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Nanana's Buried Treasure / Ryūgajō Nanana no Maizōkin

Nanana’s Buried Treasure / Ryugajo Nanana no Maizokin


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Genres: adventure, comedy, romance, supernatural
Themes: ghost, treasure hunting
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Disowned by his father, Jugo Yama has run away from home to the island of Nanae. He begins to live by himself, only to discover his room is haunted by the ghost of Nanana Ryugajo. She was murdered ten years ago, and her killer must be found before she can rest in peace. Before her death, Nanana collected things from all over the world and hid them throughout the island. Using the mysterious powers of these hidden items, they should be able to find the culprit. As Jugo begins his hunt for her collection, however, he discovers he’s not the only person searching. (from ANN)
Number of episodes: 11
Vintage: 2014-04-10
Opening Theme: “Butterfly Effect” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku
Ending Theme: “Kasukana Hisokana Tashikana MIRAI (A Hazy, Secret, Certain Future)” by Sphere

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Nanana’s Buried Treasure Novel Gets Noitamina Anime from A-1 Pictures

posted on 2013-12-12 13:16 EST
Bunny Drop’s Kanta Kamei directs supernatural series premiering in April 2014

Episode 1 –


A pudding loving ghost that comes with the rented apartment? Interesting roommate, but I think I’d be more creeped out by the fact that she was murdered in that same apartment. But where there’s a mystery, I shall be watching!

Episode 2 –


What a fun room for a school to have! It’s also good to have a “master detective” around to help you out.

And a clue about Nanana’s killer. A dragon mark on the back of the neck. Now, the guessing begins! Isshin knows Nanana and wears a turtleneck shirt. Not too sure I trust him yet. Just something about him. Then there’s that girl thief with Todomatsu. I may end up needing a master detective myself to figure this out! LOL

Episode 3 –


I really liked that teapot in the beginning of the episode. I also like the way the puzzles form when one walks into the ruins rooms. Juugo and Tensai get to experience their first real ruins! Isshin is with them and tells them that they are putting their lives on the line. But I know Juugo will do anything to find Nanana’s killer.

And after all that, Isshin gets the treasure and betrays Juugo and Tensai. I knew he wasn’t to be trusted! The ruins crumble, but Isshin is sure that Juugo and Tensai will be fine. As far as those two are concerned, they did survive, and seem to be getting somewhat “closer”. LOL I’ve no idea how they’re going to get out of that predicament!

The kids are rescued, but I think their rescuers are just as greedy as Isshin. One is Todomatsu and the other is his partner. After they “question” Juugo, he ends up going home, but he’s pretty messed up. Juugo asks Nanana about the treasure they found, and finds out that the “Wizard’s Cane” can do anything its bearer wants. He also gets a message on his phone that Isshin is meeting with Ikkaku Shunjuu, head of the “Great 7”. More mystery!

The panning shots of this island definitely needed FPS % 30 = 0 as that was brutal.

The main dude isn’t a total loser, which is pretty unique in anime. This plot is kinda lame but I’ll roll with it for a while, though the “master detective” thing was a big turn-off.

For an apartment a separate bathroom is definitely a deal breaker, even at only $50/month in rent and when that apartment comes with a PS3, a gaming PC and a himedere who subscribes to the old anime notion that “submission is the way of the princess”.

Episode 4 –


Isshin plans to sell the cane to Ikkaku Shunjuu, but not if Juugo and Tensai can help it. But Tensai knows that this isn’t Juugo. It turns out to be Todomatsu – one she knows as a fake policeman from her earlier rescue. Juugo has made his own deal with these people to get the cane. He partnered with them so Tensai wouldn’t find out who he really is. What?

Isshin is confronted by Juugo and Yukihime, but had no intention of selling the cane – he wants to take over the world! So how is Juugo going to get the can away from him? He knows it has a flaw. Even so, Isshin and company get away. However, they run into armed troops led by none other than Tensai! And she made a deal with Ikkaku. The cane is purchased and Isshin and his comrades are set free.

When Tensai later meets with Juugo, she tells him that she knew his kidnapping was faked and that he was working with Matsuri. She knows some other things as well. Wow, she’s good! And she will be moving into the room next to Juugo to keep an eye on him.

After all that, Juugo gets a call form his father. He seems to be in on everything too. In fact, he seems heavily involved with Matsuri and even expected Juugo to succeed him. It’s a very strange conversation as other things take place in the background. Juugo ends up losing his temper and hanging up. This is getting complicated, with plenty of twists and turns that I never expected. I am very hooked!

Episode 5 –


Isshin seems to be back in good graces with everyone by treating them to a free meal. But I’m sure he has an ulterior motive. Sure enough, Isshin has gotten a lead on more ruins. So, now it’s a free trip to the hot springs. And you just know he’s going to betray everyone again. Juugo tries to get another hint from Nanana, but saying that she doesn’t want to spoil him, she refuses. However, perhaps she did slip him a tiny hint, when she told him that there weren’t any hot springs when she was there.

