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I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job / Yu-sibu

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. / Yusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shushoku o Ketsui Shimashita / Yu-sibu


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Genres: comedy, fantasy, romance, slice of life
Themes*: ecchi, fanservice, harem, part-time job
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Raul had always wanted to be a hero, but the demon king was defeated, leading to the end of hero exams. He reluctantly took a job working at a small electronics store called Magic Shop Leon. His life is dull but busy until a new girl comes applying for a part time job. She’s the daughter of the defeated demon king.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-10-04
Opening Theme: “Extra Revolution” by ZAQ
Ending Theme: “Sticking Places” by Sphere

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Episode 1 –


Fino is really cute, but she has an awful lot to learn. And she has definitely brightened up Raul’s life. Poor guy really wanted to be a hero and isn’t fit for much else. But I think everything will work out. The entire episode runs backwards during the end credits, which was pretty funny to watch. I also enjoyed seeing the Captain Picard lookalike and his arrival in the Enterprise, even if he was an old pervert! LOL

Episode 2 –


Fino learning to talk to customers is hilarious. She is a true Demon Lord’s daughter! And Raul is getting quite annoyed with the way she says things. Good thing he had that “Plan B”.

And Plan B came in handy with that would-be thief. LOL But once Fino found out that he wasn’t a customer, things got even funnier. Fino makes the perfect security system. Unfortunately, she also scared away another customer.

Raul can’t realize his dream of becoming a hero, but perhaps he’s having second thoughts about working an ordinary job as well. He becomes impressed with Fino’s determination and decides that maybe he shouldn’t give up after all. Fino may end up being the best thing that’s happened to Raul.

Episode 3 –


Fino ends up living next to Raul and that can only mean more laughs. She gets excited at her first customer “thank you”. But the store isn’t doing well in sales and corporate says that they will be offering more products. One of the new products is an extremely cheap air purifier by an unknown company. They test it out and it seems to be defective. But I guess that depends on your point of view. LOL

The purifier belches black smoke and arms that grab the girls. I think Raul’s hero training is about to come in handy. All that has to be done is to turn it off, but how to get near it? Luckily Airi is in the store and takes care of things. The girls are saved, but they still need to turn off the machine.

Airi is captured and groped, and most of her clothes are melted off. Raul is about to go into action, but Fino beats him to it. Unfortunately, she is captured as well. Raul goes for his sword and finally gets his chance to be a hero. He frees Fino and then Airi. But Raul is a bit rusty and Airi gets captured again. Fino also finds out that Raul once fought demons, which probably doesn’t sit too well with her.

Working together, Raul and Fino finally defeat the air purifier. Fino turns off the machine and gets slimed. LOL I thought magical products would be kind of cool to have around, but if this kind of disaster is the result of leaking magic, I think I’ve changed my mind.

And Airi finds out that Fino is a demon. I hope that doesn’t mean trouble with the way she feels about demons. Raul was trying to protect Fino from Airi all this time. But I think it worked. Later, Fino falls in love with the public bath and wants to go every day. I don’t think Raul will be able to handle that! LOL On a serious note, Fino presents Raul with some questions about hiding her demon origins. I wonder how he’ll deal with that. I think Fino might be too innocent to truly understand what prejudice is.

Episode 4 –


Fino gets her first customer and Raul is more than pleased for her. That is until Fino loses the customer by being herself. Elza needs help at the convenience store and it was funny to see the manager volunteer because of the cute uniform. Not allowed to go, she chooses Fino to go in her place, but Fino doesn’t want to. However, the manager orders her to go.

When Fino acts like herself, Elza thinks she’s talking about horror movies and warns her that not all of their customers like those kinds of movies. Raul is worried about Fino and finds the store to be a little lonely without her. But Fino is doing just fine. She’s learning more about humans and I think she’s actually enjoying herself.

Raul goes to lunch and is told to look in on Fino to see how she’s doing. He can see that she’s doing well. He buys lunch and I think he likes having Fino take care of him. Elza says that she may steal Fino for her store and makes Raul admit that Fino looks cute in the uniform. But when Fino tries to improve the oden, Lam has her make it again, using the store recipe, although she admits that Fino’s concoction tastes better.

And Raul is having his own problems being alone with Nova. He’s feeling some sexual tension and wishes a customer would walk in to the store. LOL Airi is surprised to see Fino at Lawson’s and thinks she’s been fired from Leon’s. Fino explains that she’s just helping out, but thinks Airi would have fun working there. Meanwhile, things are just getting worse with Raul. To break the tension, he compliments Nova’s earrings. She notes that he’s changed lately – he only used to talk about work.

Although Fino is enjoying working at Lawson’s, she refuses Lam’s offer of a job, saying that Raul is waiting for her to return to Leon’s. Fino is beginning to think that humans aren’t half bad. Later, Fino shares the rejected oden with her coworkers and they all like it. She shows Raul that she can also make coffee now and he sees that she’s no longer afraid to use magic items. I think he’s just happy to have Fino back!

Episode 5 –


There are no customers in the store because Fino “decorated” the front with a poison swamp! LOL Raul orders her to fill it in immediately, but she worked so hard on it and she’d rather add some man-eating plants instead. Raul helps her fill it in, but I think they’ve already lost all their customers. One way or another! LOL

Viser suggests that Fino dress up in something sexy to entice customers. Raul looks like he got a good mental image of the outfit Viser describes. But it turns out that a rival store, Amada Magic, has opened up close by and appears to have taken all of their customers with a grand opening sale. Since Amada Magic is a superior store, Leon’s may end up going out of business. At least according to Raul.

