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Oreimo / Ore no Imōto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Oreimo / Ore no Imōto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai


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Oreimo info on ANN

Genres: comedy, slice of life
Themes: imouto, otaku, secrets, siblings
Number of episodes: 16
Vintage: 2010-10-03 to 2011-05
Objectionable content: Significant

Plot Summary: Living on the shadow of his prodigious younger sister, Kyousuke Kosaka conducts a normal lifestyle until he accidentally finds out that she hides a secret. In addition to being smart, pretty, and popular; Kirino Kosaka is also an obsessive consumer of anime and eroge (adult computer games). After being assured that Kyousuke is committed to not mock her and keep this concealed from their parents, she starts to share a bit of her world with him. Kirino faces several problems as she tries to keep the appearances and balance her exemplar school life with her hobbies. Her brother then becomes a crucial ally while dealing with all the difficulties that lie ahead.


Oreimo 2 / Ore no Imōto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

ANN Anime Spotlight: Oreimo 2
Oreimo 2 info on ANN
Oreimo Official JP Homepage (S2)

Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life
Themes: imouto, incest, otaku, siblings, yandere
Number of Episodes: 16
Vintage: 2013-04-06 to 2013-08-09
Objectionable content: Significant

Plot Summary: Kyousuke Kousaka is living once again with his sister Kirino. As he strives to help Kirino as much as he can once again, both siblings try to be more honest with their feelings towards each other.

Anime News Network to Launch 1st Simulcast, Oreimo

posted on 2010-10-04 07:00 EDT
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai TV comedy about female otaku

I would have been happier if CR or some other website got this simulcast, as I try to keep my time there limited (and their online player has a terrible interface.) But I might check it out as well.

It just seems an odd pick of a show considering the character designs are quite “moe” which is often ripped on quite heavily by the editors and moderators at ANN.

I could think of someone in particular

If it were on any other site, I probably wouldn’t even bother with it.

ANN is currently conducting a poll to see what people think about them conducting reviews on their own simulcast. You can take it here:

Personally, I think they should leave that to other sites. While they say their is a division between their content and editorial divisions, I think it’s just too small of a company to rule out any conflicts of interest. (I would say the same thing if TAN started reviewing it’s own streams or Sentai DVDs.) It’s not that I don’t trust them to be unbiased, but ANN isn’t always known for having fair coverage when it comes to R1 (though they have improved greatly the past few months) and it could open a can of worms I don’t think anyone wants to deal with.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I read the media release over and over and I’m still left with one burning question-when will the simulcasts start (if the haven’t started already)?

You’re not missing anything, it hasn’t been stated yet.

However, tempest (ANN Editor in Chief), said in the discussing thread about it, that they’ll post the info on Wed.

I think this confirms that hell has frozen over.

Writer Addresses Issue of Adult Games in Oreimo Anime

posted on 2010-10-05 15:22 EDT
Hisashi Maeda expresses concern for makers’ support of depiction of minor playing adult games

Oreimo English Teaser now streaming in HD on ANN
Upcoming simulcasts coming soon to ANN - details to be posted tomorrow

So with a second show announced for ANN it looks like ANN has a in with Aniplex. It kind of makes me wonder if Aniplex has some issue with CR , Funi , or TAN.

Thinking back on the premier night of High School of the Dead, I can only wonder if ANN is ready for the inevitable meltdown on their premier premier night? It’s like a friend of mine from my video production days used to say: “You can expect something to go wrong 15 minutes before the start of any live broadcast.” I would add, “and the severity of the problem is proportional to the importance of the broadcast.”

So, it looks like Oreimo will be availible about a week later, which would put it on Fridays and the first ep. being availible on the 8th

Not bad for their first shot.

Though, since they haven’t actually posted an actual date yet, I’m assuming on that, since the first ep. prmiered on 10/3.

I’ll post the actual date and schdule when availible.

I don’t know about CR, but you have to remember that Funi and TAN seem to be primarily going after shows that they have DVD/Bluray rights for. It seems that Aniplex will be releasing these titles themselves, so it’s not so odd for them to go with ANN. It seems with all the Japanese companies getting more involved over here, they want to keep competition live and well.

Finished up ep. 01

As I didn’t know much about this one (along with having preconceptions of it due to the full translated name) I wasn’t sure I was going to like this one. But after finishing the first ep. I’m actually really enjoying this. It’s really cute and rather funny, so I’m definitely going to stick with it.

That being said though, I really dislike ANN’s player. It took me an hour and a half to get the first ep. to play properly without it stopping and having to refresh the page. That is going to be a big annoyance if it continues, but I’m willing to give it a few more chances just because I enjoyed it so much.

I watched episode one as well. I thought the show was pretty good and has potential, but we’ll have to wait and see.
Like Coffee, I also had a lot of problems watching the show. I had to restart it at least 10 times.

Oreimo Episode 2 Leaked 1 Day Before Japanese Debut

posted on 2010-10-09 21:34 EDT
Scheduled for Sunday 11:30 p.m. in Japan, next Saturday in N. America from ANN

Yeah, after the Funi/One Piece disaster, you think ANN would have worked harder to prevent this. I do realize it’s their first simulcast so mistakes and problems are bound to happen, but this is definitely not the one you would want.

Now the questions are, how pissed is Aniplex and will they pull the simulcast altogether.

I hope not, since I was actually enjoying this one.