No Game No Life

No Game No Life

Genres: adventure, comedy, fantasy
Themes: alternate world, ecchi, fanservice, game, game manipulations, hikikomori, NEET, parody, strategic minds
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-04-09 to 2014-06-25
Plot Summary: (via PR)
As urban legend would have it, siblings Sora and Shiro are gods amongst their fellow man when it comes to the gaming world. Blazing hot on the internet, their reputation precedes them as this bright brother and sister duo have made quite the name for themselves as NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) hikikomori (shut-in) gamers. Of course, they both question their happiness in the real world only to discover that there is a parallel world where everything is decided by a game. Homebound hermits, withdrawn from life, they are summoned to a fantasy world by a boy calling himself “God.” In this world, all armed conflict and violence have been banned and the races must resolve their disagreements through gaming. Now, the siblings find themselves as the would-be saviors of the human race. Will this dynamic duo be brilliant enough in this game world to be the salvation of all humanity? The deck might be stacked against them, but Shiro and Sora are determined to duel till the end in NO LIFE NO GAME!

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ANN Anime Spotlight: No Game No Life

by Anthony Foronda, Mar 19th 2014

No Game, No Life Zero (movie)

Vintage: 2017-07-15

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No Game, No Life Light Novels by Itsuten’s Kamiya Get Anime

posted on 2013-07-28 00:50 EDT
A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives artist pens story of 2 gaming siblings who may be saviors on an alternate world

No Game, No Life Anime’s 1st Promo Video, Cast, Staff Unveiled

posted on 2013-12-29 22:00 EST
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Ai Kayano, Yukari Tamura, Mamiko Noto, Miyuki Sawashiro, Rie Kugimiya star in Mad House’s April anime

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I wonder if Keima ever thought to use his feet as well as his hands for his controllers.

Really enjoyed the first episode and I am going to keep watching to see how it develops.

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Ep. 01

Liked the first episode.
Actually got my roomie to start watching this too.

One of the things I love about this series though, is the color pallet they used.
Purples & Blues, 2 of my favorite colors!

Press Release

I was just going to check to see if this was a title Sentai might license. I really hope they dub this.

Being a Media Factory title and being on CR, there was very little chance that it wasn’t a Sentai title.
Hence why I made the thread for it.

Episode 2 –


It seems that brother and sister cannot be parted by even a closed door, or they turn into gutless goop. Interesting game of rock, paper, scissors too. Loved the “Steph-a-scope”! LOL

However, Steph soon realizes that the siblings may be just the ones to save her beloved Elkia. But Kurami has won the contest to be the next king and needs only to be crowned. However, it seems that Sora wants to be king as well. I wonder what kind of challenge he’ll come up with. Whatever it is, I’m sure he’ll win. Kurami cheats anyway.

Ep. 02

Making Stephanie fall in love with him against her will was just funny as hell!

Interesting game for you to solve:

Using the letters T, A, M, A change the name of the 2 main characters to the names of 2 main characters from another anime that the same voice actors played…

answer in Spoiler space:

Sora(ta) and (Ma)Shiro from The Pet Girl of Sakurasou both roles are played by
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Ai Kayano

Episode 3 –


Sora has decided that he wants to be king and challenges Kurami at her coronation. He also exposes the Elf that was helping Kurami to cheat. According to the rules, Kurami gets to pick the game since Sora is the challenger. Kurami says that she will pick a game where cheating will be impossible. Somehow, I don’t believe her. Neither does Sora.

Kurami makes an attempt to get Sora to withdraw his challenge, but Sora refuses. The chosen game is chess, but the pieces are capable of making their own decisions, and Kurami does intend to cheat. Shiro does well until her pieces refuse to obey her. Then Sora takes over. He will not stand for any insubordination!

Using a combination of bribery and pride for their country, he fires up his troops, and they move forward to an all out war. Ordering them as king, Sora calls continuous encouragement to his troops. Meanwhile, Kurami is complaining that it’s her turn. LOL But as Sora points out, there are no “taking turns” in war. He also points out that Kurami is still using Elf magic to cheat, but he can’t prove it.

Kurami makes her move and orders her king to the battlefield. Somehow, when Sora’s white pieces attack, they now turn black and change sides. Sora tells his troops to retreat and that they are being brainwashed. How is Sora going to get out of this predicament? How can he prove that Kurami is cheating? I did like Sora’s strategy. He makes an appeal to the enemy queen and gets her on his side! But Sora isn’t sure what to do next. Shiro takes over and Sora tells Steph that they can win without fighting. This has got to be one of the most exciting chess games I’ve ever seen!

Ep. 03

Sex sells!
Even to chess pieces!

This was described to me as being “Log Horizon done right, which in turn was SAO done right”.

Do two “integrations” get far enough away from SAO?

I think comparing it to LH or SAO is somewhat stupid. The only reason I can think of for that is because all three are about games.

The nature of this show, it’s more related to Problem Children in terms of the type of show this is. People get sent to another world (possibly willing at that because the world they’re born into wasn’t good enough for some reason) and they world they go to have most decisions based on out come of games.

Wow… If you never made that post, I would NOT have made that link on my own… The fact I wrote a summary for both shows at once…

Well I do what I can to help :slight_smile:

Though doesn’t that also describe sao? Kirito was chosen to enter into the video game world, a world preferable to his own, and became godly there. This “neets escape into video game esque world that is cooler than the real one” idea has been going around a lot lately. Sentai has ar least 3 of em lol.

Not going to argue about the NEET thing in this show, but for Problem Children, they’re FAR from NEETS, just kids with godly powers. (hell, the main male basically fights gods for fun in the series)

As for the choosing thing, this show and Problem Children, they knew upfront they would not return to their old world. (or if the option was there to return, they didn’t care. I don’t think the invites in either show touch on them returning)

I liked what I saw so far. It’s very likely this will be one of the many big pickups from the spring season.


Starting May 10th @ 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST!

I can see the SAO comparisons from what I’ve seen. I also see that the protagonists of this show never saw The World God Only Knows :slight_smile:

This “pastel vomit” hyper-moe art is so strange to see coming from Studio MADHOUSE. How will they work in the semi-obligatory Misa Amane look-alike that is their trademark of sorts (of course, they’ve been doing that since before Death Note was a thing, which would make it more tragic if the tradition were to be broken).

I love this color pallet personally.