New guy

hi i am canaan and i am new i hope to meet u all at some point in time because i am not online a lot but am a very avid anime watchern and my favorite animes are Canaan(the name gives it away),HOTD, clannad, and angle beats i will put more later bye

Welcome to TAN, hope you have fun here. :slight_smile:

Canaan is one of my top favorites of all time.

Welcome to the The Anime Network.

Hello and welcome to the TAN boards, canaan!! ^-^ Even though you might not be on the internet all that much, I hope you have an enjoyable time posting and making friends while you are~! :3

Welcome to you!

Watch out for Tuxedo Mask, and welcome!!

Hello and welcome! I hope you join in often.

Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay here.