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Opening vs. Ending


This is where you find any opening and ending from any anime, and see which one people like best.

1.) Choose an anime
2.) Find one opening and ending from that anime on youtube (or where ever you get your videos) and post BOTH videos, title of each song over both videos, and the title of the anime (Underline or change the color please). The songs can be full length or the shortened version; english or japanese. (or whatever other language it comes in)
3.) If there’s already songs in for voting, please vote
4.)DO NOT post the next songs until results (which will be the next day. Winner will be based on by majority vote)
5.) First person who sees the results gets to post the next set of opening/ending songs
6.) Votes must say either Ending or Opening
7.) You can not say both nor neither but you can comment if you like both or dislike them.
8.) Please have fun :smiley:
P.S. - I won’t be online on Sundays so the results for saturday’s votes will extend (if there’s a video in for voting on that day anyway)

I’ll start it off


Opening: Grip!

Ending: Shinjitsu No Uta


Wow, I’m really split on them. :stuck_out_tongue: Umm… if I had to pick, I would vote for the ending. :3


Yeah I’m liking both of them aswell. I’d have to go with the opening though since I like upbeat music a little more.


I could break the tie by casting my vote which is ending. but i might let someone else vote before the results :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok so Ram said ending. soooo the results are…

So now someone can post a new set of opening/endings. :smiley:


Well, I guess I’ll take that offer. :stuck_out_tongue: And, of course, the first one I want to put will be…

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Opening: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Ending: Why, or Why not.


I say ending
Is that show good? :open_mouth:


Despite my dislike for Higurashi I gotta say it has good music, so im going with the Opening


AnimeGirl7772 wrote:

It’s my favorite show of all time. :slight_smile: To say the very least, it’s what got me into anime. :blush:
And before anyone jumps to conclusions: No, I do not like bloody or physiological shows that much. :dry: I prefer the happy, cute, and loving shows. :3


I never watched that show, but judging by the reviews, video clips, and reactions from other people I’d say it gets pretty nasty. I like the ending on this one.


(We need more people to vote --

alright then, next set


Okay, my turn! This anime actually had 4 sets of opening/ending themes over 2 seasons, so it was difficult for me to choose the best one, so here we go –

Shakugan no Shana (season 1, set 2)

Opening: Being

Ending: Aka no Seijaku


Gots to go with zeh ENDING!

Results will be postponed until I see more votes… get other people involed with this please :smiley: (If you like this forum and think its fun)


I would also have to cast my vote for the ending theme. :3


sbitz you’re gonna have to vote… I really thought this was gonna work :frowning:


Yeah, this isn’t really getting enough participation. Doesn’t anyone else want to join in?

In the meantime, to help out I’ll vote for my opening, mostly because I have that song on my iPod.



Opening: 1

Sbitz, you’re always the odd one XD
Anyway who’s next? Can it be me? :smiley:


Well I’ve got to balance things out somehow! :stuck_out_tongue: If no one else wants to go, you can.



School Rumble Second Semester

Opening: Sentimental Generation

Ending: Ni Gakki (second ending)


I’ll have to vote for the opening this time, though it was a tough decision. ^-^;