My Daemon / Boku no Daemon

My Daemon / Boku no Daemon


Vintage: 2023-11-23

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Netflix Reveals My Daemon Animated Series from Writer Hidetaka Adachi

posted on 2022-09-25 02:13 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Thai studio IGLOO STUDIO animates series

Netflix Debuts My Daemon Animated Series on November 23

posted on 2023-10-26 05:15 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda

Netflix Streams English-Subtitled Trailer for My Daemon Animated Series

posted on 2023-11-09 16:47 EST by Alex Mateo
Series debuts on Netflix on November 23

This Is How A Daemon Is Born | My Daemon | Clip | Netflix Anime

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Little Daemon Guys | My Daemon | Clip | Netflix Anime

This one had it’s moments, but kind of sad overall. A boy and his daemon dog(?) travel together for a certain reason.

Reminded a little of ET. Grown ups are bad. LOL

Overall a good show, even if it isn’t considered anime.