Yukihime asks to meet with Juugo, and he knows she’s after something too, especially when she tries to seduce him. Yukihime asks when he’ll be returning to Matsuri, and Juugo tells her that his isn’t. So, she withholds his allowance. Juugo still keeps refusing to go back, so Yukihime tries something else. She asks what she is to him and when he tells her that she’s like an older sister, she leaves, telling Juugo that she never wants to see him again.

Juugo returns to his apartment, finding it full of people. He may not be able to keep Nanana in the life she’s grown accustomed to, but he’ll find a way. He still needs to find her killer. Time for a secret part-time job! He ends up at the “Guild” – a secret part-time job center at school. Funny that there is a listing for Shiki at the apartment complex. She could have just offered him that job when he said he was low on funds. There is a rather interesting job listed next to that one that seems to interest Juugo.

And of course he runs into a disguised Tensai at the Guild. She’s there looking for cases. It looks like Juugo takes the transport job and ends up meeting Todomatsu. The Ninth District turns out to be a dangerous place. Juugo didn’t even know there was a lawless place like that on the island. Todomatsu lets Juugo know the jewel he recently gave them was a fake and that Juugo’s father was not pleased. But Yukihime stuck up for him. That really touched Juugo.

I’ve no idea what Juugo is supposed to be transporting, but when he shows it to Todomatsu, he wants nothing to do with it. Todomatsu goes with Juugo to make the delivery, but then runs away, and Juugo is caught. A guy named Tetsu takes Juugo to someone named “Sister”. Juugo is surprised that this cute little girl is his employer. But she isn’t. Yun is only there to tell him to wait for Sister.

While he waits, Juugo sees a strange arrow in her collection of items. When Sister does show up, she’s a bit on the scary side. She asks Juugo if he’s looked in the case and he says that he hasn’t. She then asks him if he knows about Nanana’s Collection and he tells her that he hasn’t. Sister opens the display case and removes the arrow as she tells Juugo a bit about Nanana’s Collection. She tells him that it’s the “Arrow of Heaven’s Will” and only points to the truth, piercing the hearts of liars.

As Sister raises the arrow, Juugo runs and hides behind the sofa. That tells Sister all she needs to know and she laughs. Juugo tries to convince her that he’s just a coward. It turns out that the item Juugo just delivered was flour. But it’s a very special flour and Sister has caught Juugo in his lies. One, when he said he didn’t know about Nanana’s Collection and two when he said he didn’t look in the case. But a raid saves Juugo.

Sister tells Tetsu to get Juugo out the back and invites Juugo to come back sometime for cake. Then she takes the case and runs off. Juugo makes it home safely, but realizes he never got paid. All that for nothing! Nanana tells him to go back the following day, but I don’t think Juugo is interested. And he still doesn’t have enough money for the utility bill. So, what now?

Episode 6 –


It’s time to check out the ruins at the hot springs. Juugo and company finally get to meet Kagetora face to face. Isshin announces that the whole Adventure Club is finally together. At the inn, Yuu’s jealousy flares when the pretty hostesses greet Isshin. He’s also formerly acquainted with the lovely Hino. Funny too that Yukihime just happens to be staying at the same inn, which I’m sure is not a coincidence. Juugo asks for a separate room and Isshin is okay with it.

The ruins are located in a house that is close to the inn. Isshin provides a map of the house and says that they will search it the following day in two groups. Just from looking at the map, Tensai pinpoints a strange room. So, that is the first room they will check out.

The next morning Juugo wakes up early to get Nanana her special pudding. At the appointed meet up time of 10am, Isshin and his group don’t show up. Of course they don’t. I’m sure Isshin has betrayed them again. Sure enough, Hino tells them that Isshin had already left much earlier. When they arrive at the house, Isshin is already there and has already tried the ruins. Luckily, he didn’t get anywhere.

The ruins this time is a watery one. And the water is hot. They need to jump the platforms before they sink into the water. Juugo and Kagetora make it close to the treasure chest. Juugo tries to reach it first, but Kagetora tries as well. I liked what happened to Kagetora. LOL Juugo reaches the chest and they find it contains a stuffed cat. When Isshin picks it up, the platforms level out to a plain floor.

After a nice soak on the hot springs, the treasure is missing. Everyone in the inn is called to the lobby and their whereabouts are verified. Yukihime is accused, but Juugo and Shizuka stand up for her. Daruku finds the cat in the laundry. Tensai has done it again. The thief is Misaki – also known as phantom thief 100-Faces! The thief gets away, but without the prize.

On the way home, Tensai tells Juugo what else she knows. He had sold information to Matsuri and Yukihime was there as a decoy, so 100-Faces could steal the treasure and get away. But Juugo blows it off and Tensai has no proof.

When Isshin meets with Nanana and shows her the cat, she says that it isn’t part of her collection. It’s a fake! Someone had already taken the treasure and left the stuffed cat in it’s place. I guess Matsuri is better than Tensai thought. If it was Matsuri. After everyone leaves, Nanana is in a foul mood. I wonder what’s going on. Perhaps she didn’t get Juugo’s pudding.

