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No Game, No Life Zero Cover/Disc Art

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Best No Game No Life 0 Moments

8/10/2018 1:15:06 PM

The home video release of the No Game No Life 0 movie is almost upon us and we can’t wait to share this latest chapter of this series with you! (Or would this technically be a previous chapter since this is a prequel? Probably best not to think about it too much)

For those of you who’ve seen this in theaters, we’re here today to discuss five of the best moments of the movie but we must first do our due diligence and mention the following disclaimer:


If you haven’t seen the movie and wish to be spoiler free, you should seriously turn back now and DO NOT read this blog. (Rest assured, the writer’s feelings will remain intact)

We’re not joking.

Turn back now.

Before the spoilers start.

Remember. We warned you.

Ok, are they gone yet? Yes? Ok, the editors are giving a thumbs up, so for all you who have seen the movie, (and all you Spoiler Hounds out there) let’s get to it.


Well. There’s an article I can’t read yet…


Shelf Life - No Game, No Life Zero

by Paul Jensen, Aug 20th 2018


This Blu-ray version of this title is temporarily out of stock and has been placed on back order. This item may not be currently available to ship immediately on release date as we are in the process of securing additional inventory. Restock ETA: 8/31/2018


Already? You gotta be kidding, right?


Now to see if my amazon pre-order for it next week is filled . I’m thinking I’m SOL ,but hey I got a Spider-Ham today so things can happen .


HIDIVE Streaming Announcement for No Game, No Life Zero

August 24, 2018


Kind of an update to this:

Looks like this is getting a similar treatment as MonMusu. :thinking:

Wonder if my copy will be postponed to 9/27. After all, I didn’t pre-order it until July 10th…


Seems like my Amazon Pre-order is pretty much dead in the water . Ah well I gave it a try I’ll get the regular if it fails to ship .


I got my copy of the 0 PBS yesterday


This is what mine says on the shipment page:

@Series5Ranger When did you pre-order your copy?


Kind of sounds like they underestimated the demand .


Yep. Just like MonMusu


I usually wait until Sentai’s preorders go up, so almost to the day it was up on Right Stuf’s preorder page


No Game No Life Zero (Sub/Dub) is live at HIDIVE