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Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit / Seirei no Moribito


###Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit / Seirei no Moribito

[quote]Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy
Themes: assassins, female bodyguard, fugitives, spirits
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Balsa, the spear wielder and bodyguard, is visiting the New Yogo Empire. She is hired to protect the Second Prince, Chagum, who is endangered because he is possessed by a being despised by his father, the Emperor, who ordered his assassination. The two go on a perilous adventure for the survival of the prince. Throughout the story, Balsa’s past will come to light and they will uncover mysteries about Chagum’s condition while developing a family-like relationship with each other and others.
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2007-04-07 to 2007-09-29[/quote]
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###Moribito to Return to Adult Swim TV in Summer
posted on 2009-05-09 14:02 EDT
ADV’s Matt Greenfield indicates movement on proposed live-action Eva film


WoW This is great news! I hope they start it from the first episode again, as I forget a lot of what happened, and I only saw the first 4 or so episodes. I can’t wait to check out this great show again. Best new show in linear TV? I think so!!

<b>Episodes of Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit on Adult Swim</b>

Total episodes - 26

  1. Balsa, the Female Bodyguard! (August 24, 2008)
  2. The Hunter and the Hunted! (August 31)
  3. A Fight to the Death! (September 7)
  4. Torogai’s Writings! (September 14)
  5. Secret Step, the Blue Hand! (September 21)
  6. To Die in the Misty Blue! (October 5)
  7. Chagum’s Resolve! (October 12)
  8. The Swordsmith! (October 19)
  9. Shuga Thirsts! (October 26)
  10. Soil and Heroes! (November 2)
  11. Flower Wine for Tanda! (August 22)
  12. Summer Solstice Festival! (August 29)
  13. Neither Human Nor Tiger! (September 12)
  14. Knot! (September 19)
  15. Premature Death! (September 26)
  16. The Pursuit! (October 3)
  17. Water Wheel Burns! (October 10)
  18. The Ancient Village! (October 17)
  19. Escape! (October 24)
  20. Trap! (October 31)
  21. Jiguro Musa! (November 7)
  22. Season of Awakening! (November 14)
  23. Searching for the Spring Equinox! (November 21)
  24. The Last Hope! (November 28)
  25. The Time of Celebration (December 13)
  26. Beginning a Journey (December 20, 2009)


This is great news indeed!
I wonded if they’ll fix the sound issues or not.


I am so glad to know that this show is coming back to broadcast TV. I am really interested in finishing this one on TV, and unlike Naruto (:frowning: ), it seems like it might actually be possible. I wouldn’t mind watching some of the highlights of the first 10 episodes again, but like Dragoon, I hope that when showing them, they will adopt the 2 per week format that they are currently using with Bleach and Code Geass.


I’m glad to see this returning to AS. I really hope they air it at a reasonable time, as it seems that I’ll be back in school by the time they’re midway through the series.



This is the last really good anime Adult Swim has.


I for one couldn’t be happier that Moribito is returning to TV, especially to be shown in its entirety this time.

As far as anime in general in the U.S., I tend to lean towards the idea that there are several factors responsible for the recent downward turn (and yes, I include the various practices by fans among them), but I also think that U.S. television networks like Cartoon Network (and previously Toon Disney) prefer anime shows that skew towards a younger demographic–6 to 11 year-old boys–that is more desirable for advertisers. Adult Swim shows like Bleach, Code Geass, and even Moribito do have their audiences, but they’ll never be as big as the Adult Swim comedy shows which are generally much more accessible to a wider U.S. audience than anime is.

Anime is still a fairly lucrative industry, IMO, but it’s also a hard industry to survive in as well, especially in these tough economic times…


Just ask Best Buy about that. I’ll find out this Memorial Day weekend if it’s worth my continued (if minute) efforts to expose people to anime.

I would have bought this series on DVD at the BB sale, actually, if I’d known they were going to continue it - didn’t want to take a chance on having an artbox with two DVDs in it and nothing else, ever.


It’ll be back June 13th at 1:30am according to the new schedule change, with Code Geass re-starting from the begining at 2am.


Oh for christ’s sake!!!


It’ll be back June 13th at 1:30am according to the new schedule change, with Code Geass re-starting from the begining at 2am.[/quote]

Nice…right on my birthday.


Forgot to mention it, yeah was talking about it with slow some days ago when they posted it.

Great news on its return, but I’m disappointed AS chose to do 1 ep a week, again now for the third time. 30 on-air weeks for 10 episodes + on top of the long hiatus is just… a little absurd. Not that I blame them for what they are doing mind you, they don’t have much new anime in the pipeline and they gotta stretch things out so they don’t run through it fast, but still. If I were running things there, given the limitations I’d do the same thing they are. But I have to wonder how many people will continue to tune out or switch to illegitimate means because they don’t wanna wait a year to watch episodes 11+, as we all know Anime fans are not the most patient lot, lol. I guess AS is in no position to earn fan good will at the moment by speeding through this first lot. :frowning:

I’ll be watching again though to refresh my memory. :wink:


I’ve been waiting for this. I am a big fan of Moribito, and wasn’t sure if they would ever release the finished product. I will be re-watching the first 10 episodes, but I hope they double them up.
As for the anime market, I think it will rebound. There is actually too much anime out there for the market. Once companies finally figure out a way to get rid of all of the illegal fan sub/dub sites, we’ll see an upturn in the market. Also, once we see the next “pokeman”, “Naruto” or “Yugio” type show, we’ll see a new generation of anime followers.


I was kinda hoping that they’d double up the first 10 episodes, then they could go back to one a week, but alas, they didn’t ask me (for some odd reason) :unsure: Then they could have gone to one episode of Moribito and Code Geass, oh well, c’est le vie.


I, too, was hoping that they would speed through the first 10 episodes, but not surprisingly, they have decided to take the one episode per week route. It’s been so long since I’ve seen this series, so I will probably be watching from the beginning again. I wish that I had picked the first box set during the Best Buy sale, but I wasn’t very optimistic that they were going to finish releasiing the series, so I didn’t want to have an incomplete set.

Anyway, regardless of the slow pace, I am glad to see this series returning to television and I will be tuned in each week. I really enjoyed what I saw of this show when it was airing before, and I’m looking forward to continuing and finishing the series.


Once companies finally figure out a way to get rid of all of the illegal fan sub/dub sites, we’ll see an upturn in the market. Also, once we see the next “pokeman”, “Naruto” or “Yugio” type show, we’ll see a new generation of anime followers.

Not to go off topic, but I don’t think we will ever see another “Pokemon”, “Naruto”, or Yu-Gi-Oh", at least not in the near future. Maybe once everything calms down, and a few years go by, a new brakeout hit could win over a NEW generation of fans, but for now it doesn’t look very likely.

Anyway, I am very glad Moribito is coming back! This show won me over fast! I’m exited that they pushed this up a few weeks, instead of late August like they said! I don’t mind the one episode a week. 2 episodes a week would be amazing, but I don’t execpt much from this channel. I’m suprised they are still going to play it, nevermind do us a favor and speed through the old episodes. So I’ll take what we get. Now Adult Swim needs to get a NEW anime to play, after this is done for God’s sake. Preferably something like this, not another Bleach or FMA.


[size=16]Moribito, Guardian of the Spirit[/size]

returns to Adult Swim!

early Sunday morning, June 14, following Bleach (that’s late Saturday night, June 13)

starting with the first episode:

Balsa, the Female Bodyguard!”


I’ll be watching (again) thanks for the reminder :wink: .


Going to be nice to see Adult Swim again, this is time 3 for seeing episode 1 for me.