AKB0048 / AKB0048 ~ Next Stage


Genres: drama, science fiction
Themes: idols, mecha, music
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: At the start of the 21st century, an interplanetary war broke out. Earth’s ecosystem was damaged, and humanity was forced to flee the planet. In this new society, things that “disturb the heart” like music and art are forbidden. 48 years later, a legendary idol group is resurrected as AKB0048. Labeled as terrorists, they must take up arms to defend their careers and their fans.
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2012-04-29 to 2012-07-22

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AKB0048 ~ Next Stage

Genres: drama, science fiction
Themes: Idols, Mecha, Music
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: In the year since the 77th generation understudies joined AKB0048, the Deep Galactic Trade Organization [DGTO] and DES have stepped up their attacks on entertainment. In response, AKB0048 brings back the general elections and the center nova position. The understudies are now thrust into a new competition directly against the successors. But as AKB0048 brings back policies not seen since Acchan’s disappearance, a new more powerful enemy is quietly moving behind the scenes.
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2013-01-05 to 2013-03-30

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AKB48 Idol Group Gets 1st Anime on Air Next Spring

posted on 2011-10-17 13:42 EDT

AKB48 Idol Spinoff SKE48’s Nukko Character Gets TV Anime

posted on 2012-03-28 04:00 EDT
Anime shorts to appear in weekly SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Joshi show

So… It’s set in the future… and uses the pop group AKB48 as its inspiration for the main characters… Who are resurrected with some extra zeros… and now they have to save the universe?

Wat? :huh:

Whatever, count me in…

Yep, it’s Cute Girls Save the World again, which to be honest it needs saving quite often.

What’s not to like?

Mark Gosdin

Crunchyroll to Stream AKB0048’s 1st Season

posted on 2013-02-08 23:32 EST

-Via TAN Newsletter-

AKB0048 Rocks Anime Network Online This February

Time to sing to a new tune with AKB0048. The familiar idols you know have risen from the past to kick some alien BUTT! Anime Network is proud to be the launching pad for this merry band of minstrels as they attempt to bring peace, love and understanding to the entire galaxy, one song at a time!

AKB0048 (Subtitled)

Schedule: Wednesdays @ 3 PM EST, Starting February 20, 2013

Note: The action will continue with AKB0048 - Next Stage, starting in April 2013.

About the Series
Year 0048: All forms of entertainment have been banned… until now!
A group of bold young women have resurrected a legendary J-Pop band to form an all new Band of Sisters – AKB0048! But these rocking rebels aren’t simply singers. Trained in combat as well as choreography, these musicians are ready to lay down their lives to combat this threat to intergalactic harmony. As the new recruits enter basic training and the veterans provide the musical soundtrack, batons and battle gear are about to be passed to a new generation of daring divas in AKB0048!

Rated: TV-14
Language: Japanese w/ English Subtitled

AKB0048, Episode 01, is now live on ANO

AKB0048, Episode 02, is now live on ANO

Well, I don’t know if anyone else has watched the first two eps yet, but if I saw what I think I saw in the Japanese creds (since I can’t read Japanese unfortunately I’m not sure if I’m right, especially as they didn’t carry it through to the translated creds) but it looked like the current members of AKB48 were involved in the production and lended their talents for more than just the songs. I could always be wrong, but it certainly looked that way going by ep two’s closing animation.

Eps. 01 & 02

Just finished up the first two eps. and I must say, I’m really liking this one!

They took the idol anime concept as a base and ran with it!

AKB0048, Episode 03, is now live on ANO

AKB0048, Episode 04, is now live on ANO

I’ve watched them and the series almost reminds me of Kaleido Star. They’ve got only the barest of similarities, but yet it still reminds me of it.

Yeah, they’re not really similar in the slightest, but I can see that too.

For me, I think it’s the range of emotion and parctice scenes in the OP, as well as the amount of determination and competitiveness they portray the girls as having during the episodes, that gives it that Kaleido Star vibe.

That being said, I just finished up eps. 03 & 04 and I’m rather enjoying this so far.
One thing that just really bugs me though, is the full on CG in most of the dance scenes, and the awkward transitions to/from the CG & regular animation.

AKB0048, Episode 05, is now live on ANO

AKB0048, Episode 06, is now live on ANO

Looks like these will probably be delayed until tomorrow, since they’re still stuck in the greyed out Select a language screen.

AKB0048, Episode 08, is now live on ANO

AKB0048, Episode 06, is now live on ANO

Yeah, that transition is rather jarring, especially with the degree of quality difference on the fine details. I’ve seen the mix of hand and CG animation done much better in things like Xenogears and Blue Submarine No. 6, where they use the CG for mech scenes and the hand for character scenes.

Also, I think the big reason it reminds me so much of Kaleido Star, despite the lack of similarities, is the determination, hope, and strive to be friends that the lead gal has. Otherwise it really doesn’t have much for direct similarities, just the similar ‘vibe’ to the series.

AKB0048, Episode 07, is now live on ANO

AKB0048, Episode 08, is now live on ANO

HD for Ep. 09 isn’t up yet.

AKB0048, Episode 09, is now live on ANO

AKB0048, Episode 10 is now live on ANO

HD for Ep 9 is now available.

AKB0048, Episode 11, is now live on ANO

AKB0048, Episode 12 is now live on ANO

AKB0048, Ep. 13 is errored on the greyed out language selection sceen.