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Leviathan ~The Last Defense~ / Zettai Boei Leviatan

Leviathan ~The Last Defense~ / Zettai Boei Leviatan

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Genres: action, fantasy
Themes: moe
Plot Summary: The story is set in Aquafall, a fantasy world abound with water and greenery, and populated by dragons and fairies. Meteorites suddenly bring forth evil creatures that threaten all living things on the planet. The fairy Syrup assembles the Aquafall Defense Force, with three girls of the dragon clans as recruits. The story follows Syrup and the dragon girls Leviathan, Bahamut, and Jörmungandr as they work together to battle enemies and grow up.
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 2013-04-06
Opening Theme: "Hajimari no Resolution by Yuki Kanno
Ending Theme: “Truly” by PASSPO☆

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Gonzo Makes Leviathan Moe Fantasy Mobile Game’s TV Anime

posted on 2013-03-03 23:48 EST
Kana Hanazawa’s fairy leads 3 dragon girls (Saori Hayami, Eri Kitamura, Ayana Taketatsu)

Episode 3 –


The girls going into the dragon’s belly to retrieve Jormungandr’s axe was pretty funny. When they got hungry and considered eating his giblets, Yurlungur swallows a whole bunch of fruit so they have something else to eat. But the girls are very demanding guests! Thus the kindly dragon ends up in the village looking for food for the girls and once again, the restaurant gets wrecked.

Once the girls are full, they continue their search and finally end up in Yurlungur’s fourth stomach, where they run into those bug things. So that is what is making Yurlungur sick! Leviathan ends up fighting them with barley tea of all things! It does the trick but then a giant Toripu appears. I don’t think barley tea is going to stop this one!

But Leviathan pulls the drops of tea together and manages to cut the Toripu in half just in time. Once that happens, Jormungandr’s axe falls out as well. That thing had eaten it! When the girls are back outside, Yurlungur thanks them and promises to help them if ever they are in trouble. And with this group, that will probably be very soon! It also seems that Yurlungur has a crush on Leviathan! This show is very cute.

Episode 4 –


Men got the strength and the women got the wings and the magic. Got to love evolution! :laugh: :laugh:

Syrop finds out that Jormungand certainly leads an interesting home life. They say women are weak, but Jormungand is one strong girl for doing all that she does in taking care of her family. I like how everyone came together to save Jormungand’s dads and the big outdoor party afterwards. And for once, the restaurant wasn’t destroyed!

Episode 5 –


Bahamut visits her beach villa and the girls tag along. It was funny when the caretakers didn’t recognize her and thought the other girls were the “lady”. But Leviathan went because of a distributing dream with her brother. The beach isn’t the one in her dream, so the girls decide to have some fun anyway.

Even with all the fun, the others can see that Leviathan is still thinking of her lost brother and her dream. I wonder who that mysterious boy was. Was Leviathan remembering her brother when he was younger? And why do I have a feeling that this might be the right beach after all?

The fishing amused me. It took Bahamut long enough to catch something and it wasn’t exactly a fish! The girls have a cookout on the beach and at low tide, Leviathan sees the rock formation from her dream. Now she just needs to figure out why she dreamed it!

Episode 6 –


So, Leviathan has found the place in her dream and there is that little boy again. I guess perhaps he isn’t a figment of her imagination after all. He points to the rock formation just as her brother did in her dream, but this time, a giant thing rises from the ocean. The resulting wave ruins the girl’s BBQ and now they want their revenge!

However, their individual attacks don’t make a dent on this armored mass and they wonder what this thing is. Syrop tells them that it is a Lucasite - something that came out of the meteorites and is responsible for spreading the Toripu with the intention of destroying Aquafall. The girls finally believe what Syrop has been trying to tell them all this time, as the Lucasite rises further. Its eyes open and the Toripu come pouring out!

The girls transform and the Aquafall Defense is born! At least Syrop thinks so. Unfortunately the girls are still seeking revenge for their BBQ. Their powers take out the Toripu as Syrop cheers them on. Even the little boy is impressed by their powers. However, they are beginning to tire and they still have to deal with the Lucasite. After one more blow, Jormungand reaches her limit and is out of the fight.

The Lucasite exits the ocean and flies towards the beach – it’s huge! And Bahamut is frightened out of her transformation. This leaves Leviathan to fight it on her own. But she also reaches her limit and can’t fight anymore. As the Lucasite flies towards the girls, Leviathan suddenly hears her brother’s voice and her trident glows. She knows what to do no now and hurls her weapon at the Lucasite. She hits it in the eye and it falls back into the water. But Leviathan has lost her spear - her last tie to her brother. Before she can even think of retrieving it, the Lucasite sinks back into the depths of the ocean and she passes out on the beach.

