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Recently, My Sister is Unusual. / Saikin, Imoto no Yosu ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga. / ImoCho


Recently, My Sister is Unusual. / Saikin, Imoto no Yosu ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga. / ImoCho


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Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life, supernatural
Themes: ecchi, family, fanservice, ghost, harem, incest
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-01-04
Opening Theme: “BINKAN Attention” by Chinami Hashimoto, Yui Ogura, & Hisako Kanemoto
Ending Theme: “Charming Do!” by Yui Ogura

Plot Summary: A girl named Mitsuki Kanzaki lives with her step-brother Yuya after her mother remarries. One day, Mitsuki is possessed by the self-proclaimed spirit of a young girl, Hiyori Kotobuki. Hiyori (in Mitsuki’s body) must fall in love with Yuya to move toward the “Gates of Heaven”. (from ANN)

Saikin, Imōto no Yōsu ga Chotto Okaishiin Da Ga Manga Gets Anime

posted on 2012-12-04 05:40 EST
Inukami! artist’s story of sister possessed by girl’s spirit who must fall in love with step-brother

Saikin, Imōto no Yōsu ga Chotto Okaishiin Da Ga to Air in January

posted on 2013-10-09 21:50 EDT


This one is a bit much and I didn’t really care for it at first. But there is a bit of a mystery here and, good or bad, I’m just a sucker for mysteries.

[details=spoiler]I really want to know more about Hiyori and how she knew Yuya when she was alive. I’m also curious about Neko and how she can see Hiyori. It seems that others can see Hiyori too.

But all in all, I do feel bad for what Mitsuki is going through. I also feel Yuya’s confusion, thinking his new sister has some kind of multiple personality disorder. Still the anime has it’s moments. LOL[/details]


Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]When Hiyori gets mad and disappears, Mitsuki begins to realize some things – including the fact that she might have feelings for her stepbrother. Then the chastity belt disappears as well. Frantic, Mitsuki searches for her and when she can’t find her, wonders if Hiyori finally crossed over. But as she’s been searching around the neighborhood for Hiyori, Yuuya has been searching for her. When he finds her Mitsuki wants to be left alone, but she ends up crying instead.

Mitsuki only tells Yuuya that she had a fight with her friend and she’s worried about her. He offers to help look for her and Mitsuki realizes that Yuuya can actually see Hiyori. He thinks she’s a cosplayer! LOL They continue the search, and Mitsuki comes to realize how much Hiyori means to her. When Mitsuki can’t even find her at the place they met, Mitsuki begins to cry over her loss. Hiyori didn’t even say goodbye! Suddenly, a feather floats down and Hiyori is in front of Mitsuki.

Mitsuki is back and so is the chastity belt, but it’s a different model this time, and Mitsuki is even more unhappy with it. Apparently Hiyori went back and had it redesigned. Mitsuki would rather have the old one back and ends up pouring out her feelings about Hiyori disappearing on her.

Meanwhile, Yuuya is still looking for Hiyori and as he gives her description out, people think he’s nuts. LOL And it looks like Mitsuki got her old chastity belt back too. I’m glad Hiyori came back. I was a bit worried about being left hanging with this story. I hope they tell Hiyori’s story soon - if it’s going to be told. There isn’t much time left![/details]


Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]So much for a hot spring getaway for two! LOL But I’m not quite sure if Mitsuki relieved or disappointed to have the whole gang there. I wonder how Mitsuki is going to hide her chastity belt in a public bath. I also wonder if Neko has a chastity belt too. She’s wearing a swimsuit in the bath! LOL And her excuse for wearing it was a bit flimsy. Mitsuki ends up wearing a towel dress in the water.

Poor Mitsuki/Hiyori just had to catch Yuuya in the mixed bath with Yukina. They did have a good reason for being there, but perhaps not together. Yuuya thinks women are a pain anyway, judging by his new sister’s mood swings. She may just have ruined him for life! Still, Yuuya is very popular with the ladies. The funny part is that Yuuya thought Mitsuki got the wrong idea at seeing Yukina and Yuuya together in the bath. Yukina just calls him “dense” after he leaves. LOL

It seems that Hiyori trusts Yuuya more than Mitsuki does. Mitsuki really is a jealous girl. Yukina explains the incident in the bath to Mitsuki and tells her that it was an accident. But Yukina knows darn well that Mitsuki has more than sisterly feelings for her brother and Yukina tells her that she doesn’t intend to lose.

