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Parasyte -the maxim- / Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu


Will you be watching? #Parasyte infects #Toonami, Saturday Midnight CT. After #AkameGaKill @Sentaifilmworks


We are now 1 DAY AWAY from #parasyte on #toonami! Sound off if you’ll be watching with us this Sat. @ 1 AM ET!


We’ve got another #parasyte related announcement coming later today, keep an eye out. :wink:


[size=20]Official Parasyte -the maxim- Episode 1 English Dub Cast[/size]
10/2/2015 3:07:48 PM

The internet has been clamoring for any hints about the English dub cast for Parasyte -the maxim-, ahead of its Oct. 3 premiere. While a lot of you have guessed right on Migi (you sneaky devils, you!), some of the other characters have been guessed correctly as well.

You guys are good.

So, today we are revealing the English dub cast list for the first episode, which will air tomorrow on Toonami’s Saturday October 3rd block at 1 AM ET. Take a quick look, and then prepare yourselves for the premiere episode tomorrow!

Director- Kyle Jones

Ep. 1 English Vocal Cast
Migi - Brittney Karbowski
Shinichi Izumi - Adam Gibbs
Satomi Murano - Luci Christian
Yuko Tachikawa - Terri Doty
Uragami - Andrew Love
Kazuyuki Izumi - Rob Mungle
Nobuko Izumi - Allison Sumrall
Husband - John Gremillion
Wife - Marcie Bannor
Teacher - John Swasey
Misaki - Brittany Djie
Misaki’s Mom - Krystal LaPorte
Parasite Dog - Ty Mahany
Newscaster - Christopher Patton
Businessman - Mike Vance

Migi Motion Effect - Rinka (H.B.B)


[size=20]Get Ready for the Premier of Parasyte –the maxim- on Toonami!®[/size]
10/2/2015 4:48:14 PM

The “secret” invasion of Parasyte –the maxim- on social media is about to explode in full force all over the nation. Tomorrow night, October 3, 2015, Sentai Filmwork’s long anticipated sci-fi horror anime will premier on TOONAMI®! Shinichi and Migi will appear on the scene on Saturday night in the English dub of the show.


Parasyte is coming to Toonami. Celebrate, people. Celebrate.^tfw
The infection begins this Saturday night! #Parasyte #Toonami^tfw
Don’t be surprise tonight #Toonami airs the #Parasyte commercial promo during commercial breaks^tfw
Don’t let your hands wander! #Parasyte will be here next Saturday at 1:00 am! xD #Toonami
Toonami Reveals First ‘Parasyte’ #Anime Trailer - #Parasyte^tfw
Can’t wait for next week when #Parasyte joins the Toonami line-up meaning Sentai Filmworks hour!^tfw
Can’t wait for next week when #Parasyte joins the Toonami line-up meaning Sentai Filmworks hour!^tfw
Parasyte will be premiering next Saturday, ready and stoked for it!^tfw
Anyone heard that the anime Parasyte is going to be on Toonami soon? :smirk: Hells ya #Parasyte #ParasyteTheMaxium^tfw
Omg! So #Parasyte is coming to #Toonami ??
Freaking yes!!! Loved that anime! It’s soooooo good!! :smiley:


Medium-Roasted Infection. #Parasyte #Toonami. @Sentaifilmworks^tfw
In anticipation of the premier of @Sentaifilmworks’ Parasyte on Toonami this Sat, here’s a little science for ya:^tfw
You might recognize my voice this Saturday night in #Parasyte on #Toonami. For those who haven’t seen the trailer…

Be afraid. Or excited. Whatever works for you. Just BE on TOONAMI® this Saturday night at 1:00 AM ET, and share your thoughts with us directly during Sentai Filmwork’s live tweet! We’ll see you there.

#149 > @Sentaifilmworks Migi has started to infect people at work. Watch #Parasyte after #AkameGaKill on #toonami Saturday!


Don’t want to show too much of Parasyte before it premieres tonight. Instead, have two slices of delicious bacon sizzling in a pan.


i’ll take that bacon and raise you a bacon potato roast,Just_Kidding(anime).png

@Sentaifilmworks We are celebrating with some friends! #Parasyte on #Toonami

.@JABEcon HAHAHA, so are WE!

Tweets from October 3, Episode 1^tfw
Parasyte - Tonight - #Toonami^tfw
Our little #parasyte premiere party is in full swing! Cant wait for #AkameGaKill to start the night!^tfw
(And BTW, that’s not the actual episode playing right now, we’ve got a little #parasyte slideshow going til the fun starts.)^tfw
Parasyte is coming up! The infection is almost upon us!^tfw
parasyte now!^tfw
Come on. Murano, don’t sneak up on people like that…#parasyte^tfw
AHHHHH MY HAND ITCHES… #parasyte^tfw
Nice save! #Parasyte^tfw
lil cutie…#Parasyte^tfw
"I was eatin’ it" always makes me laugh lol. Oh, Karbowski…#parasyte^tfw
Now all I want is delicious curry. #Parasyte^tfw
Sentai Filmworks Retweeted Akari Yuzuriha
I straight up laughed hard at this tweet for some reason…#Parasyte

[quote]Akari Yuzuriha @anime_miharu
That wasn’t laundry #Parasyte[/quote]^tfw
Gotta keep up with current events…#Parasyte^tfw
"Use me with care" >.> #Parasyte^tfw
Come on, mom, bugs are the least of his worries now. #Parasyte^tfw
Great shot. #Parasyte^tfw
Man’s best friend MY ASS! #Parasyte^tfw
No joke, this is my favorite music track in the entire series. #Parasyte^tfw
YES! #Parasyte^tfw
Remember kids, do your research. #MigiWasRight #Parasyte^tfw
So what did you all think of the first episode of #Parasyte?


Toonami - Parasyte Short Promo


Morning after…#ParasyteNation stay tuned we will be announcing winners shortly :fried_egg::boom::space_invader:


Congrats to @shdwpny @mmorse1017 @BlazingRoselia for winning our random #parasyte giveaway! DM us your email so we can send you your swag


good first ep.

know who else liked it?


Thanks for playing the full parasyte intro

We always play the full intro when a show premieres. Next week, it reverts to a shortened intro. Just necessary to be able to fit in the stuff that makes Toonami, Toonami.


Q. I heard that Parastye was going to premiere on toonami very soon! I can’t wait! But what I wanted to ask was are you guys going to come out with a dvd for the series? A collectors edition maybe?

A. That actually happened this weekend, and it was AMAZING! As far as a physical release of the series, this is a 100% possibility. As far as a collector’s edition, I really couldn’t say definitively, but if I were to speculate I would give it a good shot of happening.

Q. Will you be putting up the Parasyte episodes on amazon like you are doing with Akame?

A. The first episode is now available on Amazon, as a matter of fact. You can pick it up here, and make sure to come back every Monday after an episode airs to pick it up too:


Q. I’m confused Mr.Jones. Does migi’s voice have any effects put on it? Because some people say it does and other say it doesn’t? Is it simply Brittany using a more natural effects free stoic voice?

A. I’ve double re-confirmed with the sound engineer and mixer. No FX on Migi. Please aim all your amazement towards Brittney Karbowski.


Everything is daijoubu.
#Parasyte. Saturday, 1 AM ET on #Toonami. See ya there.
(click link to see short video)


Migi wants to show you something. #Parasyte on #Toonami after #AkameGaKill @Sentaifilmworks @BKarbowski @Adamngibbs


The freak show continues. Tonight. #Parasyte. Midnight. #Toonami. @Sentaifilmworks @BKarbowski @Adamngibbs