Mushibugyo / Mushibugyō

Episode 21 –


Sanada receives a report that “Princess Naa” is beneath the castle. Jinbei and Hibachi have reached the castle and see that the others have gotten there before them. But when they follow they find themselves in a field – illusion magic again! Oharu appears and Jinbei goes running to meet her, but never seems to get to her. Hibachi has no choice but to follow the stupid boy. Oooka, Tenma, and Koikawa have also run into some illusion magic. As Oharu fades away, Jinbei finds himself before the Insect-men that seem to be devout Buddhists. Hibachi joins Oooka, Tenma, and Koikawa, and soon after, so does Jinbei, as he’s thrown through a wall. At least the group is reunited, but they still have to face those big Insect-men. And Jinbei is unconscious.

Koikawa decides to fight them on his own and the three disappear. Koikawa soon finds out just how strong these guys are once they are outside. Jinbei is up and ready to go after Sanada again. Koikawa sees Oooka at a window and tells him to go ahead. Jinbei has faith that Koikawa can defeat the two Insect-men on his own, so the group moves on. The Insect-men appear before Koikawa, praising Buddha before introducing themselves. Koikawa is as good as his word and cuts up the Insect-men on the first strike. But I doubt that’s the end of it. Sure enough, they quickly regenerate and are back to fight. And that makes Koikawa very happy! But he’s going to have to tire out eventually.

The Insect-men finally shed their skins and they are just as big and ugly as their skins suggest. Now in their true forms, they can regenerate even faster. Oooka tells his companions that Koikawa isn’t as strong as he used to be and it looks to be true as Koikawa takes quite the beating. But he still gets up to face the Insect-men as well as his own painful past. Koikawa finds his true strength and attacks again, this time slashing the Insect-men up so much that they can’t regenerate. He takes a nice long drink and promises to live for a long time. The others find him and they all realize that they still have a long way to go before getting to Sanada.

Episode 22 –


The team splits up into two groups. There are three Insect-men left to find. But unknown to them, one is still with Kuroageha, so there are really four left.

Tenma is a real scaredy-cat! But when he faces Anayama and his sense of justice, Tenma is ready to fight. Jinbei cheers him on and Anayama doesn’t seem all that strong at first. However, I think Anayama is just playing with Tenma.

Tenma is getting beaten badly enough that Jinbei feels the need to step in, but Anayama won’t let him and continues to teach Tenma about justice. I’m getting a little tired of Anayama adding “justice” to everything he says, but I find it interesting that he’s been watching Tenma for such a long time and I wonder who he really is. However, this Insect-man needs to be taken out!

It looks like Tenma is about to be defeated, but I know he won’t give up. It’s sad that this boy has never met his parents, but thinking of them now gives him the strength he needs to keep fighting. Tenma combines his shikigami into one “Great Yokodzuna Version” and Tenma attacks Anayama just as he is shedding his skin. The attack sends Anayama into outer space! LOL And perhaps it’s a good thing he didn’t fully shed his skin. I don’t think I could have taken a more humanoid version of Anayama sprouting his justice all over the place! LOL

But – wow – Tenma has gotten so much stronger! I think even Jinbei was amazed at his talents. Tenma collapses after the fight and in that state, he finally gets to meet shadows of his parents. Tenma awakens to Jinbei carrying him, and I think he was a bit sad to lose his parents after just getting to see them. But he looks comforted by Jinbei’s praise and almost seems to settle in to being carried on Jinbei’s back. However, it was funny to see him punch Jinbei in the head, and telling him that he could walk. They walk on and Tenma is more determined than ever to get stronger and see his parents someday.

Meanwhile, Saizou has figured out what Kuroageha is doing. I hope Saizou is discovered soon. Hibachi, Koikawa, and Oooka have just met Kakei Juuzou and Yuri Kamanosuke. I think this will be a very interesting fight! They are so close to Sanada now too. That will be another very interesting fight.

Episode 23 –


Kuroageha’s Snow Team has finally arrived at the well. It’s also time for Saizou to reveal himself, but Mugai already knew the entire time that he was with them. The battle commences while Hibachi, Koikawa, and Oooka face Kakei Juuzou and Yuri Kamanosuke. Jinbei and Tenma show up as well.