Episode 7 –


Nanana finally received her pudding from the hot springs and all is forgiven. Juugo got the treasure too! LOL He was the one that left the stuffed cat. He explains how he did it and why to Nanana, but Tensai is the one that praises him. She just happened to wander into the room. The master detective made a spare key! LOL Juugo took it, but with the way Tensai is, I’m sure she has many more spare keys.

Later, Juugo tells Nanana about Yukihime. Juugo begins to cry when he realizes that Yukihime turned her back on him. But Nanana knows that Juugo isn’t the type to give up, so she encourages him to change things with Yukihime. I laughed when Juugo told Nanana he was going out to “break a flag”. He thanks her as well. And he better bring back some pudding! LOL

Juugo meets with Yukihime and makes a bet. If she can beat him up, he will give her the treasure. But if Yukihime loses, Juugo wants an apology. Yukihime accepts and the conditions are set. Yukihime is confident that Juugo won’t even get close enough to touch her and it looks like she’s right. The fight is almost over before it really begins and Yukihime claims victory. However, Juugo isn’t ready to give up and uses the treasure to capture Yukihime. So, that’s what it does!

Yukihime tearfully tells Juugo her true thoughts. He really hurt her when he left home and Matsuri. She tells him that he betrayed her trust in him. I supposed being hurt that way made her reject him. Yukihime now tells Juugo to do want he wants to her, so she can finally hate him. Juugo releases her instead. He yells at her and a few things are finally straightened out between them. She was also Juugo’s first love which is really sweet. But I’m glad the two are on friendly terms again.

Yukihime asks Juugo why he’s after Nanana’s Collection. He tells her that she must keep the secret and says that he’s doing it for a girl. Wrong answer! LOL He also makes a vague promise to Yukihime about not tricking her again. At least he was honest with her. And Yukihime half rejects him too. LOL She also tells him that if he doesn’t return to Matsuri, she won’t be on his side anymore. Juugo ends up giving her the treasure by way of apology. In turn, Yukihime apologizes for lying to Juugo about having a boyfriend. And Juugo gets himself a punch in the face as well. LOL

As Yukihime leaves, she runs into Todomatsu. He was sent by Matsuri to spy on her and also had some fun at her expense - which he will have to correct. Yukihime tells him that Juugo isn’t returning to Matsuri and Todomatsu thinks that’s just as well. He knows Juugo has no interest in Matsuri and what it stands for. They also talk about Juugo having a source other than the Adventure Club for information on Nanana’s Collection. Yukihime sends Todomatsu off to find Sanada Fumika, an informer.

Juugo arrives home to find Tensai and Daruku in his apartment again. Of course Tensai made more than one spare key! LOL As he watches everyone together, he still wants to find Nanana’s killer. But if she passes on afterwards, Nanana won’t be in his room anymore. I think Juugo would prefer her to stay. Well, if he can’t find her killer, then he won’t have to worry about it. But I know he’ll do the right thing in the end.

Episode 8 –


Tensai is acting strangely. Tetsu has transferred into Juugo’s class. I wonder what he’s after. Yun shows up at the school as well. Isshin is acting strangely too. At his apartment, Juugo meets a former Adventure Club member named Hiiyo that is also after Nanana’s Collection. It seems that Nanana doesn’t like this guy at all. She tells him about the Rain Bell he has, but he considers it garbage. Hiiyo runs away when Shiki barges in. After asking if Nanana is all right, she chases after him.

Juugo later finds out that Hiiyo was the resident of his apartment before him. And he neglected Nanana. When Juugo returns with her pudding, Nanana is upset that Hiiyo called the Rain Bell garbage. Juugo is just as upset that Nanana was just treated that way. But he’s also a little confused by everything.

Juugo tries to find out why Tetsu is at his school. He, Tetsu, and Yun end up at an arcade and Juugo spots Hiiyo there as well. The two have an odd conversation before Tetsu and Yun join them. Of course Yun is scared of Hiiyo as he tries to befriend her. Hiiyo then visits Isshin and Isshin seems afraid of him as well. And perhaps with good reason. Hiiyo seems to be a dangerous man.

If this doesn’t turn into a T&A fest after the first episode, then I think I will like it as much as I liked QED and case closed.

give me puzzles and mysteries to exercise my brain! i don’t even care if the treasure is found, just that she gets to leave her room… if that is her real wish.

episode 1: 8/10
you got me intrigued, now dont let me down!

EDIT: episode 3…

i feel this is going to go nowhere with only 11 episodes. it could be expanded greatly or actually complete the story, but for completing the story it needs to get on with it quickly. i still have hopes for it so far!

Yea, it’s not a complete story.

I hope it does continue since it looks like it has a preview for episode 12 sort of thing going on but one thing i liked…


At least one person on this planet understand and is able to write it into a story that the real meaning of helping. not the delusions most people i have seen, met, talked to online/off. To help someone you must understand what it is they want or need, rather than make assumptions.

whether it fades into oblivion never to return with more episodes, just for that simple thing i give this 10/10

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