Neko is still an enigma, and her last statement was really puzzling. She says that Yukina is getting “carried away” and Neko needs to “shake him up a bit”. Weird, but interesting. I wonder if she’s just an observer, or if she’s orchestrating everything.[/details]


Incest-themed TV anime sparks decency investigation


Episode 12 –

[details=Spoiler]Why is Neko asking Yuuya how he feels about Mitsuki and Yukina? Is this how she was going to shake him up? Yuuya feels that both Mitsuki and Yukina are sisters to him. But Neko mentions that unrelated stepsiblings can get married, which surprises Yuuya, although I think Yuuya should be more surprised that Neko said it in the first place! Neko asks him again if he “lusts” after Mitsuki, but Yuuya adamantly denies having such feelings for his little sister, even if they aren’t related by blood. He considers her family.

But then Yuuya starts thinking about Mitsuki and her many moods. Neko also tells Yuuya that he’s dense. She says too that it could make things difficult. Neko wonders what would happen if Yuuya lost his self control and it looks like she kisses him!

The next morning, Yuuya won’t wake up. With everyone around him, Yuuya finally wakes up and focuses on Mitsuki – and tells her she’s cute! He also tells her that she’s moody. Yukina leans in to see if Yuuya is oaky and he grabs her chest. The boy has definitely lost his self control! Mitsuki wonders what happened to him. Neko steps in and says that she hypnotized him. Really? Well, the others believe her, but I don’t!

Yuuya is perhaps a little too honest this way. He ends up with a fever as well. And Yukina does know about Hiyori! She’s one that is sensitive to ghosts, but never mentioned that she could see Hiyori. Yuuya tries to deal with his fever, and thoughts of Yukina and Mitsuki. Sick as he is, Yuuya goes to Mitsuki’s room and her heart pounds as he approaches her. He takes her by the shoulders and she panics. Then he tells her to stop wearing the “scary panties”! He thinks it’s cosplay again and tells her they aren’t cute. Mitsuki tosses Yuuya out of her room.

And in a restaurant, Neko laughs. Since she always has the same book, I wonder now if it’s special and she can use it to watch Yuuya and Mitsuki. And what just happened between Yuuya and Mitsuki wasn’t quite what she expected either, as she continues to laugh. But whatever happened, it worked. Hiyori takes Mitsuki to the finished staircase that has reached the gate. So, this is it then. The gates open and Hiyori takes Mitsuki’s hand.

The girls climb the steps together as Hiyori regrets not getting to go all the way with Yuuya. At the gate they part, and say their goodbyes. But it’s so obvious that they are going to miss one another. Hiyori hopes to be reborn as the child that Mitsuki and Yuuya have. Nice way to say goodbye! LOL But it was a little sad too. Mitsuki wakes up in her bed, and the chastity belt is gone. For good this time.

Yuuya apologizes, blaming his behavior on the fever. He thinks he needs to apologize to Yukina as well. Mitsuki tells her “big brother” that she’s going on ahead. He gasps. So, Mitsuki’s attitude has finally improved after all of this. I see that Neko is still around, so maybe things really aren’t over yet. Mitsuki goes back to the place where she first met Hiyori and cries a little. She thinks her life has gone back to normal, but then a shower of white feathers falls over her.

Mitsuki turns back and Hiyori is there. She wasn’t able to leave her friend behind. Mitsuki begins to cry, but Hiyori tells her that really isn’t the reason, and takes Mitsuki back to the gate. Then she pushes Mitsuki through it! They are on an island with a sign – 2F. It’s only the second floor and there is another gate above them! The chastity belt is back, but Hiyori says that it’s more sensitive this time. Here we go again! LOL[/details]