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November 2014 Announcements


Feast on new Anime this November!

Whether you've got a craving for action, drama, or comedy, we have everything you could ever want prepped and ready to watch!

New Online Releases

Log Horizon 2

After struggling to survive in a new environment, Shiroe and his friends have managed to restore order to Akihabara. Six months pass by with the team gaining the trust of the many guilds in the area, and they must now prepare for a tough winter ahead.
Schedule: Tuesdays at 9 AM EST, starting 11/4/2014

Tribe Cool Crew

Middle school students Haneru and Kanon can battle with the best of them. To these kids, freestyle is more than just a way to dance; it’s a way to live.
Schedule: Wednesdays at 6 PM EST, starting 10/29/2014

CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon

The world of Princess Angelise Misurugi will be forever changed when her life of luxury becomes a living hell, after she is cast out from her homeland!
Schedule: Wednesdays at 9 AM EST, starting 11/5/2014

Le Fruit de la Grisaia

Yuuji Kazami enrolls at Mihama Academy with only the intention of living an ordinary life. His arrival though may have disrupted the student body, which consists of only five females.
Schedule: Wednesdays at 1 PM EST, starting 11/5/2014

Gugure! Kokkuri-San

Cup noodle fanatic Kohina lives on her own until she summons the fox ghost Kokkuri-san. With this spirit at her side Kohina’s life is in for some changes, starting with her diet!
Schedule: Wednesdays at 3:30 PM EST, starting 11/5/2014


A meteor falls from the sky and begins to cause destruction, making a mysterious bracelet activate and merge with an ancient robot buried in the pyramid that’s known as Reideen. With Junki’s help, they must now save humanity.
Starts: Friday 11/14/2014

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Thrown smack-dab into the middle of an alternate timeline, modern-day student Yoshiharu must use his knowledge of the future to help beautiful warlord Oda Nobuna fulfill her dreams of conquering Japan!
Starts: Friday 11/21/2014

New VOD Releases

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun

Sakura didn't share her true feelings with mangaka Nozaki. This leads to a huge misunderstanding - and, as a result, Sakura becomes his assistant.
Starts: Thursday 11/13/14

Momokyun Sword

Found as a child floating down the river inside a giant peach, it is now Momoko’s destiny to fight to defend the village that she so dearly loves.
Starts: Thursday 11/6/14

Blade Dance of the Elementalers

Kamito, the only male elementalist in the world, shows up to an all-girl academy to learn more than he ever bargained for about magic and the opposite sex.
Starts: Thursday 11/13/14


Toko has always had the dream of taking over her family-run glassmaking business, but everything changes with the arrival of an unusual transfer student.
Starts: Thursday 11/13/14

Invaders of Rokujouma!?

Koutaro finds a suspiciously cheap apartment, but when he discovers that his place is haunted by a cute girl ghost, it might be more than he bargained for!
Starts: Thursday 11/20/14

Rail Wars!

In a parallel world where Japan hasn’t privatized its railways, Naoto dreams of being a train conductor for the Japanese National Railways.
Starts: Thursday 11/20/14


Two countries have been long embroiled in battle and it is up to Susumu piloting the Argevollen to save a girl named Jamie Hazaford from an enemy attack.
Starts: Thursday 11/27/14

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Now the VOD crew gets a shot to make Sentai aware of the classic that was Rail Wars! :smile:


I am still confused as to the point of something airing for a month already on CR ends up on ANO being special since people have already watched the episodes a month again since it is the same licensing language area. CR gets first-airing rights over the physical merchandise distributor? This means CR has gotten more powerful than Sentai?

Everything on VOD has already completed its run on CR also…Is it jsut licensing fights that keeps VOD so far behind or so few that are watching it on TV and the masses that are stream viewing making TV viewing via VOD second fiddle?

I mean isn’t CR on that Roku player that people can use on their TV and see it quicker than the licensed distributor can bring it to TV? Random questions, and even though my TV is Roku-ready/compatible… whatever that means… I don’t want my TV hooked up to the internet anyway and prefer to watch anything good on TV even if I have seen it on CR.

Does TV has first-run rights like print does? Would Sentai be the aftermarket syndication airings, for NA language version that is?