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Genres: action, mystery, supernatural
Plot Summary: Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang run Time Photo Studio and accept requests from clients to relieve them of regrets. Through a photo provided by the client, Cheng Xiaoshi can travel back in time to the moment it was taken and assumes the identity of its photographer, with him absorbing the photographer’s memories and emotions in the process. At the same time, Lu Guang has the ability to keep track of the events in time and helps Cheng Xiaoshi relive the experiences of the photographer. The two work under the conditions that they have only 12 hours with one chance to travel in time and find what their client is searching for, while also leaving the events of the past unchanged.
Number of Episodes: 11 (+ special)
Vintage: 2021-04-30

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Link Click Season 2

Vintage: 2024-04-10

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Link Click: Bridon Arc

Vintage: 2024-10

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LINK CLICK | Official Trailer

Link Click Opening Theme - Dive Back In Time by Bai Sha JAWS

Link Click Ending Theme - OverThink by Fan Ka

Chaos From a Warning | LINK CLICK

The Impact of Changing History | LINK CLICK

Wait For The Perfect Moment | LINK CLICK

A Battle for Marriage | LINK CLICK

Searching for Clues | LINK CLICK

How to Trick a Back Alley Attacker | LINK CLICK


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Link Click, now streaming on Funimation.


LINK CLICK Donghua Series Prepares for Japanese Dubbed Debut in Trailer and Key Visual

December 19, 2021 8:37am CST
Series is on the way to Japanese TV dubbed in January, as well as Amazon Prime Video in its original form

Link Click English Dub Announced, Cast & Crew Revealed

August 05, 2022 12:00pm CDT
First episode goes live on Monday!

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LINK CLICK Season 2 Announced By Bilibili

October 29, 2022 10:40am CDT
Chinese donghua series currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation

Link Click Season 2 Reveals New Poster and Trailer, Release Date

June 16, 2023 8:20am CDT
Or catch it two weeks early at Anime Expo!

Crunchyroll Announces Link Click Season 2 to Summer 2023 Anime Season Lineup!

Jun 21, 2023 11:00 AM CDT

Xiaoshi and Ling Rock New Designs in Link Click Season 2 Character Posters

Jun 24, 2023 7:16 AM CDT
The hit sci-fi thriller series returns this July!

Link Click Season 2 Introduces Mystery Character with New Poster, Trailer

Jun 26, 2023 8:19 AM CDT
The hit sci-fi thriller series returns this July!

Link Click Season 2 Turns Up the Tides in Ending Theme Video

Jul 5, 2023 6:09 AM CDT
Check out the latest banger from Bai Sha JAWS!

Link Click Season 2 Takes Us for a Spin in Opening Theme Video

Jul 8, 2023 1:53 AM CDT
Yet another banger from Bai Sha JAWS!