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Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit / Seirei no Moribito

Good episode!


There are no flowers left for Shouga and Torogai. I really felt Torogai’s disappointment.

Balsa and the hunters manage to catch up to Chagum and have to fight off a whole army of those monsters. But at least they can see them now. It was pretty exciting.

Chagum is saved and Tanda and Balsa safely extract the egg. Yay!

Only one episode left. Can’t wait to see how they wrap everything up!! :slight_smile:

Also thought they did a good job on the last episode.

I also enjoyed this episode. I was worried about whether or not we would get any resolution to the Chagum situation, but I was okay with what happened. I am really looking forward to the last episode!

Very good episode, although I kind of expected more excitement and tension with some form of a final fight or something. A nice resolution to the drama with Chagum though. Should be interesting to see what happens with the final episode, now that it’s all resolved.

Moribito II: Guardian of the Darkness has been translated. I hope the whole series (10 books) is translated as the anime only covers the first book.

I did a combination lol/eye roll at that bit at the end, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Enjoyed the last episode.


Figured out they were told to take that exit to see Chagum. Also like how he is still trying to get Balsa and Tanda together. Think the Mikado is a ass for telling Chagum to forget Balsa.

Want to read book 2 now for the further adventures of Balsa.

A very good last episode!


Chagum is now the crown prince. But I think Shuga was still going to kill Balsa and I’m glad he was stopped by the hunters. They turned out to be pretty good guys. And I think Balsa knew an attempt would be made on her life. She only put her spear down when the hunters changed Shuga’s mind.

The scene where Chagum was reunited with his mother was very sweet. But I agree with ShawnMerrow - the Mikado should not have told Chagum to forget Balsa - like that could ever happen anyway!

It was nice of Chagum’s mother to thank Balsa at the ceremony - even if Balsa couldn’t hear it. Like ShawnMerrow, I knew the other gate would take them to Chagum, but I was also kind of expecting his mother to be there as well.

It was not surprising to see that Chagum wanted to stay with Balsa. Instead of reminding him of his responsibilities, she agrees and says they will run away, giving him the chance to make up his own mind. And he shows how much he has matured in choosing to stay and accept those responsibilities. In saying goodbye to everyone, Chagum mentions the hope that Balsa and Tanda will have a child - still playing the matchmaker!

Finally, I thought that Balsa would stay with Tanda, but at the end, Tanda says that there is one last thing Balsa has to do. He also said that be it 2 years or 20 years, he would wait for her. I thought that was very sweet of him.

And it rains!! Chagum’s whole ordeal ends with a successful conclusion! I loved the last scene of Balsa on the trail in the rain, thinking how she’d like some of Tanda’s stew. I hope that means she goes back to him!!

A very satisfying final 2 episodes. I was worried the series was starting to falter during the middle to middle end portions where the story seemed to go in circles, but these last 2 and indeed last night’s final episode were very strong. I have no want for the ending - it’s been a long, long road to get to this point with the licensing problem and hiatus, but it has been worth the wait.

Easily the best anime on broadcast TV since Death Note and Eureka 7. It’s a shame the storyline lost its path (in my opinion) and became rather simple. If the story had the complexity and epic details of say Fushigi Yugi or Twelve Kingdoms, like early on, could have been Masterpiece level series - despite in my view, low replay value. Still despite its flaws, the execution was superb and the dialogue expertly crafted and adapted. Excellent series in all. If only those middle parts… :stuck_out_tongue:

While it’s kind of unfair to compare this to recent dubs (due to when this dub was done by Geneon and Bangzoom, and considering the circumstances that was at play with it), if one is to consider this as a new release, as far as I’m concerned Moribito and Code Geass shine as the most impressive dub productions of the year in terms of quality, and scope.

The ending was so very bittersweet…


Tanda telling Chagum to get in the litter and ride, instead of helping him limp along, that it was embarrassing the litter-bearers. And Chagum saying it didn’t matter to him, he wanted to help his friend; did he even have any friends before?

And when they got to the gate, and he ran ahead to see his mother – I think Balsa was the only one that knew they’d probably never see Chagum again.

I had to laugh at Torogai saying that she was going to drink all the liquor they had in the palace – I think she could do it!! (And her little bunny in the basket when they were in the hot springs, how cute!)

When Chagum went to his brother’s room and the bird’s perch was there, empty, I totally lost it… I’m such a baby about this stuff. And then the head tutor was in the background, as sort of an apology, as if he’d let Chagum down.

I’m wondering if the Mikado himself ever had any friends, so perhaps he doesn’t understand why Chagum won’t forget Balsa and everyone else he came into contact with on his ‘adventure’. It would be a tough concept when you haven’t experienced it first hand. Apparently, he thinks giving out rewards is a fair trade for keeping his son safe and love has no place.

I, too, knew that Chagum would be waiting ‘off to the right’ at the end. Besides, did we really think that Balsa was going to leave without her spear? She smartly conned him into making his own decision about staying.

I liked everything about this anime; the voices, the music, the look, the feel, just everything. And even though I may never watch it again, I’ll probably buy it so I can show it to other people. It’s a good first anime for others.

Rightstuf has the Economy set that Walmart had for $19.99 this week.
Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

Really thin stackpack like about a case and half thickness. Hub is really secure and seems like there would be very little chance of disc coming off or getting scratched except by consumer fault. Plus yes it’s all the same 8 disc as the singles for $19.99.

Might have to get that, thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

I own this set. Besides my hate of this type of packaging, this show is a must buy and a steal at this price.

Moribito coming to BD next year

posted on 2010-11-22 04:17

Viz Media Adds Moribito Fantasy Anime Series

posted on 2014-01-08 12:52 EST
Kenji Kamiyama/I.G’s 2007 series to stream on Neon Alley starting this month

Sentai License Announcement in September 2020 Slate



Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art




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Sentai License Announcement


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HIDIVE Streaming Announcement


Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, Eps 1-26 (Sub/Dub), are live at HIDIVE

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