Fino takes the news badly and the manager calls an emergency meeting to see how they can deal with the situation. No one can come up with a good idea on how to increase business for Leon’s. It’s decided that Raul and Fino will go undercover to check out the competition. Fino isn’t quite sure what that means, but will do her best. However, she ends up in golem armor and Raul tells her that isn’t going to work. LOL So much for not being noticed!

The day of the grand opening arrives and it looks like Airi has finally gotten a job – as a bunny girl for Amada’s! The store opens and Raul and Fino move in with the crowd, but they get separated. Thankfully they reunite and can begin their job. So, the boss thinks Raul likes school uniforms? LOL And she later attracts too much attention when she wants to taste the meat dripping with juices. LOL Raul bumps into Elza, but I’m still waiting for him and Airi to see each other. Lam is there as well and I have to feel sorry for the poor salesman when he shortens her full name. LOL

More advice from the boss has Fino holding Raul’s hand. And I think he likes it! But then Fino asks Raul what a “girlfriend” is. Good luck explaining that to a demon! They might have found a flaw in the store as well. Perhaps it’s a bit too big. Customers can’t find things and there is no one to help them. The store clerks can’t leave their designated areas. Even Fino finds this odd.

However, the clerks know their products inside and out, and can even present a business card to a customer. They can cater to the customer and really sell their product. Meanwhile there is more bad news for Leon’s. Corporate will close the store if there is a forty percent drop in profits. Not just this location, but all the Leon stores in the capital. In the end, Raul finally bumps into bunny girl Airi! Oh, the shock! LOL

Episode 6 –


Airi is totally embarrassed to have Raul see her dressed that way. She tries to tell him that she is doing a security job, but Raul takes another good look at her bunny girl outfit and asks her where her weapons are. LOL However Raul sees right through her. Airi is in the same boat as Raul. She did have a better job, but it didn’t last, so here she is at Amada Magic. She never wanted Raul to see her like this – a would-be hero reduced to this.

Fino tells her how much fun it is to work in a store. But this isn’t want Airi wants and Raul realizes that he used to be the same way. But as he looks at Fino, he thinks things aren’t all that bad. Meanwhile, management at Leon’s wants to imitate Amada’s to see if they can compete and get their sales up. Once Airi gets over her embarrassment, she asks what Fino and Raul are doing there – from a rival store. And why is Fino holding Raul’s arm? Fino says it’s because she’s Raul’s girlfriend and that doesn’t go over well with Airi or Raul. LOL Fino even says that she and Raul live together, but she forgot to say that they are neighbors.

Airi ends up getting mad and calling Raul a pervert as he tries to explain that he and Fino just live in the same building and that they are there on a reconnaissance mission. Airi calms down once she realizes the truth. After all, Raul never paid any attention to girls in the past. LOL If she only knew! Now that everything is settled, Fino thinks Airi should show them around. After Airi thinks about it, she decides it’s better than to have the two of them pretend they’re dating. LOL

Raul is still trying to hide the fact that Fino is the former Demon Lord’s daughter from Airi. It was funny watching Raul watch Fino try out the massage chair, and that only gave more reason for Airi to think he’s a pervert. LOL They have a lot of fun exploring the store and it was funny again to see how all the dragons in the parking lot reacted to Fino. She even took advantage of the children’s play area in the store. But the time alone gives Raul and Airi a chance to talk.

Airi still doesn’t understand how Raul ended up the way he did. She thought he would chase his dream of being a hero no matter what. Before Raul can answer her, a customer begins to harass Airi. At first she’s upset, but she suddenly turns meek, not wanting to displease a customer. Suddenly Fino is there, berating the customer on her behalf. The customer takes offense and Fino’s tone of voice changes as she asks the customer if he’d like to go to hell. The bunch of balloons that Raul is holding all pop and the customer runs away.

Airi thanks Fino, but the Sales Manager witnessed the scene and reprimands Airi. Raul and Fino are also known to be from Leon’s. Meanwhile, the Leon management team gets to see how magic visions are made so cheaply for Amada’s. They are using cute little monsters, called Lonely Eye, as slave labor, so there are no labor costs and the product can be sold for a much lower price. But the little guys also drop dead on the assembly line which inconveniences the managers of the plant. I would be just as upset as Raul’s manager to see this. I hope this isn’t what Leon’s plans to imitate!

However, Leon’s would still like to form a partnership with them. But the plant manager tells them that they just became part of the Amada Group. And he was also told that if they showed up, to give Leon’s a tour of the plant. Back at the store, not only are Raul and Fino known, but Shell also knows the purpose of their visit. They insult Leon’s as not being real competition and Fino takes offense. Raul stops her from doing anything, saying that they will win in the end.

The Sales Manager offers Raul a job and he refuses it, calling them his enemies. But they just laugh at him and tell him that Leon’s will never be able to compete with them. But Raul takes a noble stand and the manager walks away, unimpressed. Everyone gathers back at Leon’s to share their information. After a round of applause, Raul realizes that he’s declared war on Amada’s. But how can this tiny store win against Amada’s with just “know-how, courage, hard work, and friendship”?

