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New Game! Anime Connection

Base off the anime and manga by Shotaro Tokuno so this forum game is going to be about anime like the few we already have * cough cough Anime Links by @miquelfire Altered Title by @Series5Ranger The Title Game by @LadyOfWicca
But I thought we have dedicated game night for some of us that might be up and making the game easier to play

So the rules. U name an anime title that the above user post and u of that name it has to be in connection to the above user post

Some of the anime connection that u can pick from : **Gender, Hair Style, Hair Color, Plot of Story, Location and or Genre **

I’ll start
Because I’m exciting by this new anime
Kanojo Okarishimasu

Before I start, I would like to clarify. So this in terms is similar to the “6 degrees between anyone and anything” articles from the old issues of MAD Magazine, where pretty much anything that 2 programs have in common can be connected together.

Here is one of the articles for reference:

  • For an example:

Kanojo Okarishimasu (or the English title Rent-A-Girlfriend) would relate to:


As they’re both about false relationships, and that in turn would relate to:

To Love Ru Darkness

As both have female leads with long blonde hair.

Am I correct in this deduction?

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Yea U R correct because at late after hours on TAN I don’t feel like thinking to much

Fullmetal Alchemist

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Ah. Because both Yami and Ed can transform part of their bodies :thinking::grin::+1:

Neon Genesis Evangelion

As both shows have some of the worst fathers in anime!

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Gundam Wing

Both R a mecha anime show

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Legend Of The Galactic Heroes

Both involve an outer space war.

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My Hero Academia

Both have the word hero in their title

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Ladies Vs Butlers

Both involve characters going to a school diversified in a specific route of training.

(MHA is hero school, and LVB has students attend maid and butler classes)

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Maid Sama

Both have a maid type of theme

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Special A

They both have a strong willed female character who scares guys in the process (except the main love interest of course)

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Steins gate

Both of them r sci fi related

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The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna

Both series involve time travel.

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Akame ga Kill

Both deals with a furious battle