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Hey whats up


Just wanted to introduce myself. Im pretty much a big fan of anime like most people here. I got into this site because of persona 4 and now Im watching a bunch of other stuff on here. I like in California which has a few well known anime conventions and try to attend to them every year. I play card games like card fight vanguard. Im trying to get have a career in the anime/game industry so I just graduated from college with a Business science degree in management. Thats pretty much me in a nut shell. Hope to have some good conversations here:)


Hello and welcome to the tropophilous TAN Boards!! :3 Congradulations on getting your degree, and I wish you luck in finding an awesome job to go with it. B)
Do you mind if I ask what some of your favorite anime are? You meantioned Persona 4, but is that your top favorite? :ohmy:

Anyway, I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:


hi vox and welcome. i’m rather new here myself. been here close to a whole two weeks.
i still like to great new people though. i always did this on another forum i am a part of.
anyway there is a ton of anime here to watch. for me finding the time for it is my biggest problem. i hope you more time for it than i do.

well i’ve rambled on enough so enjoy your time here.

oh yea, call me lk. it’s shorter and easier.


thanks, well my favorite anime is probably the same as much people, I like fate zero, code geass, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. Persona 4 just got on the list. there’s probably more but I cant remember on top of my head. Im also currently watching Infinite Stratos on here since I finished persona lol