Raul and Fino are made store mascots, and Fino is still intimidating people and scaring them away. Amada’s advertising campaign, featuring the idol group “Sphere”, steals the rest of any would-be customers from Leon’s. However, they do get one customer – the lady from Amada’s that Raul helped. Raul sells her the air conditioner she wanted. She tells him that the salespeople at Amada’s were too technical and not much help.

But when he asks Lore to do the installation, she can’t do it right away. It seems that there is some kind of trouble at Suinoya and she’s headed there instead. Raul offers to go in her place while she takes care of the installation. Raul and Fino go to Suinoya and Raul explains that they do magic refills for their products. It’s a special service that Leon’s provides free of charge to their customers. But when arrive, they find out that Nova has been refilling the tank and nothing is happening. The poor girl is exhausted.

At the candy store, Fino finds a collectable card of the Demon Lord and says that it looks nothing like her father. Raul tells her to put it back, but Fino has found many other “cool” items at the store to play with. LOL Raul just gets annoyed with her. They aren’t there to play! Raul tries to see what the problem is with the magic tank. Fino tries to fill it and a “magic eater” comes out. Raul tells Fino to pull it out and the gross thing flows up Fino’s arm and down her chest. She grabs it and destroys it, but ends up getting slimed again. LOL

As Fino cries, Raul explains to Nova that a magic eater is a slime that feeds on magic. The problem is that there shouldn’t be any of these in the city. Lore calls the store to tell Raul that there is even more trouble. I think Amada has brought magic eaters into the city in order to increase their sales. I also think Leon’s should expose the way those magic vision things are made with slave labor. Amada plays dirty and I hope Leon’s wins!

Episode 7 –


Raul and Fino run to Lore and she points out the Amada truck. It seems that the woman’s son also bought an air conditioner for her – from Amada’s. So, which one gets installed and which one goes back to the store? Once again there is a huge difference in price for the same features, with Amada’s being the cheaper one. I wonder if they use slave labor on air conditioners too. Even though the woman wants to keep the one from Leon’s, her son wants Amada’s. Raul steps in and gracefully says that they will leave. Leon’s doesn’t cause problems for their customers.

However, as they are pulling away, the son runs out to stop them. There seems to be another magic problem here as well. After examining the house, Lore says it doesn’t make sense, while the other installer says that maybe the wiring is bad. Lore agrees, but I wonder if there are magic eaters here too. The other installer tells the man that he will have to have his entire house rewired. But it’s so expensive! The son would rather do without an air conditioner, but there will also be a high cancellation fee. Leave it to Amada’s! Geez!

Lore still feels that something isn’t right with the house and wants to look around again. The other installer will come back in two hours, so they have some time. They check everything again, but then the fridge goes out. Lore checks and sees that there isn’t any magic left. Raul and Fino finally realize a magic eater might be responsible, but Lore can’t believe that it would affect the entire house. Fino wants to get the magic eater, but Raul holds her back. Her magic is just too powerful. But what else can they do?

Lore figures that if it is a magic eater, it’s probably under the floor. Fino looks and there is a whole army of the slimy creatures! Well, that explains everything. I couldn’t stop laughing when Raul suggested buying a bunch of “slime motels”. Even better – Raul thinks they should get those “St. Raid bombs”. LOL Thankfully, Lore has a better idea. Instead of chasing them out, she thinks they should lure them in.

Lore draws a magical diagram outside of the house and has Fino stand on it. Telling her to use her magic on the lowest setting, Lore has Fino use her magic to activate the diagram. The magic eaters come running! Fino gets a little excited, but Lore tells her to keep control of her magic and to keep it as low as possible. The things head towards the source of the magic – Fino – and I’m guessing that she is going to get slimed again as they start crawling all over her. Yuk!

Worse, the magic eaters fuse together and form one giant slime. Fino is soon engulfed in the giant magic eater and can’t breathe. Raul goes to save her, and he punches a hole in the slime, telling Fino to grab his hand, but Lore tells him not to move. Fino ends up pulling Raul in with her and now he can’t breathe either. LOL When the very last magic eater has left the house and joined itself to the big one, Lore finally gives permission to Fino to destroy it. The operation was a success! However, Fino and Raul look a little worse for wear. LOL

The installer returns and begins to unpack the air conditioner, but the son tells him that they will get it from Leon’s. Yay! But I feel bad that the son will have to pay that cancellation fee now. The son really appreciated how hard the people from Leon’s worked and will be their customer from now on. The woman is really happy.

Afterwards, there is more fun at the bath house as Fino invites Raul to her side to see something cool. LOL Of course he isn’t going to go – no matter how much he wants to! LOL Fino is just too much fun at the bath house. After that is a good meal with the rest of the store’s staff to celebrate. But they hear on the radio that Amada has acquired another company. It’s a little disheartening, but the manger is still optimistic with regards to Leon’s.

Later, Raul carries home a sleeping Fino that got drunk on sweets. It’s a hot night, but Raul finally gets to sleep. It looks like Fino visits him in the middle of the night. In the morning, Raul wakes up to a very naked Fino. Raul jumps out of bed and the sheet slips off Fino. He grabs it to cover her back up and is an awkward position when she wakes up. She screams and punches Raul. Like it’s his fault! LOL

Fino realizes that this isn’t her room and remembers what happened during the night. Fino begins to panic and wonders what she should do. Raul tries to get her to put on her shirt, but she accuses him of getting her pregnant. What? Her father told her that when a man and a woman sleep in the same room, a baby is made. Now, it’s up to Raul to explain why she isn’t pregnant. LOL

The heatwave continues and Fino doesn’t even want to go to the store until Raul mentions that it will be air conditioned. But once there, it’s like an oven and they find Nova passed out on the floor! Don’t tell me it’s more magic eaters!

