Medaka Box / Medaka Box Abnormal

I wonder about the bluray. If this is a problem with all the physical media then I wonder if it’ll show up in the screening of this at otakon.

He has the DVD.
The BD isn’t shipping yet (mine’s not Reserved yet).

But going on the fact that his DVD shipped 2 days ago, I would assume his answer was a shortened version of:
It happens in the Medaka Box DVD that I have too.

Bluray not shipping st the same time as the DVD? I don’t recall this happening before. Is rightstuf brutalizing you again? lol.

It’s uncommon, but it is not the first time.

Guess I should be glad that none of my group bought this but to get a preordered Sentai release from rightstuf after the street date is almost unheard of.

The street date isn’t until the 27th, so there’s still plenty of time yet.
Sadly it probably won’t trip the Ship When Availible flag, but if it shows up before the 15th, I should still get it before the street date.

Hmmm if the street date is that far off then I might lose my joke bet that Sentai will have it at their booth. Then again, maybe there’s a chance since they’re premiering it.


And considering I can’t tell the difference between DVD and BD, I end up buying DVD over BD, unless I know of special features only found on BD because of how advance the format is (which with Anime, that is never it seems. Hell if Disney doesn’t add anything special for BD that can’t be put on DVD…)

Medaka Box is on “advanced sale” at Otakon…

I’m not sure that I want to buy it.

Sadly everything that I was looking for (and that David Williams, I guess accidentally, said was at the Sentai booth) isn’t there. I think this calls for an upgrade to the “sad face” meme: I’m invoking Tragic Face.

There are only 3 ways this can happen: horrible eye sight, “doin’ it wrong” or watching a BD that isn’t really in HD. There’s also just saying that you can’t tell the difference to be contrary, I guess I can’t leave that one out.

I’ll go with bad eye sight, seeing as I can watch SD on here full screen on a 1080p monitor without issues (unless the show is 16:9 but encoded in 4:3 and has letter boxes as a result, meaning fullscreen results in a picture frame of black)

This got delayed as well.


It just occured to me when I was posting at FP…
Maybe this is one of the reasons why TAN started putting up full series & collections (for those series that span more than one collection) all at once before the release.
So we can help them with QC.

Kinda like the HotD dub.
There was large dislike for a certian part of the HotD dub when it streamed, and was changed for the release because of it.

Ugh. I’d like to forget that those times when Foster was compelled to “tone down” his awesomeness happened. I blame them for several later dubs from Sentai where they obviously “pulled their punches”.

I’m hoping that the dub was not changed (at least, not for the worse) as the blu-ray is already out in circulation and if it has been changed and the circulating blu-ray has a different dub then it is a collectors item and I missed out on getting it. I wish that I had the original versions of the “amended” Sentai dubs as those dubs.

So there’s a glitch on the DVD version but the blu-ray version is fine?

Hard to say.
The BD wasn’t shipped at the same time the DVD was, but I think there’s some in circulation from Otakon, so it might affect those.
Someone on FP got one at Otakon and they’re going to check later on that Dub error, so if they post and update on that, we’ll see if it affected the BDs that are out and about.

Well this has inspired me to stream the dub here. I’m not sure what to think of it yet…

If the Japanese dub of Golgo 13 refers to the (very Japanese) Golgo 13 as “Mr. Duke Togo” (said, of course, in Engrish) then why do so many English dubs have to throw in Japanese honorifics? A question for the ages.

TAN is currently running an ad that states that Medaka Box comes out on DVD and bluray 8/27/13…

Just like they did for the Nyan Koi! ANO Dub premeire.
It’ll be changed in the morning.

I’m still seeing the outdated ad.

I just checked with Admin, who checked with the higher-ups and this is the ad they want to run.

FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! :stuck_out_tongue:

If the dolphin mobile browser supported adblock (which is, really, essential for The Internet) I never would have seen the ad. Don’t know if I should consider that a good thing or not…I’d been figuring that I just didn’t get ads on this site lol. Kinda weird that adblock would block that ad IMO.