When she comes to, the loss of her trident hits her all over again. The girls return to the villa, but no one believes they fought a monster on the beach. Leviathan is just miserable. Unable to sleep that night, she wanders down to the beach and tries to use her magic to find the location of her spear. It doesn’t work, but the other girls join her and promise to help her look for it. That means a journey, but where to start? That little boy appears again and tells the girls that there is a desert to the west where they can find the Lucasite. They all want to know who this kid is, but he disappears again. I still want to know if he is Leviathan’s brother. Was he somehow transformed into a child? Or he just connected to her brother in some way? And why does he seem to know about the monsters? Was he created by them to be a spy? I guess I shall just have to wait and see; otherwise I will drive myself crazy!

The girls start out on their journey, but they are being watched by that boy, hiding up in the branches of a tree. And he has Leviathan’s spear! On top of that, he says that “they’re moving exactly according to plan” – what??? The mystery deepens!

May 17, 2013

There is a World Table Tennis Championships going on in Japan which means the following shows will not broadcast as scheduled and will be postponed for a week. Don’t worry because there’s still a bunch of other shows I’m sure you want to catch up on!

Saturday, May 18th - Zettai Boei Leviatan #7 postponed to --> Saturday, May 25th at 11am PDT

Sentai Filmworks Press Release

June 1, 2013

Episode 1 of Leviathan on the Online Player has the greyed out Sub/Dub screen.
Have emailed Admin.

Thanks for your patience.

Episode 1 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 7 –


The girls are in the desert, searching for the Lucasite, but thirst is their greatest enemy. They beg Leviathan to make them some water with her magic, but without her spear, it’s hopeless. They continue their journey, Bahamut soon gives up. Did these girls really walk into a desert with absolutely no supplies? Great planning! LOL

That night Leviathan has a dream of ancient ruins where she finds her spear. It was so vivid that she wakes up the next morning thinking that she has her spear again. The girls discuss her dream and find out that they have something else in common – they all had their first adventure at some ruins near home. They also all met a little boy there. Could that be the same boy that told them to come here? The boy made each of them promise to return, but they had forgotten until just now. The girls wonder if these are the ruins that Leviathan dreamed about. But those ruins are nowhere near this desert!

The girls continue on in the heat and without water. The complaining Bahamut soon trips over a pillar. There are ruins here! Syrop flies up to get a view of their surroundings and finds the ruins and a spring. They all run towards the oasis and dive into the water, but it disappears. Was it just a mirage? They soon find evidence that these are the ruins from back home! How did they get here?

They also find stairs leading down and on them is a symbol that was in Leviathan’s dream. Funny that the symbol looks like pacman! The girls go down the stairs and follow the path. They find the place from Leviathan’s dream and there is her spear! Before Leviathan reaches for her spear, they begin to wonder if this is some kind of trap. The spear was in the Lucasite after all – how would it end up here? Jormungand says that they are over thinking things and goes to pull out the spear. But even with all her strength, she can’t pull it out from the rock floor.

Bahamut tries next and quickly gives up. But as soon as Leviathan touches it, it easily comes out – perhaps too easily. It throws her off balance and she almost falls into the gaping hole in the back of the room. She steadies herself and is happy to have her precious spear back, but her friends call out a warning to her. A monster appears behind her and attacks!

Episode 2 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 8 -


The monster is a Lucasite and Leviathan is knocked down. Bahamut and Jormungand step in to fight it, but the Lucasite sends out Toripu to attack them as well. Leviathan manages to get to her spear again, but the girls need to protect her. Meanwhile, the Toripu keep coming. Leviathan tries to fight, but doesn’t have the strength. That little boy is watching and seems to be disappointed with the way the fight is going. And still the Toripu come.

Suddenly, the exhausted girls are in another room and a fourth girl is with them. She belongs to the temple and her name is Heqet. Apparently, she saved them all and she is there all alone. Heqet tells the girls her story and it seems that the temple is an important place. But with the spring dried up, there is no water and Leviathan isn’t strong enough to do much about it. She wants Heqet to leave with them, but Heqet is tied to the temple and cannot abandon it. This temple is the keystone of the planet.

Heqet sends them on their way and once outside, the girls remember how this place used to be. They are worried about Heqet being on her own and want to go back and fight the Lucasite, but the boy appears before them. He says that they aren’t strong enough to defeat the Lucasite. Because of Leviathan’s injury, he suggests they visit the hot springs at Rajima Volcano. Why does he seem to be leading them places? What does he want from them? He points the way north and when the girls turn back to him, he’s gone.

Leviathan thinks they should go to the volcano, but the others think that it’s another trap. Once she gets stronger, Leviathan wants to come back and fight the Lucasite and the others agree to go with her to the volcano. The hot springs will heal all of them and Leviathan vows to turn this desert back into the beautiful place it once was. And the others will help her, so it’s off to Rajima Volcano!

