Penguindrum / Manwaru Penguindrum

Episode 1 is live at ANO

Yeah, you can definitely tell it’s by the same create mind as made Revolutionary Girl Utena. Since Utena made it on to my Anime’s to Buy list (not everything I’d give 5 Stars to makes that, and only shows I’d give 5 Stars to are on it) I was a bit worried on this one, but now I can tell that it’ll be just as much weird, wacky, and lovable fun as Utena,and I can’t wait until the next ep to see where it goes next.

I was kinda hoping for a show that was surreal/weird yet still more serious than silly, but even though Penguindrum isn’t that show it’s still entertaining. Normally I would be irked that tan is only streaming one ep a week but I’ve had the bluray (which annihilates tan’s quality) for pretty much a month and I haven’t seen 4 eps yet.

I wish this had a commentary track. Not only because I believe that every show is better with a commentary track but also because it could explain why Sentai decided to use the awkward sounding “survival tactic” line instead of a more natural English phrase.

Well, here’s a challenge for you then. Come up with a different phrase that carries a roughly similar meaning, has the same number of syllables, and matches reasonably close with the lip-sinking for “survival tactic”. Oh, and it still has to be just jarring enough that each time it is said in the first episode the reactions of her brothers still feel fairly natural. In my opinion, unless they actually had the Japanese voice actress saying “survival tactic” at each of those spots, I feel that they did an excellent job of coming up with something that worked.

Say, since you have the Blu-Ray of the series (and it’s quality is so much better because TAN probably uses either 480p or 720i resolution for the HD streams, while your Blu-Ray supports 1080p) couldn’t you actually run through the first ep, find a spot where in the English dubs she says “survival tactic” and then rewind a few seconds, switch audio tracks, and listen to what is said in the Japanese dubs? It might help answer your question as to why that phrase was used in the first place.

Having encountered this before, I’ve found that the first thing to wonder about awkward translations in dubs is whether the Japanese insisted that the awkward English phrasing be used. A commentary track could answer that, and even if it didn’t, it’d provide additional info on the show’s production and add value to the purchase (I’m still in commentary withdrawal as ADV was rocking the commentaries on their releases while Sentai has all of 2 that I can remember at the moment).

That said, I’m not sure that the phrasing used where Sentai inserted “Survival Tactic” has to be jarring by itself since the sister had already been pronounced medically dead before she said it.

I’m still not completely sold on this series as while it draws from Utena & Melody of Oblivion it seems to be drawing only the parts that I didn’t think were as cool from them. It also doesn’t have the art styling of either. So far, I’m not extremely motivated to go for part 2, FWIW.

The first time, yes, but they’re reactions to the second time were just as extreme, before the magical transformation sequence began, so I have the feeling that the phrase itself was something a bit jarring and shocking

I haven’t seen Melody of Oblivion, and I care more about a well told story than a particular art style (Which is the only reason I’m tolerating Dragon Ball Z Kai on the CW Saturday mornings, as even though it is edited they do have the complete story there, and not even the previous “un-edited” versions I’ve seen did that. I’d still prefer it to be un-edited, but I’ll settle for the complete story.), and the story-telling has some very obvious similarities to Utena. I did do a quick check and Melody of Oblivion is on my ‘Anime’s to check out’ list (and yes, that’s the literal file name I used), so someday I’ll be getting around to it, even if it isn’t any time soon.

And for those of us not so up on abbreviations and acronyms, what does ‘FWIW’ stand for?

FWIW = For what it’s worth

IMO the art style of an anime is key to it telling its story well as we perceive the anime through its art. I can’t say that I’m a particular fan of the art in PD in general (low detail, gaudy coloring, oddly drawn people) but having seen both Summer Wars (aka Digimon) and Durarara! I’m put off by PD blatantly borrowing from the styles of those shows. I find it distracting.

I go in more for a well-written story than anything else, I can tolerate a series bumbling to tell its story if it is well written (which is why I’m willing to give PD a chance). Internet reviews promised me a great story and what I’ve seen so far has been a decent story, albeit not told in the best of ways, but it isn’t very interesting to me.

So far PD’s “appeal” seems to be “there’s a young moeblob here being moe; do you really need more?”. Granted I haven’t gotten very far in the show, but it’s difficult for me to get further in the show with the only appeal thus far being a moeblob as the whole moe thing doesn’t do anything for me…and yes, to answer my own question, I need more than that. :wink:

When does the intricate story and profound plotting, promised me by the posters and reviewers on the Internet, kick in?

Wow some deep thinking going on here. . .

Me? I just watched the first episode, and thought it was really fun! I can’t wait to see more.

Personally, I could never get into Melody of Oblivion. I found the story very slow and it never seemed to go anywhere. Plus, I remember the characters being rather generic and uninteresting. I have the first volume and I believed I watched the second and third as well. If a show can’t pull me in with twelve episodes, it’s usually not something that I find worth my time.

If you do plan on watching it someday, you will likely have to hunt down used DVDs. The series never sold particularly well for Geneon and being released towards their demise, it never even saw a complete collection release. Funimation didn’t even bother with it when they signed their distribution deal with Geneon. The series also reviewed fairly mixed to downright bad reviews as it was coming out. With all of those factors, the chances of anyone else licensing or streaming it are pretty slim.

Or u could just snatch em up over at Right Stuf for pretty cheap individually, a bundle, or…a box set… :ohmy: !!!