Munenao has met the Snow Team by the well, having come from the castle above, and Kuroageha now asks him to break the seal on the well. After cautioning her, Munenao orders rock removed from the top of the well. Sanada can also feel the well being opened.

Oooka wants to join Kuroageha and Jinbei seizes the opportunity to face Sanada. But he’s alone and I don’t think he should be going up against Sanada just yet. In order to enter the well and heal, Kuroageha will have to face her past, or she may just disappear. Seeing that the well has indeed been opened, Oooka urges Jinbei to go and protect Kuroageha, while he faces Sanada. Oooka reminds Jinbei of his promise to protect the Magistrate’s servant, and tells Jinbei that her life is in serious danger at the moment. Thus reminded of his duty, Jinbei runs off to find Kuroageha.

Kuroageha warns the men with her to stay back from the poison emanating from the well as she moves forward alone. Sanada deigns to allow Oooka to fight him although his Insect-men have not yet been defeated. He will even allow Oooka the first move. Within seconds of drawing his sword, Oooka is knocked back down the stairs he had just climbed. The others are faring any better in their fights either.

Kuroageha finds that she cannot make herself move forward to enter the well, just as Jinbei arrives. Oooka knows that his is a losing battle and he’s just trying to buy time to allow Kuroageha to complete her task. After Sanada blasts off Oooka’s arm, I think Oooka is ready to sacrifice himself as he probably intended to all along. With the next strike, the battle is over. As Oooka accepts death, he can hear Jinbei yelling out to him that Kuroageha is safe. Sanada notes that Oooka died with a smile on his face. Although he was a little annoying at times, I am truly sorry to see this character die.

While the other fights continue, Kuroageha tries to explain to Jinbei that she’s an insect. Jinbei is more than confused until Kuroageha comes right out with it and admits that she’s the Insect Magistrate. But before she can get all of the words out, Sanada appears and calls her “Princess”. Concerned only for Kuroageha’s safety, Jinbei draws his sword. And why is it the poison from the well is not affecting Jinbei?

Episode 24 –


The fight between Mugai and Saizou continues and it looks like Mugai is about to be defeated. Juuzou and Yuri have revealed their true forms to the others and that fight is ready to continue as well. Sanada joins Kuroageha and Jinbei at the well. He informs Jinbei that Oooka is dead, but Jinbei doesn’t believe him. Once Sanada gives Jinbei the details, Jinbei gets angry and attacks Sanada. That didn’t go too well.

With Jinbei out of the way for now, Sanada formally greets his Princess Naa. He wants to take her to the king, but Kuroageha refuses. She better hurry up and get in that well! Sanada insists that she go with him, but as he approaches her, Jinbei is back in the game with his Mt. Fiji Hammer. It gives Kuroageha enough time to get to the well, but it doesn’t do much to Sanada. Jinbei finally gets him with Mt. Fuji Storm and he throws in another Mt. Fuji Hammer as well. However, I don’t think Sanada is so easily defeated.

Kuroageha finally gets into the well. About time! But now Kuroageha must face her past, as she begins to regain her power. While that happens, it’s back to Mugai and Saizou, who is turning Mugai into an insect! But Mugai’s blade absorbs Saizou instead. Nicely done! Sure enough, Sanada is still alive and ready to fight. Jinbei isn’t doing so good, again, but he has plenty of resolve not to lose against Sanada either. However, Sanada tosses Jinbei into the well to die from the poison. But I think he’s immune.

And now Jinbei gets to witness Kuroageha’s past as well. It’s a sad one too, of how she got her power and unknowingly killed her parents with her poison. How awful for her! Jinbei has caught up to Kuroageha now and it hurts her that he’s seen her painful past. But Jinbei takes her hands and reassures her. Her poison doesn’t affect him at all and I wonder if he became immune to her poison back on the island when he turned into that monster from her hair. Kuroageha sweetly tells Jinbei that he has given her back her heart and thanks him. It sounds like Kuroageha is trying to tell Jinbei that she loves him, but it looks like Jinbei isn’t seeing it that way. Kuroageha pushes Jinbei back to the top of the well as she continues on alone, telling him that his task is finished. That seemed to startle him a bit.

