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La Corda D'Oro / Kin-iro no Corda


###La Corda D’Oro - primo passo / Kin-iro no Corda - primo passo

Genres: comedy, drama, magic, romance, tournament
Themes: bishounen, male harem, music, school
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2005-02-23

Plot Summary: Hino goes to a school that specializes in music and has two streams: the normal stream and the music stream, where the music students are regarded as the more elite. She was running late for her class one day when she saw a tiny fairy, who seemed really excited that she could see it. The next day, the entrants in the music competition, who are decided by the school, are announced. Hino’s name appears on the list - except she doesn’t play an instrument. The fairy gives her a magical violin that can be played by anyone. Reluctantly, she enters into the competition and is forced to deal with the prejudices of her peers.

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La Corda d’Oro ~ Primo Passo ~ DVD Collection 1 (S)
La Corda d’Oro ~ Primo Passo ~ DVD Collection 2 (S)[/details]

###La Corda D’Oro ~secondo passo~ / Kin-iro no Corda ~secondo passo~

Genres: comedy, drama, magic, romance
Themes: bishounen, male harem, music
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of Episodes: 2
Vintage: 2009-03-26 to 2009-06-05

Plot Summary: Hino Kahoko continues to improve her skills at the Seiso Academy participating in music competitions with the help of Lili, the music fairy, the students from the music department, and a new blond charming character.

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###La Corda d’Oro ~Blue Sky~ / Kin-iro no Corda Blue♪Sky


Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Themes: male harem, music, school
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of Episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-04-05
Opening Theme: “WINGS TO FLY” by Jun Fukuyama, Katsuyuki Konishi, Kentarou Itou, Kishô Taniyama & Satoshi Hino

Plot Summary: While being called a “genius violinist,” high school sophomore Kanade Kohinata feels herself entering a plateau period and difficult to improve her musical achievements. She reunited with his childhood friend Ritsu Kisaragi at his concert and met his younger brother Kyōya. Ritsu, in a forceful manner, asked both Kanade and Kyōya to transfer to his school, Seiso Academy, to prepare for the upcoming national musical competition. Kanade’s relationships with Kisaragi brothers and other handsome young men shall create more than just a few ripples in her heart.

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[size=1]I searched for this several times and it wouldn’t come up![/size]

This premiered on TAN VOD/Online Player this month!


Slowhand saw bishonen and squeed… :stuck_out_tongue:


Your point? :laugh:

Episode 1 -

[details=spoiler]I really enjoyed the first episode and I look forward to more. Kahoko receives a magic violin from Lili. But it’s a prototype and Kahoko feels more like a guinea pig. At first she’s afraid of it, so I can’t wait to see how she deals with this and how the music competition will work out.

I liked how some of the characters were introduced – by playing their instruments. The music is beautiful and I liked Lilli’s little music lesson at the end of the episode.[/details]


I searched for this several times and it wouldn’t come up!

This premiered on TAN VOD/Online Player this week![/quote]
I think this will premiere on the online player Thursday.


Hello? Yes, I’d like to meet with Golgo 13 to discuss a certain fairy…


A good solution Shadycat! :lol:

Episode 2 -

[details=spoiler]Poor Kahoko! Lili tells her to enjoy herself while playing, but how can she since she doesn’t know the first thing about music? Now she’s just found out that she will need to play four pieces at the competition! Not only that, but she already has enemies that want her to fail. Meeting this fairy sure has complicated her life pretty quickly. At least she has found one close friend in Ryotaro, but she can’t even tell him the entire truth – he’d think her insane!

Unfortunately with her new gift, she still can’t read music, but nevertheless she really puts her all into practicing. Then comes the day she has to play for the “Yunoki Guard” but she draws a bigger crowd than expected, including some of her fellow competitors and she falters. Those three girls are really brats and want her to fail. The pressure is getting to Kahoko, but if she can’t play now, in front of these people, how will she ever play in a competition?[/details]


Episode 3 -

[details=spoiler]It was nice of Kazuki to help Kahoko out, but he just seems to be that kind of guy. They both received a great reception, but of course those three girls weren’t satisfied. I’m glad Kazuki stood up to them!

