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Episode 14 –

I really enjoyed the other side of the story from the last episode. Things make perfect sense now! And there was just something about that fox… :wink:


If only people posting complaints about the “lateness” of the uploads would read this thread. Truly, thanks to everyone that makes it possible to view these P4A episodes.

Ep.14 was great! Yu was just plain awesome. I shall say again: Damn you, Neo Featherman!


In the game the fox is introduced a lot earlier. The Hermit Social Link is established with the fox, and it even enters the TV world with them to restore party SP, for a price (the main reason he gets introduced earlier in the game, well I think the fox is a he anyhow). Actually, advancing the Social Link is based on doing side quests that are focused on fulfilling someone’s ema wish, and yes the fox seems to ask you to be doing it in hopes of getting donations for the offertory box.

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 15 is now LIVE![/b]

[details=spoiler]Wow, I’m not even sure where to start with this ep. First Tatsumi Port Island is where Persona 3 took place (also, the song playing in the background during the train trip is from P3 if memory serves, though I could be wrong there, only one song really stands out to me for P3), it happened a couple of years before P4. Second, Gekkoukan High School is the school that the majority of the protagonists from P3 attended (the anti-Shadow android Aigis and the dog Koromaru don’t go to school obviously, Ken Amada was a few years younger, and I don’t remember if Shinjiro Aragaki was still in school or not, but I think he was supposed to have attended Gekkoukan as well), the main dungeon in P3 was Tartarus, and Gekkoukan transformed into it during the ‘Dark Hour’ (an hour which occurs between 2400 of one day and 0000 of the next day, which is the only time when the Shadows could actually interact with our world, or maybe when the worlds intersected instead). Third, Chihiro Fushimi was a first year student at Gekkoukan in P3 (one of the Social Links focused on her). Fourth, although they didn’t give his name that teacher was teaching at Gekkoukan in P3 as well (and he was just as focused on mythology then). Fifth, Seaside City Hotel Hamaguri (the Love Hotel) was where two of the bosses (seriously, it was the Love Hotel bosses when you started getting double bosses, royal pain in the unmentionables) of P3 set up their lair, the place did end up getting trashed, actually it was the next bosses when you learned that there was a group of ‘evil’ (as much as it meant in context) Persona users. Sixth, unless I’m horribly mistaken the kid that Chie rescued was Ren Amada, one of the Persona users from P3, though I’m not sure about that, a person can change a lot in 2 years. Seventh, Club Escapade is the name of a club from P3 as well, it’s in Paulownia Mall on the island, and the song the anime had in the background is the opening song from Persona 3: FES, which I do believe was made specifically for P3FES. Eighth, there is a ramen shop called Hagakure Ramen in P3, it’s in Iawatodai Strip Mall, and I think that’s where they had there bowls of ramen at the end of the ep.

Simply put, it was a quick little through back to P3 for those of us with fond memories of it.[/details]


Okay, I was finally getting my e-mails properly caught up, and there was a mention of some for the characters. They might be chibi style figurines, but for the fans here who are into such things it might be worth checking out.

Yeah, I know that didn’t have a lot to do with the show, but I didn’t feel it really belonged anywhere else. Although I’m not the figurine type I still felt that they were kawaii little figurines.


Hey everyone, did you notice episode 15 seems to deal with Persona 3?


I take it you didn’t read through my spoiler post? I made it a point to point out all of the little things for those people who weren’t familiar with P3.

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 16 is now LIVE![/b]

Episode 15 –


The love hotel was hysterical - especially the reactions form the guys! Loved the “commemorative” photo too. The scene at the club was funny as well and I think I really like Narukami more when he’s drunk. I also need to try out that King game someday I think. But it seems there wasn’t any alcohol in the drinks after all and the explanation was that they were drunk on the atmosphere? Even funnier! And it looks like Naoto might be there for a reason. It looks like he’s investigating the group! Too bad he didn’t believe Yukiko when she spilled the beans. But I have a feeling he may be joining the team soon enough with his own persona.

Episode 16 –


Things are back to being serious with Naoto as the next victim. I guess he believes Yukiko now! But it also seems it was intentional on Naoto’s part – appearing on TV and making himself the bait without telling anyone. As Naoto faces himself, I was surprised to find out that he’s really a girl. Didn’t see that coming! And I can’t wait to hear the explanation. Does Naoto really think people will not treat him as a child if he is male? Will it gain him more respect from adults? I don’t see how but we shall see!


I haven’t seen ep 16 yet, but if you go back through my posts you’ll see that I predicted Naoto actually being a girl clear back when she made her first appearance. It was just way to obvious to me.

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 17 is now LIVE![/b]

[details=spoiler]Well, I’ve seen this ep as well now. Since we had another major Persona make an appearance I’ll do my fill bit from the games strat guide.

Here’s the myth info for Naoto’s Persona,Sukuna-Hikona:
“The child-god Sukuna Hikona was born with a body so small that he fell between his mother’s divine fingers after his birth. Extremely clever despite his tiny size, he sailed to Japan in a boat made from a seed-pod, wearing a moth’s skin for clothing. Sukuna-Hikona became one of the nation’s guardian gods, dispensing wisdom associated with agriculture, medicine, brewing sake, and the use of hot springs. At his birth, because of his small size, he was considered worthless by the other gods.”

Strangely enough even the strat guide refers to Naoto as a he, but that’s problem because in the game you don’t officially know otherwise until her Shadow reveals the truth, and they were doing everything they could to avoid spoilers. Still, I can’t be the only person who figured out the truth, either from the game or the anime, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong before it was revealed.[/details]

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All fixed now…

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And here I thought this wasn’t legally streaming anywhere.

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 22 is now LIVE![/b]

Brutal, the dub for this doesn’t seem to be due between now through July…

Guess I can break down and watch it subbed. The only complete ADV Sub that I’ve rewatched as a dub has been, ummmm, Rune Soldier? I’m really drawing a blank on that.