Jinbei tries his best to get back to Kuroageha, but he keeps getting pulled back up. The men at the well inform Sanada that the Insect Magistrate has regained her power, but Sanada tells them that this is what was intended all along. He tells them that his king and Princess Naa will wipe out humanity. Jinbei reaches the top of the well just in time to hear Sanada tell the men that the Eternal Well takes memories as it grants power. Once Princess Naa regains her full power, she will lose all of her memories. No one, especially Jinbei, likes the sound of that!

Episode 25 –


Sanada states again that Princess Naa will lose all of the memories as she becomes stronger. Jinbei doesn’t care about himself, but for his friend to lose all of her happy memories upsets him. He grabs a huge rock, intending to jump back into the well, but Sanada tells Jinbei that he’s too late. Jinbei jumps in anyway, determined to save Kuroageha and her memories. Sanada is sure that Jinbei has just committed suicide. He can possibly survive the poison well a second time. Mugai arrives to battle Sanada and this should be a good fight!

Jinbei catches up to Kuroageha, and tells her that if she continues, she will lose her memories. She is surprised to hear that, and doesn’t want to lose her memories of Jinbei and all the fun they had together. The thought that she would have those memories forever is what kept her going. Jinbei suggests that they get out of the well, but the poison seems to be affecting him now.

Kuroageha protests that without her power, they won’t be able to defeat Sanada, but Jinbei won’t allow Kuroageha to give up her memories for duty. He promises to take care of Sanada himself and asks Kuroageha to believe in him. She nods and has Jinbei take her out of the well. Meanwhile, the others are still fighting and have come up with an insect repellent. However, Juuzou has a unique way of repelling the repellent! LOL Sanada has defeated Mugai for now, and with him out of the way, confronts Jinbei and Kuroageha.

Sanada’s attack is stopped by Mugai, who tells Jinbei to keep going with Kuroageha. It’s shown how Sanada became an insect just before Mugai runs him through with his sword. But this won’t kill him, and he strikes back at Mugai, telling him that he will make an excellent insect. Munenao causes an explosion that brings part of the wall down on Sanada, but even that can’t defeat him. Sanada responds in kind, and buries Munenao under a pile of rocks.

Jinbei and Kuroageha are almost at the city gate, and Jinbei vows to carry her all the way back to Edo. Suddenly, Sanada is blocking the gate. Jinbei tries to protect Kuroageha, but is quickly defeated. Sanada will take Jinbei’s life unless Princess Naa returns to the well. She agrees. The fight with Juuzou and Yuri continues and now Kotori has appeared on the scene to help defeat them. He sends the others to the Insect Magistrate while he deals with the Insect-men.

Kuroageha and Jinbei are returned to the well by Sanada. Getting Sanada’s promise not to kill Jinbei, Kuroageha bids Jinbei farewell and tells him not to forget her. Of course Sanada won’t be keeping that promise, but Jinbei swears that he will remember Kuroageha even in death. Kuroageha throws herself back into the well. A bright beam of light suddenly blasts out of the well and reaches high into the sky. Kotori finishes off the two Insect-men with one strike. Wow!

Sanada is puzzled as to why Kuroageha didn’t fully transform. But the others burst into the cavern, giving him no time to think about it further. Jinbei stands to fight as well, but Kuroageha wounds him. She appears to have lost her memories after all, as she smiles with evil intent. Oh no!

Episode 26 –


Although wounded, Jinbei begs Kuroageha to remember, but her memories are gone. He reaches for her and Sanada blasts him. Sanada is all ready to take Princess Naa to his lord, but the others won’t let them leave without a fight. Sanada destroys the well and takes the poison into himself. Calling forth a horde of insects, he sets them upon the others. Jinbei drags himself upright and steps forward, prepared to fight.

Jinbei attacks the horde and is prepared to die if he can beat Sanada. However, his sword breaks and the bugs wound him continuously. Another blast from Sanada sends Jinbei flying and Jinbei finally seems defeated. The others look on in horror, thinking Jinbei is dead. They attack Sanada together, but are no match for him. Sanada sends out more insects to attack and selects Mugai as his next prey.

The insects restrain Mugai and Sanada is ready to finish him, but it’s Jinbei to the rescue! However, this is the monster Jinbei from the island that frees Mugai and faces Sanada now. Sanada realizes that Jinbei also has the power of the Eternal Insect in his blood, but he still seems no match for Sanada. Jinbei transforms further, but as he gets ready to attack, he hears a voice telling him to defeat the enemies. Jinbei knows what he’s hearing and tries to control it. Mugai pulls Jinbei back and goes after Sanada himself.