Now, Kahoko finds out that she needs a piano accompanist for the competition. She also helps Len out of a violent situation, but cuts her fingers in the process. He scolds her and she’s surprised to find out that he may not love the violin after all. Len kind of insults her later on, but Ryotaro gives it right back to him. There seems to be something more than this incident between the two guys. Perhaps they have a past. But at least before he leaves, Len tells Kahoko to take care of her fingers.

Ryotaro has a secret - he can play the piano! I think Kahoko has her accompanist! Strange that Kahoko could hear him playing from where she was and I wonder if Lili had something to do with it. Ryotaro’s playing is beautiful, but he’s really upset to be found out and makes Kahoko promise not to tell anyone. Funny that they both blush when they realize their position - Ryotaro had backed her up against the wall. Even the shop keeper suggests Ryotaro as an accompanist and Kahoko just looks so hopeful. How can he refuse her? But he does and Kahoko finds out some other interesting things about him as the shop keeper spills the beans. It’s odd that after Ryotaro leaves, the shop keeper tells Kahoko that Ryotaro might be happier if he quit playing all together. Mystery!

At school, Azuma offers to help Kahoko find an accompanist, but thinking of his three guards, she politely declines. Then she meets Megumi, who offers to be her accompanist, since she’d like to be a part of the competition as well. But I wonder if she’s on the level or if she wants Kahoko to fail too.[/details]


Episode 4 -

[details=spoiler]Even though Ryotaro wants to keep his piano playing secret, it’s nice of him to want to help Kahoko. He tells her that music should tell a story. I knew Kahoko was going to end up back at that music store sooner or later. The shop keeper shares a video with her of Ryotaro playing the piano at age 11 and even then, his playing was beautiful. He has such a fondness for Chopin and I think it suits him. Kahoko wonders why he hides his gift. As she listens to him in the video, she discovers the story within the music and begins to cry. The shop keeper tells her that Ryotaro was once in a competition, but hasn’t played in public since and Kahoko would like to know what happened. So do I! The shop keeper also finds her a Chopin piece for the violin and she now has her music for the competition.

Everyone practices and it’s suddenly the day before the big event. Kahoko isn’t feeling very confident and talks Ryotaro into playing for her to “cheer her up”. He plays the same Chopin piece that was in the video of him as a child and Kahoko gets so caught up in the music that she mentions the video. Ryotaro gets upset and stops playing. Kahoko compliments his talent and tells him that he should have become a professional, but Ryotaro says he doesn’t care for competitions and again Kahoko wonders again why he hides his gift. Ryotaro gets angry and leaves.

Walking home later, Kahoko hears a violin and follows the sound to a park where Kanazawa’s assistant is playing for a group of mostly children. Once he finishes, he surprises her by wishing her luck in the competition. However, I still don’t trust Kahoko’s accompanist. I just have a very bad feeling about that girl.[/details]


Episode 3 & 4

[details=spoiler]I really am enjoying this show. The fact that we saw very little of Lili was a plus. I don’t know why he annoys me so much. I actually thought the one scene he was in was rather funny with him showering her with musical scores.

Ryotaro’s piano playing was lovely and I think he will end up joining the competition.

Wicca - I agree that Megumi seems to have ulterior motives and may not be trustworthy. I’m thinking it will be fortunate that Kahoko chose a piece by Chopin, Ryotaro’s favorite. [/details]


You know Shady -

[details=spoiler]That just clicked into place! I’m so dense! I think it is fortunate that Kahoko will be playing Chopin. This way if something happens with Megumi, Ryotaro can step in to help. But then again, he doesn’t like competitions and had already refused to be her accompanist. However, I’d like to think he’d come through in an emergency since he seems to care for her.