Episode 8 –


Nova is okay. She just passed out from the intense heat. True to his hero instincts, Raul is convinced that a fire monster has attacked the store. Worse he thinks it’s the kind that gets into the body and burns it from the inside. Hoping to cool Nova down, if only a little bit, in order to expel the monster, Raul begins to undress her. Unfortunately, Seara and Visor show up at that moment and take it the wrong way! LOL All of it was for nothing anyway. It just turns out that the store’s air conditioner is broken. Again, I am thinking of those magic eaters.

Lore is working on the unit, but Fino is just too hot. Surprising that a demon’s daughter can’t take the heat! LOL And of course this is the day the store receives a big delivery of new inventory. Seara shows Raul the ad for their upcoming summer sale. It begins on the hottest day of the year and there are no customers in sight. Fino is really suffering from the heat and Raul is finally becoming concerned, once he remembers that demons prefer colder temperatures.

Fino is so hot that she removes her apron and Raul can see that the poor girl is soaked with sweat. He also notices that Fino isn’t wearing a bra. LOL He tells her to go put it back on, but Fino doesn’t want to. He grabs her hand and gets a shock. Fino is leaking magic. She gets light-headed and falls against some boxes that happen to be the fireworks planned for later. Well, with her leaky magic, there go the fireworks!

Raul’s and Fino’s uniforms are ruined. Raul has another one to change into, but Fino doesn’t. Luckily the manager has a “special” uniform for Fino that looks an awful lot like a bikini. LOL Fino is sure she’ll be nice and cool now, but Raul is concerned. However, since corporate approved it, Fino gets to wear it. She also convinces Nova and Seara to wear one too. The three bikini clad girls start advertising for the sale and suddenly, they have a ton of customers – all male of course!

The sale seems to be doing well and Seara checks on Lore’s progress with the air conditioner, with the intention of having Lore change into a bikini as well. But before she even asks, Lore tells her that she’d rather be doing this hot work than wearing one of those bikini uniforms! Seara was really disappointed. LOL Still hot, Fino wants to try out one of the kiddie pools that they are supposed to be selling and Seara approves it. Soon, Nova and Fino are splashing around and attracting more customers.

The girls from Lawson’s drop by and get roped into helping out. Seara can be very persuasive! When things slow down a bit, Lam comes up with an idea to get the cameras moving. Not surprising, but it works! LOL But with all the extra help, Viser takes the protesting Seara back inside to work, telling her that the boss doesn’t have to be there now. The cameras are soon sold out and Raul has to turn customers away.

Elza comes on to Raul and tells him that she wants him to take her picture. He gets all flustered, but Elza is more concerned with the camera than with him. Airi shows up and upon witnessing the little scene, becomes furious with Raul. Lam intervenes and tries to get Airi into one of the uniforms, since she’s come to spy on them. Airi doesn’t want to and Raul tells her that the bikini isn’t that much different from her bunny uniform. Airi wears the uniform and is very embarrassed, hoping that no one from Amada’s sees her dressed like that. Lam gives her a mask to wear and Airi becomes an instant hit with the customers.

One tries to approach Airi for a picture and she kicks him. The guy seems to have enjoyed it and this gives Lam another idea. She announces that whoever spends a certain amount of gold will be kicked by their masked beauty. The customers go wild and Raul protests that Airi doesn’t even work there. Lam thinks that Raul likes Airi, but he explains that they are only former classmates. This earns Raul a kick in the face from Airi! LOL And then her top falls off! I would say that this sale has been a huge success! It’s also drawn the attention of a reporter who wants to interview Raul and he happily agrees to the interview. But something dark is going on with Amada’s and I can’t wait to find out what!

Episode 9 –


With the recent sale and everyone’s hard work, the employees receive a bonus. This is Fino’s first paycheck and she just doesn’t know what to do with it. Seara suggests Raul take Fino shopping on his day off, but he had plans. So, Seara kind of orders him to go. LOL How can he say no to his boss?

Raul really sees Fino as a woman and keeps getting his hopes up. But he knows that Fino doesn’t even think of him as a guy. She’s always hanging out at his house half dressed and thinks nothing of it. The incident with the cicada seemed promising, when she jumped into his arms, but she noticed the position she was in and she goes home. Poor Raul. LOL The next day, Fino tells Raul that she was too excited to sleep and he thought she meant the bug incident, but that wasn’t it. It was the shopping! LOL Poor Raul got his hopes up again.

They bump into Lam and Elza, who think they’re on a date. Elza is unconvinced that Raul is only acting as chaperon for Fino’s shopping trip. Lam isn’t all that convinced either and tells Fino that she can do better. They tell Fino to have fun, but when she has to check out at the store, she’s very nervous. Raul tells her to relax, but she panics again when the clerks asks about a member’s card. Then Raul panics when she fills out the form – he thought that she was going to put down that she was the Demon Lord’s daughter. Thankfully, he was mistaken and Fino is all excited about getting a member’s card.

Raul notes that Fino has changed. He thinks that she just considers herself a normal girl working in a shop. Fino is happy that she was able to buy something with her very own money. She gets how it works now – customers shop at Leon’s – part of their sales go into her paycheck – and then she can buy things that she wants. It’s all connected! And completely different from the demon world. Fino says that humans are amazing! Seeing it her way, I think Raul just realized the same thing. It isn’t necessary to be a hero to help others. Being a store clerk helps the world as well.