Jinbei sees what Mugai is doing and joins the fight, as do the others. Kuroageha joins the fight as well, intending to defeat Jinbei. But he will fight her alone, since he had vowed to protect her. The rest go after Sanada again. Even fighting together doesn’t seem to work as Sanada defeats each of them. Jinbei tolerates Princess Naa’s poison attack long enough to get close to her and tell her not to lose her memories. If it helps her to regain her memories, Jinbei swears he will take all of her poison into his body.

Grabbing her hand in both of his, Jinbei continues to absorb the poison as he reminds her of his promise to protect her. He does seem to be getting through to her on some level. She tells him to stop absorbing her poison, but he refuses. He releases her hand to hug Kuroageha close to him. All of her memories of Jinbei return and she begins to cry. Jinbei fall unconscious at her feet. The last memory to return is the one of her carving his name into the palm of her hand with a broken sword tip. She kneels beside him and continues to cry.

Sanada suddenly realizes that his Princess Naa has regained her memories. However, her destiny still lies with his lord in Oosaka. But now Sanada has to face the princess in battle first. Sanada begins by destroying Kishuu. Once again, the others attack him, trying to prevent the destruction of the city. They need Jinbei, but he remains unconscious. Sanada targets him, thinking that with Jinbei out of the way, the others will lose their will to fight. But that attack was apparently just what Jinbei needed to wake up!

Jinbei attacks Sanada with a vengeance. The others are behind him as they return to attacking the surrounding insects. Jinbei keeps attacking Sanada and Sanada can’t figure out why he can’t kill Jinbei. The determination to protect everyone is behind Jinbei’s resolve and Sanada just doesn’t get that. A Mt. Fuji Storm is directed at Sanada, followed by Mt. Fuji Rising Dragon. Jinbei tops it off with Mt. Fuji Meteor Drop and Sanada is finished as he crumbles away! Yay!

What is left of Kishuu is saved as Jinbei proclaims victory. Cheers follow them as the heroes take Sanada’s battleship back to Edo. In the evening, Jinbei join Kuroageha on the deck. He smiles as she confesses that she’s actually looking forward to returning to Edo. Kuroageha tries to say more, but Jinbei interrupts her, saying that he still hope to show the Insect Magistrate the blue skies over Edo someday. Kuroageha says that she’s looking at them now, but I still don’t think Jinbei understands who she really is.

Everyone has returned to Edo and Oharu greets Jinbei, tripping and falling into him again, with her chest in his face. Each member of the team has a comment for that! LOL But there are still plenty of insects around that need to be defeated and it’s time to get back to work! This was a really fun ride! It turned out to be a great show, even if I don’t like bugs!

Mushibugyō Action Manga Gets Original Video Anime Volumes

posted on 2014-05-09 04:25 EDT
Hiroshi Fukuda’s manga to bundle 1st OVA, about Jinbee’s return to Edo, in July

Mushibugyō’s 1st Original Video Anime’s Promo Video Outlines Story

posted on 2014-05-21 10:10 EDT
Minami Takayama guest stars in OVA bundled with Hiroshi Fukuda’s 15th manga volume

2nd Mushibugyō Video Anime Slated for October 17

posted on 2014-07-07 23:57 EDT

Mushibugyō Manga Gets 3rd Video Anime Set in High School

posted on 2014-10-16 02:15 EDT
The team enjoys school life in January 16 bundle with Hiroshi Fukuda’s 17th manga volume

Sentai License Announcement for OVAs



HIDIVE Streaming Announcement for OVAs



Mushibugyo OVAs 1-3 (Sub) are live at HIDIVE


There’s a red eyed blonde in this too!!!


Indeed !
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OVA Collection Cover/Disc Art




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Sentai License Announcement for TV Series




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TV Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art




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HIDIVE Streaming Announcement for TV series



Interesting they have full rights now.
Hopefully this means a lot of those older CR deals are starting to expired and someone can license some of them that will release them to disc.


Mushibugyo TV, Eps 1-26 (Sub), are live at HIDIVE

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