And doesn’t Lili remind you slightly of Shimizu? I can’t figure out why that guy is always sleeping! :lol: [/details]


Wicca -

[details=spoiler]Now that you mention it, they do look alike. We haven’t seen too much of Shimuzu yet, but he seems pretty laid back.
I think Lili needs Ritalin. :laugh:

I’d also like to think Ryotaro would step in to help Kahoko. My guess is he will, they will see how talented he is, and voila, he will become a competitor. [/details]


Shady -

[details=spoiler]Since Lili and Shimizu are such opposites, it would be funny if they ended up being two parts of a whole! :lol:

Now I can’t wait for the competition to see what happens![/details]


Episode 5 -

[details=spoiler]It seems that no one told Kahoko that she had to dress formally for the competition, so Lili tries to help her out, but the dresses he produces for her aren’t quite her style. I’m not sure exactly why, but I guess he chose a nun’s habit when she complained about showing too much skin on the other outfits. The look on Hihara’s face was funny when he burst into the room and thought he was seeing things! Lili finally comes up with an acceptable choice and Kahoko looks very nice.

As the school gathers in the auditorium and the order of appearance is announced, Kahoko’s accompanist is suspiciously absent. Another accompanist mentions that she did see Shoji at school earlier, so Kahoko goes to look for her and finds out that Shoji never intended to accompany her on the stage. I knew it! But she isn’t one of the Yunoki Guard, she just thinks that Kahoko isn’t serious about music and wants her to fail. Tsukimori finds them and berates the girl, accusing her of sabotaging the entire competition with her selfish act. I know he was trying to help, but Shoji runs off in tears and it’s almost Kahoko’s turn. She may have to withdraw now and Tsukimori apologizes to her for coming down so hard on Shoji.

Hihara finds them and they all hurry back to the auditorium. Kahoko tells Mr. Kanazawa that she doesn’t have an accompanist and Tsukimori seems momentarily startled that Kahoko would cover for Shoji by saying that she felt ill. Since it’s too late to replace Shoji, it looks like Kahoko is out of the competition, but she remembers Tsukimori’s words to Shoji and doesn’t want to run away. So, she picks up her violin, steps out of her shoes, and walks onto the stage barefoot, causing a commotion, but determined to do her best. Kahoko begins to play, but one of the judges stops her for her lack of an accompanist. However, when Ryotaro sees that she’s about to be disqualified, he steps up to the stage and says that he will accompany her, shocking everyone.

The audience is touched by her performance and even Shoji, peeking in the door from the back seems impressed. I really hope she regrets walking out on Kahoko! After Kahoko plays, the audience erupts into applause. Once backstage again, she gives into nerves and Kahoko falls to her knees and cries, causing concern in the others. However, she’s just relieved that it’s over and the others compliment her performance as Tsukimori takes the stage. He also blows the audience away and ends up taking first place for this round. All of the performances were beautiful and I’m really glad that Ryotaro came to Kahoko’s rescue. I hope he stays with her for the rest of the competition, but after all that, Kahoko came in last! I hope she does better in the next round.[/details]


I laughed the hardest in ep. 6 (where they go off to “music camp”) when:

they’re getting a look at the fancy estate house and pay attention in the background to two of the guys posed just like the Maneki Neko figure on the shelf behind them…


I liked that scene too Rebecca1/2! Very funny! :lol:

Episode 6 -

[details=spoiler]Yay! Ryotaro gets to be in the competition too! But I thought he hated competitions. I wonder what changed his mind. Anyway, all the competitors go to music camp! I like how “camp” is Shoko’s family villa. I don’t think Ryotaro and Tsukimori like sharing a room and it’s confirmed when they both request a change in room assignments.

Kahoko is told about the composer Kreisler as she searches for her next piece of music. She finds out that he was a liar in his day, but his compositions are well regarded now. Kahoko feels that Kreisler is a fitting choice for her, because in a way, she is lying too by using a magic violin. She would really like to be able to play with her own skill someday and not by using magic. But does she really have any skill of her own? She also thinks that the way Kreisler is described sounds a lot like Lili.