Fino is really happy and wants to buy more stuff! They go to an outdoor market next and Fino turns into a shopaholic. But a racing car has Raul saving Fino from a terrible accident and I think she is looking at him differently now. He reprimands her and she apologizes. She tells him that her heart just skipped a beat. A shop owner thinks they are a couple and tries to sell them jewelry. Raul protests that Fino isn’t his girlfriend, but I am beginning to think she might like to be. He drags Fino away from the shop when the owner mentions the word “date”.

Fino is confused that people think she’s his girlfriend and questions Raul. They aren’t doing any reconnaissance this time after all. But it made her happy to be called his girlfriend. Fino thinks that she should just stay his girlfriend for the rest of the day. Raul tells her not to be ridiculous, but he’s going to have a hard time explaining this to her – if he even tries. LOL Instead he turns away and avoids the subject. But the sight of a beautiful sword stops him in his tracks.

It’s the third model in the “Apulia’s i-sword series” and Raul is entranced. The shopkeeper lets Raul handle the sword and he loves the design. He is so into the sword that he always wanted that he doesn’t even hear Fino trying to get his attention. She gets frustrated and wanders back to the jewelry shop. She makes a purchase, but it looks like someone is watching her. I wonder if it’s the same person that was in the diner the night before.

Raul is still debating over buying the sword, but when he turns to Fino, to ask her opinion, she’s not there! Fino is lost and someone grabs her. Raul runs through the market, frantically looking for her. He calls for her and she finally answers him. But when he turns around, Fino is all dressed up and gorgeous. She tells him that a lady pulled her into a shop and made her change her clothes. Raul is flabbergasted at her appearance. She keeps asking Raul what he thinks and he finally has to admit that she looks good. Fino is so happy that she gives Raul a great big hug.

Fino admits that she bought the clothes for him and he wonders if she was always so cute. Raul smiles too and a man snaps their photo. He gives it to them for free and they look really cute together. Raul thinks they make a strange couple. Wait - what is he thinking? LOL Fino notices that his face got really red. But his bubble bursts when Fino said she’s just returning the favor of him helping her out. That is why she bought the clothes. Raul seems both relieved and just a little disappointed.

The clothes aren’t all Fino bought. She got a lot of other things too, mostly useless. In fact, she spent her entire paycheck. Raul just shakes his head and asks her how she’s going to live until her next paycheck. It finally hits her and Fino tells him that the market is a “scary” place. Raul admits that it was partly his fault for not keeping a better eye on her. Fino’s stomach growls and Raul treats her to a crepe. The crepe tastes so wonderful that Fino is happy again and she wants to share the crepe with Raul. She even feeds it to him.

Fino thanks Raul for the day and tells him to close his eyes. She remembered that she was supposed to buy something to remember the day by and now gives that something to Raul. He’s taught her a lot and she wants to thank him. Fino tells him that the best thing about this world was meeting him. That makes him blush! LOL Raul tells her that she has taught him things as well and he’s glad to have met her.

Raul opens the bag Fino gave him and finds a cellphone strap. But it isn’t just any cellphone strap. This one contains the hair of a hero that almost killed her father, but was killed by the Demon Lord instead! What a thing to give Raul. LOL No matter how much she changes, Fino is still the Demon Lord’s daughter. Fino is glad he likes the strap – it’s a popular one in the demon world. This is just too funny.

On the way home, Raul stops for drinks and sends Fino on ahead. Suddenly he hears her scream. He runs to her and sees two men run away. Fino is on the street and he kneels down to ask her if she’s okay. She looks really hurt, but she tells Raul that they are only scratches. Fino says that she didn’t think they would ever come here. Raul asks if she knows them and she turns her head away. He demands to know what is going on. Fino quietly asks Raul if she should be the next Demon Lord.

Fino says that after her father died, a lot of people were put out of work and businesses closed. She heard that people are having a hard time. Raul wants to know who has been talking to her and she says that they are most likely heroes. Fino tells him that they want her to be the next Demon Lord. They want a world that needs heroes again. Raul is just in shock! What a dilemma for him now.

Episode 10 –


It’s a week later and Fino seems to have gotten over the incident quickly, but I still wonder what will happen. Ever since the summer sale, Fino has been getting popular, especially with kids. At least Nova hasn’t lost her fan. LOL

Fino makes a purchase and has it delivered to the store. It’s a treasure box and I like the music that played with it. LOL Raul opens it and a big red hand grabs his head! Fino says that they put them out in dungeons and “dumb heroes get caught in them”. She wants to put it in front of the store to attract more customers and Seara praises her for her thinking. Raul finally breaks free of the thing and Fino chides him for making a big deal about nothing. LOL It didn’t look like “nothing” to me.

It’s funny that Fino thought the chest was free and Raul reprimands Elza for giving her a mail order catalog. They have to explain to her that she still has to pay for any items she orders. But it looks like she’s still ordering things. She gets a “cute” waving plant to attract customers as well and Raul thinks it will only scare people away, much like her treasure box. And she keeps getting more deliveries too, but it’s all to help the store.

