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Medaka Box / Medaka Box Abnormal

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Eh… what? That’s a strange way to end it.


Cover art has been posted.


Very nice.


Did the titular character downsize between seasons?

This show always makes me think of that Sammy Hagar song or the kids’ show Out of the Box.

Still haven’t worked up the “nerv” to watch this: seeing “Gainax” on anything scares me.


Technically, she was “upgraded”.


The Gainaxing is there, but not that bad (though the dud itself is not as safe). The one show that actually confuses me about Gainax doing is the Stella C3 show that was in last season’s simulcast. Kinmoza has character designs that would fit them better. :stuck_out_tongue:

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###Medaka Box Abnormal English Dub Cast

ADR Directors:
Jason Grundy
John Swasey
Steven Foster

English Dub Cast

Medaka Kurokami - Shelley Calene-Black
Zenkichi Hitoyoshi - Andrew Love
Hansode Shiranui - Hilary Haag
Misogi Kumagawa - Leraldo Anzaldua
Mogana Kikaijima - Maggie Flecknoe
Maguro Kurokami - Black Shepard
Myouga Unzen - Carli Mosier
Shigusa Takachido - Christopher Ayres
Kei Munakata - Clint Bickham
Itami Koga - Cynthia Martinez
Hakama Shiranui - David Matranga
Myouri Unzen - Greg Ayres
Oudo Miyakonojou - Jay Hickman
Kenri Nogata - John Swasey
Youka Naze - Kara Greenberg
Harigane Onigase - Luci Christian
Kouki Akune - Tyler Galindo
Yamami Tsurumisaki - Blake Shepard
Koyu/Najimi Aijimu - Brittney Karbowski
Nomozaki - Cynthia Martinez
Saki Sukinisaki - Juliet Simmons
Kujira Kurokami - Kara Greenberg
Fude Ezumachi/Garaharu Ushibuka/Hayama Hyakuchou - Kyle Jones
Chijiwa - Luci Christian
Yukuhashi - Margaret McDonald
Sano Tsushima - Meaghan Avocado
Nekomi Nabeshima/Royal Hirado - Monica Rial
Uno Tsushima - Shannon Emerick

Additional Characters:
Jason Grundy
Mark X. Laskowski
Meaghan Avocado
Shannon Emerick

Source: ANN Info Page


3 directors for a 12 episode show? That’s strange.


I was told that episode one (dubbed) of Medaka Box Abnormal featured the 8-6-7-5-3-0-9 pattern inserted into the number strings spoken by Myouga Unzen & Medaka. I don’t believe that this was the case and, sadly, a chance for subtle humor was missed out upon.

It seemed as though Myouga Unzen was incapable of understanding normal speech as she told a another character that she was “likely imagining” something that she had literally just told her that she was, no “likely” about it.

Monica Rial was channeling the Marchi on this one and it was hilarious. I’m not sure why she also plays another named character (is there some Excel Saga going on?) but that was hilarious as well. Almost as hilarious as Greg Ayres showing up in weird places in the episode.


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Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art




season 3! where u r?


Considering that I have read that anime based off of something tends to be made to promote the source material, and the source material had ended a long time ago, it doesn’t seem likely there will be a 3rd season. I would love to see one though.


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