At first I thought it was being said that RightStuf had finally sold out of the series, but sure enough, the 30 dollar bargain bundle is there. It seems that they just can’t get rid of their stock of Utena & Melody of Oblivion, no matter how hard they try (They’ve given me the 2011 Utena rescue as a bargain bin item even). I wonder if Penguindrum will be sitting around like that in their warehouse a few years from now. Frustratingly I don’t believe that RS’s bundle comes with the series box; I remember having to buy that separately and ended up with 2 (later 3) copies of Disc 1.

Slower shows with substance are where most of my anime interest lies so the slower pace of the series didn’t bother me. I liked that they tried to develop the main character a bit, showing his progression into a force to be reckoned with and having him evolve to occupy the ambiguous middle ground between the pious, holier-than-thou “boy hero” stereotype and the almost villainous anti-hero archetype. Melody of Oblivion had a sort of “reason” for its slowness written in, that since the protagonist was pretty much left on his own to figure out how everything worked he couldn’t jump right to the endgame. It wasn’t the greatest show “evar” but IMO it gave a better shot than most.

Also, depending on how much of a dub fan you are:

Melody of Oblivion features the virtually pious (and ironically named) veteran actress Carrie Savage playing a somewhat shameless & salacious Andromeda, which I find to be pretty hilarious.

Penguindrum looks, as far as I’ve gotten, like it could be setting up something similar with the two brothers. Both of them are in the dark about the true nature of whatever they’ve been dragged into, they’re almost the foil of one another, and while he’s pretty stereotypical now Ilich’s character has potential to develop as a character and become a bit morally ambiguous. Though TBH I think it would be more shocking if that were to happen to Blake Shepard’s character.

Though as a young red-blooded male I must confess that I thought that the basic story of Melody of Oblivion, “Protagonist fights totalitarian regime”, was much more appealing than that of Penguindrum,“2 brothers are virtually enslaved by an eccentric spirit that has possessed their moeblob sister”.

Penguindrum has everything it needs to cater to all the factors which appeal to the modern otaku, but I’m just hoping it has what appeals to me underneath:plot, story & character development.

Well, that’s not a real complete collection. That was one of Geneon’s “This series didn’t sell like we had hoped, so we are sticking all the discs together in the left over art boxes and slapping a new UPC sticker on it.” :wink:

I meant to check Right Stuf before posting, but my Fios is extremely slow tonight.

I also happen to enjoy slow moving shows as well, but there was just nothing about Oblivion that pulled me in. It wasn’t terrible in my opinion, I just thought it was very bland. But it’s super cheap and Geneon actually made good art boxes, unlike the cheapo peeling ones the Funi makes, so I might pick it up someday. It’s sort of sad that its been out of print for 5 years and can still be found so easily.

TAN itself seems pretty slow for me right now :frowning:

Hmmm, I thought that those RightStuf “bargain bin” collections were created by RightStuf. If you’re looking at the $29 one on RS, when I ordered it, it was just the 6 DVDs in a box together, same as it was for Texhnolyze. I’d hope that their $90 box set is the real deal, though I’m surprised to see such high pricing on an old show on RS. That looks like what I’d see at FYE, not a site that’s up on anime selling like RS.

I do wish that TAN would finally, finally, start regularly streaming more than 1 new episode of a show per week. At this rate it’ll take 11 more weeks to get the whole first half of the series on here and by then the 2nd half might have actually officially released. March 11th is the RS current street date for PD #2 so it’d be close. Shoot, that’s so far away from now that I’ll probably have even gotten around to watching my BD of PD #1 by then. But while I’m on this minor tangent, sometime in the somewhat near future I’ll run out of space to reliably stock up on Blu-Rays and when that happens it looks like Sentai will be leaving me high and dry. Sad face :frowning:

EDIT: Actually, it seems this Bargain Bundle no longer includes the art box. It appears to only include the 6 singles.

I wasn’t taking about the bargain bundle. I was talking about the “box set” that Geneon released. It is the same thing as the bargain bundle, except it had a new UPC sticker on the art box. That was pretty much standard for any slower selling Geneon series, or shows that were over printed.

Well, my definition of a “well told story” is probably fairly different from most, and at present I have no idea if Penguindrum will fully qualify or not (although shows that don’t get my interest by ep 4 I usually don’t finish, as that’s where a DVD usually cut off that’s the critical point for me), but Utena did. My idea of a “well told story” is mostly a story whose speed fits with what is happening, everything flows together well, it manages to make sense (well, Angel Beats really doesn’t until the end, but that’s part of the story so it still qualifies), and it is entertaining (although here my definition is differs some from most peoples).

There are several shows I’d love to get my hands on, such as .hack//SIGN, .hack//LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT BRACELET, .hack//ROOTS, Wild Arms: Twilight Venom, The Slayers, The Slayers Next, The Slayers Try, The Slayers Revolution, The Slayers Evolution-R, Tokyo Private Police, Parasite Dolls, Bubblegum Crisis, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, and well over 100 other titles.

All right, guys, please keep your comments limited to Penguindrum and try not to wander off to the Space/Time Continuum.

Episode 2 is live at ANO

(Sorry, The Coffee God, but you hadn’t done that post yet.)


Well, that was a fast introduction for the stalker heroine of the series. Utena waited a bit longer, but I think it’s going to make more sense like this in this one. I did really enjoy a lot of the younger brother’s reactions during this ep though.

Collection 2 Cover/Disc Art



I find the “transform” sequence to be annoying (mainly how long it is before the characters involved appear once it starts)

Yea, Miss penguin deserved that slap