Raul thinks she’s acting weird. He appreciates her efforts, but wonders if all this has anything to do with her attack the other day. Fino just freezes and gets a look on her face. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be the Demon Lord and could never be cruel like her father was. This is her life now and she’s thought of a way not to become the Demon Lord. She’s going to be the boss of Leon’s! If she does this, people will leave her alone. She seems a little naive in this way of thinking. Fino thinks a boss is more powerful than a Demon Lord! LOL

Raul reminds her that Seara is the boss of the store, but that’s fine with Fino. She is going to be the boss of the first Leon Demon World Store! I loved Raul’s image of that. LOL Raul really questions her now, but her dream is to reshape the demon world to resemble the wonderful human world. Raul can only think that if Fino was the Demon Lord, the world still wouldn’t need any heroes. Even better – Fino tells Raul that he will be her assistant manager. LOL Raul gets another image, and I love that he and Fino each have a baby on their back as they work in the store. It great that he has such an active imagination. LOL

Raul blushes at his musings and Fino asks him what’s wrong. He can only turn his head away and say it’s nothing. Fino says that she will be depending on him and holds out her hand. Raul calls her “future boss” and shakes it. Over at Lawson’s that mysterious man that keeps popping up in strange places, enters the store and greets Lam. They know each other! Lam doesn’t look too happy either as she tells Elza that she’s taking her break early.

Lam takes the man outside, and asks Raid what he wants, since she hasn’t seen him for two years. He wants Lam to help him get Fino to be the next Demon Lord, but she refuses. I knew Lam was a demon too. She tells Raid that Fino is more suited to the magic store. Raid pulls out a pendant and Lam recognizes it as the “Bloodstone”. She doesn’t seem too happy to see it either, thinking it was gone. Raid tells her that it’s Fino’s inheritance. Lam tells him to get rid of it, but he says that it’s something they, as well as the humans, need. Raid is sorry Lam won’t help him and turns to leave, but Lam asks him why it’s so important. She says that the Demon Lord is gone, but Raid tells her that the Demon Lord will always come back. That’s just the way it is.

Fino is excited to have gotten her first special order, but Raul says that she was ready for it yet and checks the order. Sure enough, it’s totally wrong and incomplete. She’ll never become a boss at this rate. Dejected, Fino walks away. Two of Raul’s old friends come into the store to speak with him and they go out for food. One of them catches a glimpse of Fino and, seeming to recognize her, looks angry. I wonder if he was one of the ones that attacked her.

At the diner, they tell him that the hero system is coming back. Raul can’t believe it as they tell him that they will be heroes again. He hasn’t heard anything about it, but it isn’t public knowledge yet. They ask him why he doesn’t look happy, but Raul says that he is. They tell him that the Demon Lord is coming back and Raul is just plain confused. Of course they are talking about the Demon Lord’s daughter, Fino Bloodstone. Raul asks how they know that. But they know even more. They know she’s working in Raul’s store too. They were the ones that attacked her! They were also driving the car that almost hit Fino at the market as well. Raul is beyond angry.

Fino tells Elza and Lam that things aren’t going well. Lam encourages her and Fino feels much better. Lam gives her more advice and tells Fino not to lose her way. Raul assures his friends that Fino will not be the Demon Lord. They say that’s “unfortunate” and walk away. Raul calls out that they better not hurt Fino. Fino has found and followed the customer with the special order that she messed up. Happy that she was able to correct the order, she makes her way back to the store, thinking that Raul will be proud of her. A car pulls up and Fino is dragged inside.

Raul looks for Fino at the store, but Nova tells him that she hasn’t returned from lunch, and she’s late too. Raul goes to Lawson’s to look for her and questions Elza and Lam. They tell him that she had run off after a taxi, and they’re surprised that Fino hasn’t returned yet. Raul runs through the city, calling her name. Amazingly, he finds the order pad that Fino dropped when she was pulled into the car.

As Airi leaves work, Klein is waiting for her. He speaks with her as Amada’s boss watches. Shell brings him a list of the weapon and armor shops that will be reopening. I can see that he’s in league with that Raid guy. Fino has been taken to an abandoned school – probably the hero one – where Raid confronts her. He tells her that she won’t be returning to Leon’s, but to the demon world instead. She refuses and Raid says it’s sad to be refused twice in one day.

Fino asks where she is and Blaze comes in to tell her that it’s the old hero prep school that was shut down when her father died. Fino is surprised to hear that Raul was supposed to be a hero too, as well as Airi. She doesn’t quite believe it until Blaze shows her a picture of Raul’s team. I wonder if that will convince her to become the Demon Lord for his sake.

Episode 11 –


Raul informs his co-workers that Fino has been kidnapped by his former teammates, but he vows to save her. Meanwhile, Raid is offering Fino her father’s “Bloodstone of Control”, but she’s refusing it. He tells Fino that everyone will be happier if she takes her proper place as Demon Lord. Nova lets the girls at Lawson’s know what happened and Lam is ready to help. Raul arrives at his old school, and confronts Blaze.

Blaze ends up attacking Raul with the sword that he wanted to buy. Blaze also says that he has a sponsor, which is pretty interesting. Blaze tells Raul that Fino is refusing to become the next Demon Lord. He also tells Raul that there was always a contract in place not to kill the Demon Lord. Without a Demon Lord, heroes would become useless and that is just what happened. Raul just had his entire dream die. It seems that being a hero was just a business venture after all.

Raul must have defeated Blaze, because he’s found Fino chained to a pillar, and is about to rescue her. However, Airi shows up in her armor and is ready to fight. She intends to kill Fino to avenge her family. Now Raul has to fight another friend in order to save Fino. Airi is upset that Raul kept Fino’s identity from her, and Fino is just upset that the two friends are fighting. Raid takes the opportunity to work on Fino’s mind some more. And Fino is wearing the Bloodstone amulet now.

