uchida, Kenji Nomura, Maaya Sakamoto cast in 50th anniversary project

‘BEM’ Anime Reveals More Cast Members, Theme Song Artists, Promo Video, July 7 Premiere

posted on 2019-05-31 06:21 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Junichi Suwabe, Sōma Saitō, more join cast

Check Out Maaya Sakamoto’s Jazzy New Song “Uchu no Kioku” in Mystical MV

July 06, 2019 4:10am CDT
Written/composed/arranged bu Ringo Sheena for TV anime BEM

Funimation to Stream BEM TV Anime This Summer

posted on 2019-06-28 23:25 EDT by Egan Loo
Dub also planned for streaming

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BEM – Opening Theme – Uchuu no Kioku

BEM – Ending Theme – Iru Imi

The Summer 2019 Anime Preview Guide - BEM

Jul 15th 2019

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BEM | Official Trailer

ANN Review - BEM episodes 1-12 streaming

by Theron Martin, Nov 5th 2019

BEM The Complete Series | Available 4/28

BEM Reboot Anime Gets Movie This Fall

posted on 2020-06-01 23:00 EDT by Alex Mateo
Video streamed for Gekijо̄ban BEM~BECOME HUMAN movie directed by Hiroshi Ikehata

BEM: Become Human Anime Film Casts Kis-My-Ft2 Member Toshiya Miyata

posted on 2020-06-28 19:01 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Role will mark Miyata’s voice acting debut

BEM: Become Human Anime Film Casts Kōichi Yamadera, Nana Mizuki

posted on 2020-07-30 23:00 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Wataru Takagi, Shizuka Itou also join cast

BEM: Become Human Film’s Trailer Reveals Theme Song, October 2 Opening

posted on 2020-08-20 05:00 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Rib performs “unforever” for latest project in the Yōkai Ningen Bem franchise

BEM: Become Human Film’s Footage Shows Burgess, Belm

posted on 2020-09-15 04:00 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Kis-My-Ft2 boy band member Toshiya Miyata voices Burgess in October 2 film