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Magical Warfare / Mahō Sensō

Magical Warfare/Mahō Sensō

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Genres: action, magic, romance
Themes: magicians
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: When Nanase Takeshi, a regular high school student, encounters Aiba Miu, a girl from a world of destruction, he winds up getting involved in a grand battle between mages. In order to save Miu, in order to save the world, and in order to change destiny. A real, modern-day magical action story begins now.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-01-09

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Magical Warfare Light Novels Get TV Anime

posted on 2013-07-28 01:20 EDT
Hisashi Suzuki’s modern action story of high school boy meets magician & becomes one himself

Caught the 1st episode and I must say, I really enjoyed it.

Enough Mystery and plenty of action to keep you hooked as you get introduced to the storyline through Takeshi and his friends.

You beat me to it! :laugh:

I agree with you. I really liked the first episode. It moved along at a nice pace. Exciting!

Sentai Filmworks Press Release

January 20, 2014


STARTING: February 9th @ 5:00 PM EST / 2:00 PM PST

Episode 1 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 2 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 3 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 4 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 5 (Sub) is live at ANO

ep. 9

We finally get to the Warfare part of the show and not so surprising betrayal.

Episode 6 (Sub) is live at ANO

So I was poking around Flying Dog’s YT channel (since they put up the full Arpeggio of Blue Steel nano OP, and lookie at what I found.

It’s not the full song like the Arpeggio OP was, but it is most of it.

『Born to be』ナノ Music Clip[/b][/size] ( Magical Warfare ED )

Episode 7 (Sub) is live at ANO

After a promising 1st episode, this series turned into the biggest train wreck I’ve ever seen. Horrible pacing, and a wtf ending that doesn’t resolve anything. Totally disappointed with this one because you could see the potential of a great show in there and they totally dropped the ball on this one.

Episode 8 (Sub) is live at ANO

This poster that iblssall posted on the CR forums pretty much sums up how I feel about the end of this show:

Self respecting protagonists are extremely rare in anime :frowning:

Episode 9 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 10 (Sub) is live at ANO