Klein takes a three-headed dragon into the city to destroy Leon’s. But Seara calmly meets him and asks for the location of Fino. He refuses and she defeats him with only a calculator! LOL It really does look as if Raul and Airi are going to end up killing each other. One more attack and both of them are out. Fino can see Airi’s broken blade in Raul’s chest and cries. Her tears activate the Bloodstone, and Raid is happy that a new Demon Lord is about to be born.

Fino transforms and breaks her chains. She sprouts wings and files to the volcano. Airi wakes up and runs to Raul. She cries when she sees him, but he wakes up as well. He tells Airi that Fino is a nice girl and she shouldn’t want to kill her. He reminds her that heroes don’t take revenge, but Airi already knows this. Raul knows he’s dying and wants Airi to work at Leon’s and take care of Fino. But when Airi touches the piece of blade sticking out of Raul’s chest, it comes away in her hand. It was stopped by the cellphone strap that Fino had given him! LOL He sits up and hugs Airi. He’s crying with happiness to be alive!

But now Raul wants to save Fino and Airi will go with him. However, Raid stops them and tells them that a new Demon Lord rules now and that the hero system will be returning. Raul tells him that he’s a different kind of hero now, but Raid doesn’t get it and calls Raul a fool. Raid is about to attack, but Seara shows up and Raid seems to know her. The others arrive with her as well. Seara will deal with Raid while the others go after Fino. There is still time before she fully becomes the Demon Lord.

It’s hysterical that their transportation is being provided by the old Star Trek pervert as a favor to Nova. It’s nice to see the warp engines on the Enterprise still work, with a little added dragon power. LOL Elza has stayed behind to help Seara defeat Raid and they do make a pretty good team. The volcano is beginning to react to Fino and Lam says that they have to stop her before she can open the gates to the demon world. Airi finds out that Lam is a demon as well, but accepts it. They continue to the volcano. I hope they will be in time!

Episode 12 –


Just in front of the volcano, Raul and everyone find Fino hovering in the air. She’s really changed a lot! The volcano explodes, Fino attacks them and they retreat, but the Enterprise ends up crashing. Volcanic projectiles begin to hit the city. Shell has people on the street take refuge at Amada’s. Nova is worried about everyone and Viser thinks they should close the store. There won’t be any customers now, and yet one comes in, looking for disaster supplies. When Viser answers that they do have them in stock, they get a whole cavalcade of customers! Take that Amada! LOL

Everyone is all right after the crash and Lore works on repairing the Enterprise. But something is coming from a nearby cave and Lam moves to protects them. However, Airi takes Lam’s demon sword, Enshuu, from her. After trying it out on some demon bats, Airi really likes it. Seara and Elza are still taking care of Raid with magical products. The next one up is a steam iron – for the wrinkles that have appeared on his forehead! LOL Actually, Elza would make a very good spokesperson.

Lore has done a temporary fix on the Enterprise and they are headed to the volcano again. Harpies appear next, but they charge right through them. However, they don’t quite make it to the top and end up crashing again. By this time, Fino has already reached the gates to the demon world and is waiting for them to magically open. Everyone survived the crash again, but their transportation has had it. Lam tells them that they will have to go on foot through the crater – the one that is spewing lava. Great!

Actually, Lore is injured and can’t go with them. She hands Raul a sword sent from the boss that had once belonged to Elza’s brother. Raul is a bit puzzled, but accepts the sword. “Picard” promises to look after Lore – why does that worry me? LOL Giving Lore a piggyback ride, he begins to make his way down the side of the volcano. With her breasts pressed against his back, he feels young again! LOL Lam leads the party in the opposite direction.

Shell is still outside, offering Amada’s as refuge to anyone left on the street. Another news report comes from the erupting “Mt. Fujixerock”, which is a really fun name when you think about it. LOL The heroes are fighting their way through the Harpies and Raul loves his sword. I wonder if it belonged to the hero that had his hair made into the cellphone strap. That would be too perfect! Lam leads them into a cave entrance and destroys it, so they can’t be followed. They are facing the gate to the demon world now, but instead of Fino, a skeleton army stands before it.

Raul had fought these guys during his training so they are nothing more to him than a feeling of déjà vu, but he is starting to feel like a hero. Once the skeleton army is out of the way, the floor explodes and a huge demon with an axe appears. Raul and Airi meet him head on and quickly finish him off. Lam reaches the gate and opens it. Raul runs through, calling for Airi and Lam to follow him, but Lam closes the gate instead. She tells Raul that she will leave Fino to him. The girls still have to take care of the remaining skeleton army anyway, or they will follow through the gate. There are more of the big demons with axes too. What fun!

Raul uselessly bangs on the gate, until the girls convince him to go. The girls face the demons as Raul runs down the hallway, calling for Fino. He finds her in front of another gate, but she doesn’t seem to know him. That pendant again! Or is she just surprised to see him alive? In any case, Raul can’t get through to her and Fino ends up attacking him. I think Raul will need to get that pendant off her somehow, but she’s just drawn a sword and Raul is going to have to defend himself against her, a friend.