Ryotaro does get his room switched – now he’s with Hihara and Shimizu. Ryotaro and Hihara fight over the sofa and argue until the pillow rips apart, scattering feathers everywhere. Hihara falls back and Kahoko grabs his hand, but they both end up falling. Ryotaro couldn’t grab Kahoko in time and Hihara falls on top of her on the bed. I don’t think Ryotaro liked that at all and he pulls Hihara off of her. I think that Hihara may like Kahoko; he seemed happy that Ryotaro isn’t dating her, but I don’t think Ryotaro likes the idea of Hihara and Kahoko either.

Yunoki and Tsukimori discuss Kahoko’s violin skills and Yunoki calls her a “virtuoso” but Tsukimori looks surprised and even a little frightened to hear that. The next morning Hihara apologizes to Kahoko again and it’s a little awkward until they end up laughing and are comfortable with each other again. But then Kahoko is confronted by Tsukimori who asks her if she’s real or a fake. I wonder what he might know. Or maybe he just feels threatened by her talent.[/details]


Episode 7 -

[details=spoiler]Ever since Tsukimori asked her if she was a fake, Kahoko has been fretting. Kanazawa takes Shimizu, Shoko and Kahoko to town for some shopping, leaving the rest to fend for themselves. Shimizu tells Kahoko that he sometimes practices all night and maybe this is why he is always so sleepy. Kahoko decides that she can’t rely on her magic violin forever, but judging from the way she was playing earlier, I don’t think she’ll ever be at the level of everyone else on her own.

There is a flash of Tsukimori’s past and it turns out that he’s the son of two musicians. His mother is Misa Hamai, the famous pianist and his father plays the violin too. But this may be too much to live up to. It seems his parents considered him on a “different level” as a child since he was the son of musicians. He was also called a “virtuoso” as a child and his mother and father tried to tell him that music isn’t only about technique. This flashback has really been a dream and Tsukimori now wakes to the sound of Kahoko playing Ave Maria. He goes out to the balcony and Kahoko looks like a music fairy herself, barefoot and playing in the moonlight. He joins her in the music, harmonizing with her and they play really well together. It sounds as if Tsukimori may be going beyond his technique too, especially when Yunoki later tells him that it didn’t sound like his usual playing.

As they get ready to return home, Kanazawa tells them that the next theme is “Something to Believe In” and Tsukimori finds out that his parents will also be attending the next phase of the contest, but I don’t think he really wants them there. He comes across Kahoko and asks her directly how long she’s been playing, but they are interrupted by Amo. Tsukimori had left in the middle of an interview and Amo now asks about his parents. It seems to be a sore spot with him and he tells her that he doesn’t have to talk to her and leaves. Now that Amo is alone with Kahoko, she fires questions at her instead and Kahoko draws Amo’s attention to Yunoki and away from her. However, Amo tells Kahoko that he’s suspiciously “too perfect” and then comments on how hard Kahoko has been working which makes Kahoko happy.

In class, Tsukimori’s thoughts are elsewhere and another student mentions how hard it must be to have famous parents. Unfortunately Amo is waiting for him after class and is still asking about his family. Tsukimori tells her to go talk to them herself and walks away. Kahoko is practicing Ave Maria again, but can’t get it to sound like it did the night Tsukimori joined her. Lili pops in and tells her she’s improved but was disappointed that she came in last for the first selection. Once he leaves, Kahoko is unsure what to select for the next theme – I think she should stick to Ave Maria – and also must find another new accompanist.

