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Magical Warfare / Mahō Sensō

Episode 11 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 12 :end: (Sub) is live at ANO

Good series…

What a complete train wreck! The only thing I have seen fast-forward worse than this was the 19 year time jump after the death of Voldemort to when Harry was sending Albus Severus Potter off to school. At least there you didn’t miss a thing.

So much potential world development and character development lost. Glad I watched it online so as not to waste time with it on my TV.

Meh, still don’t see where it get’s all the hate from. What did they really expect from a lite-novel, seriously. Enjoyed it for what it is, better than say…Aria the Scarlett Ammo or…We Without Wings.

Perhaps they expected something more on par with High School DxD;Horizon/Aesthetica;Fate/Zero;Chaika;Edge of Tomorrow??

Light Novels aren’t generally amazing, sure, but this one was further south of the mark than usual. Perhaps that’s why the work’s creator said the anime was a bad idea?

Even Magical Warfare Original Creator Didn’t Think the Anime Was a Good Idea

EDIT: I don’t know about it being better than WWW. That show had some serious issues (to put it mildly…I feel kinda bad that I bought the LE) but the dub made it better than it was in Japanese and this show doesn’t yet have a dub.


well i dont know about light novels, i jsut watch anime so i don’t really know what to expect from them, but from anime i expect a good story.

take Chobits, it had a 12 episode run that each episode was in the old form of a single month. Even the cats were shown in the different seasons changing and giving birth to let you know time had passed. but there was no wasted time. things were happening and you learned what had happened even if little thing in the episode before it got to the plot of that episode. there was character growth and character development.

Magical Warfare spans a year or more for no reason. had it not been just to get to a new school year, then the events could ahve happened in a single week, because nothing really happens until the training, and still there was nothing new gained really from it except for “OMG I HAS MORE POWAHZ!” and they really arent decent powers or anything really different. very unmagical.

a year in a magic school and none of them learned a single damn thing until the training montage? not even the one that had been born a magician? Harry Potter learned more in a week than any of these people did in an entire year!

nothing was done, nothing was answered, it kept jumping the shark every episode… the toyota commercial Peace Eco Smile with its 7 four-minute episodes had more story than this did.

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san with its 12 two-minute episodes has had more character development.

and the way it ends, WTF!? it looks like Harry Potter in that it steals most things from everywhere else, but unlike HP it doesn’t put them together to make a story at all.

There was nothing good in this series after episode 1, and episode one had nothing to do with the story other than 20 minutes to get the protagonist into the story and then abandon everything form the 1st episode. thee is just nothing i could say good about this except it was drawn well. i agree with its creator, it was a bad idea to turn this crap into an anime. i would much rather see more Magic Academy with that wannabe Kiki trying to be a witch like the pop-star one with the seven stars rod or whatever. it had more story development in its 20+ minutes than this entire series.

The entry for this series on has this to say:

Gainax Ending: … (spoilers) … Combined with a number of other mostly-incomprehensible plot twists, and a lack of resolution for the series’ existing plot threads, it makes for a very confusing and unsatisfying ending.

Definitely incomplete at the end of episode 12!


Magical Warfare Anime Gets English Dub

posted on 2015-02-24 17:00 EST
Hisashi Suzuki’s modern magic action story to get BD, DVD release in June

Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art



Official Magical Warfare English Dub Cast List

5/21/2015 12:09:22 PM

Available June 30, 2015
Preorder TODAY:

The last few years haven’t been easy for Takeshi Nanase. His parents are distant, his little brother despises him since “the accident,” and his relationship with his girl friend isn’t exactly romantic. Even one of the few high points in his existence, studying the Japanese swordfighting technique of Kendo, seems to be a dead end.

He’s got a definite knack for it, but it’s not something that’s likely to have any practical application in a future career - or so he thinks until he runs into an unconscious girl in an unknown uniform and suddenly has his world turned upside-down. In short order, he’s being held at (magical) gunpoint, rescuing damsels in distress, and finding himself facing off with a group of magic users!

But as shocking as finding his life in danger and learning that magic is real may be, what’s even more stunning is the revelation that Takeshi’s been changed into a magician himself! So maybe those sword lessons aren’t going to end up being so irrelevant after all!

Director - Christopher Ayres

English Dub Voice List
Takeshi Nanase - Gabriel Regojo
Mui Aiba - Allison Sumrall
Kurumi Isoshima - Sara Ornelas
Kazumi Ida - Scott Gibbs
Gekko Nanase - Clint Bickham
Tsuganashi Aiba - Leraldo Anzaldua
Momoka Shijo - Nancy Novotny
Kippei Washizu - David Wald
Violet North - Carli Mosier
Kazuma Ryuusenji - David Matranga
Youko Nanase - Molly Searcy
Nanami Hyoudou - Amelia Fischer
Makoto Hitouji - Mike Yager
Takao Oigami - Andrew Love
Hotaru Kumagai - Juliet Simmons
Ushiwaka - Johnny DeLaCerda
Futaba Ida - Brittney Karbowski
Ena - Katelyn Barr
Pops - Josh Morrison
Towa - Brittany Djie
Tsukiomi - Houston Hayes
Wiseman - John Swasey
Mahoko - Tiffany Grant

Sad face. Pretty much a given then that this show isn’t going to get the “no-holds-barred”, Ghost Stories-style dub that it needs to save it. When the original creator of the franchise says that the anime was ill-advised, and the fandom concurs, then it is time for an unfaithful dub.

Goooooooo Joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :wink:

Premiering on AN Online Player

Schedule: Sunday, 12/27/2015
Languages: English Dubbed

Episodes 1-12 (Dub) are live at ANO

Magical Warfare Official Trailer

Bonus points for using the awesome end theme for the trailer of this show that I consider to be sub par lol