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Parasyte -the maxim- / Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu


Q. Did you guys ever announce who won that Parasyte contest? I never saw anything anywhere.

A. We did announce it, this week actually! Our blog post is here in case you missed it:

(or see post above)


Q. Do you know when parasyte will air on Toonami

A. Right now all we can say is that it is coming up in the fall of 2015. If your sleuthing ability is at rank S, though, you can probably figure it out yourself. :wink:

In the meantime, make sure to catch Akame ga Kill, which is currently on Toonami, Saturdays at 12:30 ET (Hey, I wouldn’t be much of a social media dude if I didn’t plug this here!) The next episode is scheduled for September 12. This next one’s a good one…Esdeath is Coming. :open_mouth:


via Dragoncon
PARASYTE: October 3 at 1am


Our friends at Toonami announced at Dragon*Con today that Parasyte -the maxim- will premiere on October 3rd at 1 AM ET! You guys ready for the Sentai Hour? :wink:


Q. Will the Parasyte english dub cast be announced before it airs?

A. We actually got a good response from not revealing the entire cast of Akame ga Kill! before it aired on Toonami, fans were really excited for episodes with new characters because they didn’t know who would voice them. I imagine we will do the same for Parasyte, but you never know!


Parasyte is on the way, premiering next Saturday, Oct 3rd, only on Toonami.


While you’re enjoying a new ep. of #AkameGaKill this Saturday, watch out for the #Parasyte teaser trailer debut! :wink:

#131 > Hope you caught that #parasyte teaser just now, time to get infected, next Saturday at 1 AM ET on Toonami! :O


Someone uploaded to YT.

Parasyte the maximum Toonami promo


Medium-Roasted Infection. #Parasyte #Toonami. @Sentaifilmworks^tfw

You’re doing kami’s work here, Kyle.


#Parasyte is premiering on #toonami in 5 days! Catch the 1st ep. Sat. Oct. 3 @ 1 AM ET, right after #AkameGaKill!


FOUR days until the #parasyte invasion begins on #toonami. You ready? Saturday, 10/3/15 @ 1 AM ET, be there.


[size=16]Toonami’s Parasyte Trailer Previews English Dub[/size]
posted on 2015-09-29 17:30 EDT
Series premieres on Toonami this Saturday


Hmm. One hand (ha), the voice of Migi is much less annoying to me than it was in the Japanese, but on the other it doesn’t have much “quirkiness” to it.

This trailer makes it sound like this is going to be one of the best Sentai dubs of the year, closer to ADV levels. It’s definitely the best Sentai trailer that I can recall. :smile:


PARASYTEs are coming to #TOONAMI . . . check out the new show I worked on with @KyleColby and @Sentaifilmworks

#139 > # Parasyte will premiere on #Toonami in THREE DAYS! The invasion is almost here...Saturday at 1 AM ET, be there.


Pretty sure this is how babies are made but hey, what do we know? Tune in Saturday at 1am ET on @toonamitv to learn some human anatomy with us. #anime #manga #otaku #animu #parasyte #parasytethemaxim @officialparasytemaxim

(Click link to view video)


Monsters exist. #Parasyte #Halloween^tfw

Just a taste of what to expect on Saturday. Think we have enough eyeballs and teeth?


I’d like to see a western, live-action version of this. And the best man for the job is…


The day you’ve been waiting for is almost here! #Parasyte. #Toonami. This Saturday at 1 AM ET. Be there.