She’s about to leave the practice room when Tsukimori barges in to hide from Amo. He covers her mouth and holds Kahoko against him and suddenly her heart is racing. Once Amo moves off, Tsukimori releases her and apologizes. Then he rudely chases her out of the room. After fuming a bit, Kahoko returns to the practice room. The last time Tsukimori touched her, his hand was ice cold and this time, it was burning hot. Kahoko finds Tsukimori passed out from fever and wants to go for a doctor, but he grabs her wrist to stop her. He says that he doesn’t want or need her help. She tries to fight him, but he passes out again, still gripping her wrist. Kahoko has no choice but to sit next to him and then Tsukimori’s head falls on her shoulder and she’s reminded of their impromptu duet. I wonder how this is going to turn out.[/details]


Episode 8 -

[details=spoiler]A surprised Tsukimori wakes up and wonders why Kahoko is sitting next to him still asleep. He seems well enough now and even takes a peek at her music book. When Kahoko wakes later, she’s annoyed to find that Tsukimori left without waking her, but finds his uniform jacket around her shoulders.

Kahoko is on her way to Tsukimori’s house to return his jacket and is joined by Ryotaro and Hihara. Once Kahoko returns his jacket, Tsukimori rudely tries to chase them away, but ends up inviting them in for a snack. I thought it was funny that Ryotaro and Tsukimori sat across from one another, shooting daggers at each other with their eyes, causing Kahoko to giggle nervously. I don’t think Tsukimori likes having people at his house either. It seems he was always surrounded by adults as a child and with hours of violin practice, I get the feeling that Tsukimori has never had any friends. On the way home, Ryotaro finally asks Kahoko why she had Tsukimori’s jacket, but then tells her that her explanation makes no sense.

Kahoko is still agonizing over her selection and her accompanist. She is starting to shut out her friends too, but they can see what she’s going through and try to get her to go out with them for some fun. However, in a very Tsukimori-like manner, Kahoko tells Mio and Nao to leave her alone. They leave and promise not to bother her anymore. When Kahoko gets home, she accidentally breaks the music box her friends once gave her. I think she’s found her song and the “Something to Believe In” would have to be her friendship with Mio and Nao.

The next morning, her friends ignore her and go to lunch without her as well. Hihara later finds Kahoko on the roof with the broken music box and she’s in such a state that she begins to cry. She tells him about her friends and he reassures her. Hihara fixes the music box and then tells the happy Kahoko that the music is Pachelbel’s Canon. On her way back to class, she meets Yunoki and he asks her for a favor regarding the competition and tells her to meet him after school. Her classmates are excited that he came to see her but Mio and Nao walk out of the room, ignoring her. Kahoko wonders if she’ll ever be able to repair their friendship.

Well, the favor Yunoki wanted involves passing out a survey and pretty soon, all of the competitors are involved. But there seems to be a problem with Ryotaro’s and Tsukimori’s enthusiasm for the project and they really did look like they were about to kill someone – mainly each other! Kahoko asks them to be more like Yunoki and Hihara and it was hysterical when Ryotaro and Tsukimori pictured themselves as the others and had the exact same response, refusing to look at each other in the process. On the opposite side of things, Shoko is too timid and Shimizu is too sleepy to get the students to participate.

Kahoko asks a couple of passing students to fill out the survey, but they don’t want to, saying that the General Studies girl came in last and how insulting that was to them. The guys overhear this and before they help Kahoko, Mio and Nao are there to defend her. Then another music student speaks up for Kahoko’s performance and then more General Studies students do the same and suddenly two groups that really don’t get along are united in their defense of Kahoko. After her friends take the survey, Kahoko hugs them and apologizes and they apologize to Kahoko as well. And now Kahoko suddenly decides to play the song from the music box as her next selection as I knew she would.

On her way to practice, Kahoko hears some music students talking about Tsukimori. They notice her and accuse her of being in love with Tsukimori and continue to insult him. Kahoko stands up for Tsukimori and one of the guys grabs her, but Tsukimori arrives to save her and chases the students away. Kahoko thanks him, but is also concerned about him. I think she hit the nail on the head when she asked Tsukimori if he’s nervous because his parents will be there. The look on his face says it all![/details]


Episode 9 -

[details=spoiler]Kahoko sees how much music means to her fellow competitors and becomes determined to devote more time to her music as well. She even has a new accompanist, Manami and I hope this one works out.