Episode 3 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 4 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 9 –


The girls arrive at a lovely inn where they are pampered and are finally able to get some well deserved rest. However, the hot springs leave a lot to be desired. There’s hardly any water, but at least Leviathan got to heal her wound. The “entertainment” was a bit strange too. LOL

When they can’t pay for their stay, the girls are put to work. Exhausting, but it’s better than being in the middle of a desert. Over a dinner of the inn’s famous Volcano Curry, the girls are told that due to the hot springs drying up, the inn will probably have to shut down soon. Syrop thinks they may be able to do something about that.

Syrop says that the power of the master of the volcano must have weakened, hence the lack of water for the springs. Leviathan thinks they should visit the master, but Bahamut is worried about being swallowed again. Jormungand says that the volcano had been their goal all along and Bahamut comes up with another excuse not to go, but that is reasoned out as well. With no excuses left, Bahamut finally agrees to go to the volcano with the others. The next morning, armed with a lunch of Volcano Curry, the girls are off on their adventure to meet the master of the volcano!

Episode 5 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 10 –


At the top of the volcano, Syrop calls out to the Master. In a burst of lava, the Master appears, but he’s really tiny. Fire Drake is ill and has lost most of his power. However, there is a special medicine that requires three special ingredients that will cure him. And so, the girls split up to find the ingredients.

Each ingredient is in a dangerous place and the girls will have to risk their lives to get them. They’re also out of their respective elements and have to find a way to get to the ingredients once they find them. They manage to do so and Syrop tells them how to make the medicine. The Fire Drake takes the medicine and nothing happens!

The Fire Drake is cured, but still has no energy. The girls feed him the Volcano Curry and that seems to do the trick. The Fire Drake quickly grows in size and strength and all is soon back to normal. The inn has its hot springs back and the volcano is full of lava again. Back at the inn, the girls finally get a good soak in the hot springs and have gained another friend in the Fire Drake. When they finally leave, the Landlady gives them a Stone of Evolution as a parting gift.

The stone immediate embeds itself in Leviathan, making her stronger. According to Syrop, that means they may be able to defeat the Lucasite in the temple. So, I guess they are returning to the temple!

Episode 6 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 11 –


It seems these ruins are popular. Not only is that boy there, but Jormungand’s sisters have also shown up.

The girls go return to the ruins and are immediately greeted by the Toripu. The girls defeat them and move on. They find the Lucasite attacking the barrier and wonder where Heqet is. They begin to fight the Toripu.

Metal, Rudra, and Ragon are really cute and comical. They restore the eyes to a stone frog and are rewarded with a water source. I wonder if they will also stumble upon Heqet or the battle.

The trio has finally defeated all the Toripu and it’s time to face the Lucasite. The girls transform and Leviathan gets ready to try out her new magic. It almost works, but the Lucasite gets free and destroys the barrier. It continues to destroy the temple and the girls are too weak against it. Leviathan tries again and captures the Lucasite. However, when Bahamut uses her fire magic, it cancels out the water magic and the Lucasite is free again. Bahamut is also too tired to fight anymore and without the three of them, they don’t have much of a chance.

Jormungand is taken out of the fight next and Leviathan wonders if she’s really evolved at all, but she has to try. The Lucasite comes after her next. She makes her stand at the altar, but it looks like the Lucasite is going to win. Suddenly, she evolves! With Jormungand’s help, the Lucasite is finally defeated. Yay! After the fight, the barrier is restored and the girls go to find Heqet.

They find her safe and sound and entertaining Jormungand’s sisters. They actually saved Heqet with that water they found and when she recovered, she was able to put the barrier back up. Heqet notes that Leviathan has gotten stronger and Syrop confirms that she’s evolved.

They go outside, but the ruins haven’t been restored. Heqet assures them that it will take time, but the spring will be restored, now that they’ve defeated the Lucasite. Heqet thanks them and tells them that she will continue to protect the temple. They tell Heqet that they will visit her again and she asks them to bring men – as many as they can find! LOL

On the way home, Jormungand’s sisters pester Bahamut about carrying her own luggage and she finally gets annoyed enough to do so. But when she takes it, she sinks into the sand, and Jormungand has to take it back. The kids think it’s a funny game. Syrop asks them how they knew where to find Jormungand and they say that a little boy told them. That boy again! The group suddenly hears his voice thanking them for defeating the Lucasite, but the boy is nowhere to be seen. In the distance, they can see the floating islands returning to the sky, so that must mean that the temple has been restored. But I’m sure the fight with the Toripu isn’t over yet!

Episode 7 (Sub) is live at ANO