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’The Loud House’ | Spooktacular Premiere Week :jack_o_lantern: October 9-12 :ghost:


”Danger Things” :ghost: Official EXTENDED Trailer [HD] | ‘Henry Danger’ Halloween Special :jack_o_lantern:


“Rubber Duck” :duck::red_car: Official Promo [HD] | Henry Danger

Nickelodeon and Kevin Hart Enter First-Look Production Deal

October 11, 2018


”Danger-ER Things” Official Promo [HD] | ‘Henry Danger’ Encore Halloween Special :jack_o_lantern:


”Fright Knight" :ghost: Official Promo w/ Lizzy Greene Special Guest Star :scream: | Knight Squad :crossed_swords:

Friday Feels Like w/ Season Premiere of ‘Lip Sync Battle Shorties’ :microphone: and Brand New ‘Double Dare’:nose:

Season 2 | Lip Sync Battle Shorties :microphone:


’Sunday SpongeDay’ Official Promo [HD] :sparkles: Brand NEW ‘SpongeBob’ Episodes in November at 11/10c

”The Night Patty” :jack_o_lantern: Official Promo [HD] :ghost: SpongeBob Halloween Special :scream: | #SundaySpongeDay


Nick Jr. Serves Up ‘Butterbean’s Cafe’ Nov. 12, with Culinary Celeb Guests

October 22, 2018


Rainbow Rangers Debuts This November on Nick Jr.

October 26, 2018


’Trivia PrizeFest Live’ :tada: w/ Brand New Episodes of “Henry Danger” in November | Saturday’s at 8/7c

”Karen’s Virus”/ “Girls Night Out” 🖥 Official Promo [HD

| SpongeBob SquarePants | #SundaySpongeDay**]

“Thumb War” 👍 Official Teaser | Brand New One Hour ‘Henry Danger’ Special

Saturday November 3 | Night of Premieres w/ ‘Henry Danger’ and ‘Knight Squad ⚔️ #TriviaPrizeFestLive

“Henry’s Birthday” 🎊 Official Season 5 Promo | Henry Danger

“The Loudest Thanksgiving”/ “Really Loud Music” Official Teaser The Loud House Specials 🎶🙏🏻


Nickelodeon’s November Premiere Highlights

October 29, 2018


Rainbow Rangers Premieres on November 5 via Nick Jr.

November 1, 2018


Henry Danger | Season 5 Intro [HD] :microphone:

”Surf N’ Turf” Official Promo [HD

| SpongeBob SquarePants :sparkles: Plankton Stole the Formula? :scream:]

”Keep It Spotless’ 🎨 Returns w/ Brand NEW Episodes Weeknights in November | Official Promo

“Whistlin’ Susie” Official Promo ✨ | Henry Danger


“The Loudest Thanksgiving” :turkey::pray:t2: Official Trailer | The Loud House

Ramsey Neito Named Nickelodeon EVP Animation Production & Development

November 6, 2018


“Thumb War” :+1: Official Trailer w/ Jerry Trainor Guest Star | 1-Hour ‘Henry Danger’ Special [HD]


”The String”/ “Squirrel Jelly” Official Promo [HD] SpongeBob SquarePants | #SundaySpongeDay

Clip: ‘Butterbean’s Café’ Has Grand Opening on Nickelodeon Monday

November 11, 2018

“Team Kenan 🆚 Team Kel” Official Trailer w/ Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell | ‘Double Dare’ Special

“Thumb War” 👍 Official Trailer #2 w/ Jerry Trainor Guest Star | Henry Danger

“Thumb War” 👍 Official Trailer #3 w/ Jace Norman and Cooper Barnes | ‘Henry Danger’ One-Hour Event

Trailer | Hotel Transylvania 🦇 Nickelodeon Premiere | Friday at 8/7c

Nickelodeon Thanksgiving Weekends 2018 🦃 w/ ‘SpongeBob’, ‘The Loud House’, ‘Henry Danger’ and more

“Really Loud Music” 🎸 Official Trailer | ‘The Loud House’ 30-Minutes Special Event

”SpaceBob MerryPants” 🎅 Official Trailer of the Holiday Special 🎄 | #SundaySpongeDay

”The Great Cactus Con” 🌵 Official Promo | ALL New ‘Henry Danger’ Special | #ThanksgivigWeekend

”Really Loud Music” 🎸 Official Trailer #2 | The Loud House 🏡 #ThanksgivingWeekend

Cousins for Life 👫 1st Official Trailer


“SpaceBob MerryPants” Special Premieres November 25

November 19, 2018