Kahoko bumps into Amo when she’s trying to find a spot to practice in public to help her overcome her nerves. She lets Amo think she’s shopping for a dress and Amo tags along. Amo also sees Shoko and makes her go with them. So, Kahoko and Shoko end up trying on dresses and even Amo gets in on the fun.

Kahoko finally ends up in the park alone and decides she still has time to practice. As she looks for a good spot, she finds out that a concert will be starting soon and heads that way. This time Shimizu bumps into her and they end up attending the concert together. Kahoko is enchanted by the playing and would like to make people enjoy her music the same way someday.

After the concert, Kahoko is requested to play her violin and Shimizu asks for Ave Maria. So, she plays for them and promises herself to do better in the second selection and also just enjoy being in the competition.[/details]


Episode 10 -

[details=spoiler]It’s the day of the competition and Tsukimori hopes he doesn’t disappoint his parents and seems to be very formal with them as well. His mother compliments Ryotaro and he blushes and then she wishes Kahoko luck. Ryotaro is up first and plays a beautiful Chopin piece perfectly and even impresses the famous Misa Hamai.

Kahoko is next and her accompanist actually shows up this time. Mori seems like a good match for her. Kahoko also does well and sounds much better than her first selection. She’s more relaxed and believes in herself and in Mio and Nao. Her piece reflects that quite well and she gives a good performance because of it. I think Tsukimori’s mother liked her as well.

Hihara is next and while he plays, Tsukimori has returned to the dressing room to get in a little last minute practice. As he puts his bag into the closet, someone pushes him in, knocking him out and locking the door. I know it’s probably one of those students that don’t like him. Hihara does well and now Kanazawa is worried. He made a promise to Hihara that if he placed in the top three this time, he has to treat Hihara to whatever he wants to eat.

When Shoko goes on stage to play her piece, Kahoko notices that Tsukimori is missing and goes to look for him. She finds his violin in the dressing room, but there’s no sign of Tsukimori. Ryotaro and Hihara are worried about him too and join the search while Shimizu goes out to play. Those three trouble making music students tell Ryotaro and Hihara that they saw Tsukimori go outside. I figured they were behind this! Ryotaro and Hihara go outside to continue searching for him while Kahoko stays behind to take another look around inside.

Kahoko wonders why he’d leave his violin and then remembers the faces of the three music students, but doesn’t think they’d actually do anything to Tsukimori. As Yunoki takes the stage and plays his selection, Tsukimori finally wakes up and hears him. He knows he’s next and bangs on the door, but can’t get out of the locked closet. Tsukimori decides to give up and doesn’t want anyone to find him like this. Besides, he doesn’t think anyone would be looking for him anyway. But Kahoko comes back to the dressing room and hears a noise from the closet just as she’s about to leave the room again.

Ryotaro hears the three music students saying that Tsukimori will now be disqualified because they locked him up. Ryotaro confronts them even as Tsukimori’s parents give up on him. Kahoko tries to force the closet open and can’t. She wants to go for help, but Tsukimori tells her that it’s too late and also thinks that she’d like to see him out of the competition anyway. Kahoko scolds him and tells him how she feels about his playing. This surprises him and he asks her to pull on the door as he pushes on it from the inside, determined now to get to the stage.

The joint effort works and Tsukimori gets out, but it looks like it’s too late for him to perform. Kahoko doesn’t think it’s fair and Tsukimori formally apologizes to everyone. It looks like the truth of what happened is told because Kanazawa tells Kahoko that the competition isn’t over yet. I hope this means that Tsukimori is forgiven and hasn’t been disqualified after all.

In the end, Tsukimori plays to an empty auditorium, not knowing that his mother and Kahoko are there, listening to him. Both of them hear a difference in his playing and his mother says that she’s never heard him sound so free before. Kahoko realizes that they really are from two different worlds.[/details]