Raul really doesn’t want to hurt her, and he knows that Fino doesn’t truly want to be the Demon Lord, but what to do? He decides to treat her as the Fino he knows and runs towards her, through her next attack. He reminds her to smile in order to bring in customers. That seems to have affected her a bit. But Fino attacks him again, close up this time, and Raul recites some of the customer service phrases he had once taught her. It seems to affect her again and Raul keeps it up. Fino is on the defensive now as Raul attacks.

Raul keeps throwing the phrases at her as he continues his attacks. He finally knocks the sword from her hand and it disappears. Fino hesitantly mumbles a “thank you very much” and her eyes return to normal. Fino kind of recognizes Raul and he jumps on that opportunity, reminding her that she works at Leon’s. Holding on to her shoulder, he tells her that she’s Fino Bloodstone and Fino wonders what she’s doing there. Raul says that they are going home, but her pendant activates again and the final flame above the door ignites.

An ominous bell tolls as the gate opens. Fino covers her face and screams. A fire appears in the open doorway and Fino falls to her knees. Raul goes to help her, but is prevented from reaching her. Fino begs Raul to save her, saying that she doesn’t want to be the Demon Lord. Raul tries to push the gate closed, but it looks like his back is getting burned by the fire. Fino walks up to him and she has her demon eyes again. But Raul refuses to let her pass. Fino puts her hands around his neck and begins to choke him. I know she’s fighting with herself because she’s crying and still saying his name.

Raul tells Fino that she isn’t supposed to be this way and grabs her arms. He talks to her, reminding her how hard she worked and how much she accomplished. And how happy she was. He yells out that she’s going to be “a great magic shop employee” and shows her the corrected order form that she had chased a customer down for. I laughed when I saw “Reon” at the top of the page. There goes that L/R thing again! LOL

Raul begs Fino to come back to him and tells her that her customer is waiting for her. It looks like he’s reaching her too. Fino’s eyes begin to change again and she pulls her hands back from Raul’s neck. Fino is still crying as Raul reminds her that all of her friends are waiting for her to return as well. And Raul admits that he would be lost without her, before grabbing her in a fierce hug and begging her to come back. He screams out her name and her eyes go back to normal. The pendant breaks and Fino is freed. However, the pendant was also her outfit, so she’s a bit naked now. Okay, a lot naked. LOL But the gate closes as well. Yay!

Raul is weakened and falls to his knees. Fino kneels as well, full of concern for Raul. He looks up and smiles at her, welcoming her back. She cries again, with happiness this time, and throws herself on him, knocking him back, and telling him she’s home. Raul is so happy, he laughs, but what’s he going to do with a naked Fino lying on top of him? LOL Airi and Lam are exhausted, but they know Raul has won because the demons have disappeared. The old pervert and Lore know it’s over as well, as Lore slaps his hand away from her butt. But “Picard” just laughs. The volcano has stopped erupting as well, and the city is safe.

Leon’s has sold out of disaster supplies, as Viser and Nova sit on the floor, exhausted. Seara tells Raid that it’s over and he says that he will withdraw – for now. However, it looks like he won’t be giving up entirely on Fino. But Seara won’t let him leave and it was hysterical when she presented him with an invoice for all the magical items she used against him. LOL His feeble “can I pay by card?” as he looked at the mound of broken appliances was also quite funny. He then asked if he could change his payment terms to monthly installments. LOL I say Seara should put him to work at the store and have him pay off his debt that way! :wink: Seara cheerfully thanks him for his purchase and tells him to visit the store again. LOL I think he just changed his mind about going after Fino again.

Everything is back to normal as the friends get together to celebrate Fino’s return. It was funny when everyone began to complain about how hard they worked and who worked the hardest. Seara just tells them that they all worked hard. What follows is a feast. Fino feels that she has to repay Raul and he tells her that he will make her work really hard at the store. That isn’t enough for her and she tries to feed him, burning his mouth instead. Airi wonders what happened to Blaze and Klein, and Seara tells her that “they’re reflecting on their actions in a hospital bed”. Seara asks Airi what she will do next.

Leon’s is having another sale and the special order has come in for Fino’s customer. He’s very pleased with his new red refrigerator, and Fino is herself again as she vividly describes the color as “a blood-squirting fountain”. LOL Raul tells Fino that she’s a fully fledged employee now, especially since seeing one of their order forms is what brought her back. Her little celebratory dance on the counter was cute too.

The pervert customer comes to see Nova, well, her butt at least, and Lam and Elza drop by. Elza may actually buy something this time, since Seara gave her a discount coupon. Now that everyone is there, Seara announces the arrival of a new employee, and it’s Airi! I knew she’d eventually end up at Leon’s! Yay! Seara asks Fino to show Airi the ropes, and that really makes Fino happy. She’s a respected “senior” now!

Raul asks Airi how she ended up there, but how could she possibly return to Amada’s? She also tells Raul that this is just a temporary situation – she still wants to be a hero. She does look cute in the Leon’s uniform, but she could have kept her bunny girl outfit. It would have brought in more customers. LOL Anyway, Raul is sure that she will find her dream job someday, just the way he did. In a store. With a harem. LOL I liked that in the end the opening song plays and the word “Reluctantly” drops out of the title. This was a great anime with plenty of laughs!

Australia’s Madman Ent. Adds Noucome

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Sentai just announced this license.

Sentai Filmworks Press Release

July 5, 2014

Cover art has been posted.





Episodes 01-12 (Sub) are live at ANO

These episodes are now listed as FREE.

So did these episodes revert back to Premium?
Because they’re currently listed as Premium.